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This is the Twitter 101 presentation I gave to my staff at the Hudson Valley Renegades.

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  • Social media is the communication between individuals and groups. It’s a means in which people read, share news and information with each other.
  • Twitter 101

    1. 1. twitter 101 Megan Ogulnick Hudson Valley Renegades |@MOgulnick
    2. 2. What is social media? It’s not a fad. It’s constantly changing. All of our fans are involved. Social media tools allow us to be human from a distance. -chris brogan
    3. 3. twitter Twitter answers the simple question, “ What are you doing?”
    4. 4. Twitter It’s more than just stalking your friend who is getting ready and then going to the store and then hanging out with John and then watching Jersey Shore. I promise.
    5. 5. twitter Twitter is: • A micro-blogging site • Use it to post up to 140 character messages Twitter is: • Social messaging • News reporting • Social media marketing
    6. 6. twitter Sign up is easy:
    7. 7. twitter Set up your profile:
    8. 8. TWITTER • Tweet: a 140 character message – “Giving a presentation on Twitter today at the office. Can’t wait!” • RT, or ReTweet: Reposting a message to share ideas and give a shout-out – “Wow. Great post Matt! RT @mattChevy Don't Walk...Run Out of Your Comfort Zone -->” • Followers: people that are subscribing to your tweets
    9. 9. twitter • Following: you subscribe to other’s tweets. You see their tweets as their posted.
    10. 10. Twitter • @username: allows you to send a public message to an individual user – “@rachelreuben It was great meeting you at the workshop! We’ll talk soon!” • DM, or Direct Message: allows you to send a private message to an individual user – “D rachelreuben Hey Rachel! Would you like to set up a time to meet? My email is”
    11. 11. twitter •Mentions: when someone mentions you in a tweet or sends you a public message.
    12. 12. twitter • Next steps: – Start tweeting! – Find & follow your friends – Search for people, companies/clients, or topics that interest you • Find People • • Google – Interact. Quality over quantity.
    13. 13. twitter Think of twitter as a place to build relationships • Listen • Use a friendly, casual tone • Respond to some questions or comments addressed to you • Retweet messages you like • Post links to sites you think may interest your followers
    14. 14. twitter Megan’s suggested twitter don’ts: – Push the team too much (spam) – Post negative comments about sponsors – Post negative comments about staff – Swear – Post every little detail of your life
    15. 15. twitter Have fun. Explore. Ask me questions!