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Generating electricity (teach)


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Describes how electricity is created and shows examples of various ways used to generate electricity

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Generating electricity (teach)

  1. 1. Generating electricity By Moira Whitehouse PhD
  2. 2. Electricity So useful So scaryHow is it generated?
  3. 3. Let’s look at how electricity, one form ofenergy is generated.But remember, energy cannot be createdor destroyed. It can only be transformedfrom one type to another. This means thatto generate electricity, we have to useanother kind of energy to fuel the process-in this world you just dont get somethingfor nothing!
  4. 4. An electrical generator is made up of the followingparts: a strong magnet and copper wire that turnsinside the poles of the magnet.
  5. 5. A simple electrical generator A magnet with north and south poles The wire turning Electrons flowing
  6. 6. To cause electrons to flow through the wire, wemust have something to spin the loop of wire. What kind of energy is motion? So to get electrical energy from a generator we must have ______________ energy.
  7. 7. With this generator what provides the mechanical energy?How would you like toturn the wire to generateall the electricity you use?What about here?
  8. 8. Yes, steam is often used to turn a blade shaftcalled a turbine which then turns the wireinside the magnet generating electricity. turbine
  9. 9. steam turning turbine turningthe turbine the wire inside a transformer to the magnet make the electricity less strong Wires to take the electricity to our homeswater beingheated to makesteam
  10. 10. Now we have to find something to heat thewater to make steam.Most often either coal or natural gas is burnedto heat the water changing it to steam.The steam turns the turbine which turns thewires inside the generator producing electricity.
  11. 11. Here is a power station that burns coal togenerate a flow of electrons in a wire whichtravels to a house through power lines.
  12. 12. When coal or natural gas is burned to generateelectricity____________ energy is changed to____________ energy to electrical energy.
  13. 13. Sometimes nuclear energy is used to heat thewater to make steam that turns the turbine.In this case, _________ energy is changed to___________ energy to _________ energy.
  14. 14. Most power plants need steam to generateelectricity. The steam rotates a turbine thatactivates a generator, which produceselectricity. Most power plants still use fossilfuels to boil water for steam. Geothermalpower plants, on the other hand, use steamproduced from reservoirs of hot water founda couple of miles or more below the Earthssurface to drive the turbines.
  15. 15. If you drill deep down into the Earthscrust, the temperature rises dramatically..
  16. 16. Deep underground in these hot rocks arepools of hot water and steam. Whenreleased this steam has tremendousamounts of energy and can be used toturn a steam turbine. Steam rising in pipe Pools of hot water and steam
  17. 17. A few power plants do not use steam to turnthe turbines. Wind pushingthe blades of a windmill cancause the turbine to rotate.
  18. 18. In other plants, flowing water in a river orwaves in the ocean can be used to turn aturbine to generate electricity.
  19. 19. Here flowing water held back by a dam on theriver is powering the turbine.
  20. 20. In this instance, the motion of the waves forcesair in and out of a chamber which then turnsthe turbine.
  21. 21. Photovoltaic solar cells directly convertsunlight into electricity.
  22. 22. At this link you can find an animated slide showillustrating examples of energy resources used togenerate electricity. /
  23. 23. On your paper, draw a picture of a simpleelectrical generator. Label the parts and explainhow it works.Steam is usually used to turn the turbine. Listthe energy resources that can be used to heatwater making steam to turn the turbine insidethe generator.What other energy resources that do not usesteam can be used to turn the turbine inside thegenerator?What energy resource does not need agenerator and can be directly converted intoelectricity?