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  1. 1. A.S COURSEWORK <br />PRODUCTION<br />By Luke Maguire<br />
  2. 2. School Magazine<br />I am going to create a front cover for a school magazine. I am going to do this to gain experience on all of the software that I am going to use to make my main cover. By making this front cover I will become more experienced which will improve the final cover.<br />I will gain a lot of confidence and knowledge and this will make it so my final piece will be far more effective as a front cover for a magazine. I think this is a very good way to start my design process as I will benefit a lot from this.<br />This will not be the most successful front cover as I am not very experience but it will mean that my final piece is a lot more effective. I am doing this because I am planning to make a very impressive main magazine cover.<br />
  3. 3. Magazine Feature Research<br />I have gone around a group of my friends and asked them what they will like to see within the magazine. I came back with the following information <br /><ul><li>News
  4. 4. Match reports
  5. 5. Quizzes
  6. 6. Game reviews
  7. 7. Music reviews
  8. 8. Movie reviews
  9. 9. Cartoons
  10. 10. Jokes
  11. 11. Advice columns
  12. 12. Interviews
  13. 13. Sports fixtures
  14. 14. Horoscopes
  15. 15. Stories
  16. 16. Upcoming events
  17. 17. New gadgets
  18. 18. House competitions
  19. 19. School competitions
  20. 20. Advertisements</li></li></ul><li>Front cover research<br />To get an idea of what my school magazine cover is going to look like I did a sketch of a rough design of it. I found this sketch very useful when I was designing my front cover on the computer. I decide to change the front cover a bit but this did not matter as I only did the rough design as a idea of what the cover was going to look like<br />
  21. 21. Front cover<br />Contents Page<br />
  22. 22. ORIGINAL IMAGE<br />MANIPULATED IMAGE<br />I edited the original image by adding contrast auto fix. I did this as the new image is more defined and I fell this is more interesting for the consumer to look at. I chose this because I fell this is a beautiful picture for the school and portrays it in a very good light.<br />
  23. 23. What I have learned<br />What have learned a lot from making the front cover for my school magazine. I have gained a lot of experience with the software and this will make it possible to make my final cover a lot more user interface. This has given me a lot more confident when I am making my next cover and I will be able to use a lot more techniques. <br />
  24. 24. Front cover research<br />The cover stories are there to make the public want to read more an example of this is by using words such as shocking. ‘Shocking’ is also written on a white background to make it stand out.<br />This front cover has got a lot of information all over it and this leaves very little room to add any new information<br />This title ‘Q’ is partly hidden by the main cover picture, this is because the magazine is already well know<br />Lady gaga is dressed in a outgoing outfit that makes he look quite scary but famine at the same time. She is also set in the middle of the magazine cover as she is the centre of attention.<br />The main colours on the front cover used are red, white and black. There is also one picture on the front cover so the information is centered around the image <br />
  25. 25. They have got lots of give away to attract the consumers to buy the magazines such as tickets give away and a free poster <br />A lot of the title is covered by the main picture of the cover<br />The title of the Band is more dominate the title of the magazine this shows they are trying to use the band to sell the magazine <br />They are using a lot of the bands names to advertise instead of the contents of the magazine <br />There are three extra pictures on the front of the magazine.<br />
  26. 26. Part of Eminem’s head is covering the title and his name this is because he is a very recognisable person and the magazine is well know<br />There is only one picture on the front cover of this magazine<br />They are getting the audience involved with the magazine <br />There is no barcode on the front cover of this page which is unusual <br />
  27. 27. This front cover uses yellow on black and black on yellow and this goes really well because they are two very contrasting colours <br />The way that they have used lines to separate each of the pictures looks very good and very cleaver<br />All together there are seven pictures used and this does a very good job at breaking up the text and making it very easy to read for the reader<br />I find that this contents page is very effective as the two contrasting colours work very well together and make it easy to read<br />
  28. 28. This contents page shows the title of the magazine in the top left corner and also gives the date that the magazine was published This is done so people are able to tell what the magazine is at a glance if they were walking by someone reading it<br />This contents page has a colour scheme of black and red and white and they go very well together and they make the information very easy for the reader to take in<br />This only has one picture on the contents page and this makes it the focus point of the page and the reader would concentrate on this. The picture is of James blunt and this is done because he is very popular so if people were to see this they would be more likely to buy the magazine <br />
  29. 29. Down the left hand side of this contents page is the list of all of the bands that NME talk about in that magazine. This makes it easy for readers to find out if they are talking about bands that they like<br />The picture is in the centre of the page and this draws a lot of attention to the image and the reader will concentrate on this before having a lot at the rest of the page<br />There is also an offer for the reader on the front cover and gives them the chance to subscribe and save some money. This will be done as they know that every reader will have a look at the contents page before reading the rest of the magazine <br />
  30. 30. The title font looks like it is taken from a news paper and it is also all different heights which reinforces the fact that it is a quote which is talked about later in the article <br />There are very bland colours apart from her top which really stands out from the page as a dominate feature in the double page spread <br />The picture of the featured artist takes up one whole page and this is very common with double paged spreads as I have seen this on a lot of them<br />
  31. 31. On this double page spread half of it is the picture and the other is the words this is a very divided double page spread. I have seen this on most of the double page spread that I have looked at while researching for the production of my double page spread<br />The very large big is a very cleaver title because it is talking about the B.I.G picture and it is talking about biggie smalls <br />There is a small picture of Biggie smalls on the first letter of the writing and this is done to reinforce the fact that this double page spread is about him<br />
  32. 32. There is a lot of text with is very blocked together and this is to get as much information on the double page spread as possible <br />I like how the title is on the same page as the picture as it makes it really clear to the reader what the page is about <br />There is a lot going on in the picture and this is quite rare because there is a lot to look at in the picture<br />The picture takes up half of the double page spread and this is very common and also the main title is on the picture this is done to save space for the text on the other side of the spread<br />
  33. 33. Target Audience <br />My target audience are going to people that are between the ages of 16-25 as these people will be interested in many different types of music so they will be willing find out about all sorts of music. People of this age are willing to pay for music magazine to find out about the most up to date information and to find out about new kind of music. I asked my peers of this age and description what they expect from a music magazine and what they would read if they were to by a music magazines and they came back with this information.<br />Typical User<br />Age:18<br />Occupation: Full time education<br />Lives: At Home<br />