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awesome at twiiter contains advices for the beginner in twitter.

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Awesome at Twitter

  1. 1. AWESOME
  2. 2. Don’t worry too much abouthow you “h “come across” on ”Twitter. Just be yourself andtweet from the heart. Don’tstress t t too much about th h b t thenumbers—instead, use theplatform to connect genuinelywith the Twitter f ll h h followers youalready have, and let the resttake care of itself! @problogger
  3. 3. As a business, perhaps you are looking for aspecific answer to a question that you have have.Maybe you are looking for some industrystats. You can use Twitter to pose thequestion and if th question i engaging and ti d the ti is i dif your friends are remotely interested in thesame question, you should receive aresponse. T itt is a social community and Twitter i i l it dusually these social communities are tightknit. Someone is bound to answer yourquestion and at least point you in the rightdirection. @marketing_jive
  4. 4. Instead of answering the gquestion, “What are youdoing?”, answer the question,“What has your a e o ? a as you attention?” @chrisbrogan
  5. 5. Commenting on others’ tweets, others tweetsand retweeting what othershave posted is a great way tobuild community community. @chrisbrogan
  6. 6. Without a strategy, it’s just typing. @chrisbrogan
  7. 7. Ask questions. Twitter is GREATfor getting opinions. @chrisbrogan
  8. 8. Follow interesting people. Ifyou find someone who tweetsinteresting things, see who shefollows, and follow her. @chrisbrogan
  9. 9. Build up y p your audience of p p y people youknow and who like you already. Theeasiest way to do this? Email your friendsa d colleagues eand co eagues letting them know abou g e o aboutyour Twitter account. Ask them to followyou. If you’re active on other networkslike Facebook, let them know as well. @cspenn
  10. 10. Bring your Twitter account into thephysical world. Every time I give atalk, speak on a panel, shoot apodcast,podcast present slides or hand out slides,business cards, I figure out a way tobroadcast or display my Twitteraccount.account @kevinrose
  11. 11. Participate iP ti i t in online events th t li t thatuse #hashtags, because others inthe event will find you andappreciate you, too! i t t ! @chrisbrogan
  12. 12. The key with Twitter really is shared y yinterests. people will share yourtweets with their followers if theythink you s a e a co share common interest o e eswith them, and your tweet isrelevant. So, be conversational abouttopics that will interest others. Beconversational in a way thatencourages your followers to reachout to their own networks networks. @problogger
  13. 13. How many times ydo you tweetyour bl blog post ton Twitter?
  14. 14. @GuyKawasaki argued at the social mediasuccess summit that authors should beretweeting a blog post at least four times aday. In his argument he used @CNN news asan example where he said that the news are preplayed throughout the day and they use thesame news and repeat it—obviously peoplearen taren’t around to watch @CNN 24/7. Same goeswith Twitter. People don’t really have the timeto monitor your Twitter feed 24/7 and readevery tweet that you post.So in @guykawasaki’s argument, he suggestedthat people should retweet it four times in aday and eight hours apart. @AskAaronLee
  15. 15. Post at least twice in a day and post it fortwo days. That means you’re posting it fourtimes. You can spread them out 12 hoursapart.This is because not everyone will be ontwitter everyday unless they are twitter y y yaddicts like you and I of course. I personallypost tweets on average two to four times aday and test different titles. ySometimes a tweet can just be popular witha decent headline and lucky timing. @ @AskAaronLee
  16. 16. The 20 Wordsand Phrases ThatWill Get You theMost R TM t ReTweets t
  17. 17. YouPleaseReTweetPostBlogSocialFreeMediaHelpPlease ReTweetGreatSocial Media10FollowHow ToTopBlog PostCheck OutNew Blog Post @danzarrella
  18. 18. AWESOME
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