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Utilising Search Console For Quick SEO Wins - BrightonSEO April 2017


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Search Console doesn't have to be a tool for webmasters and developers, there's plenty of data you can gain from the tool without the need for an understanding of development. Here's the quick wins you can apply to your seo strategy, straight from search console!

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Utilising Search Console For Quick SEO Wins - BrightonSEO April 2017

  1. 1. BRAUMGroup 1 Laura Hogan RICEMEDIA Utilising Search Console for quick SEO wins Logo here @lauralouise90
  2. 2. BRAUMGroup 2@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  3. 3. BRAUMGroup 3@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo what are we going to be talking about?
  4. 4. BRAUMGroup 4 i’m not a developer @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  5. 5. BRAUMGroup 5 i’m looking for the quick wins @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  6. 6. BRAUMGroup 6@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo search analytics report data highlighting crawl errors internal linking there’s four key areas in search console where you can find your quick wins
  7. 7. BRAUMGroup 7 crawl errors @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  8. 8. BRAUMGroup 8 it’s about more than simply fixing them @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  9. 9. BRAUMGroup 9@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo errors hide opportunities find the quality sites and update the links.. you can even spot low quality ones to remove
  10. 10. BRAUMGroup 10@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo look at internal crawl errors too these are the easiest to take advantage of
  11. 11. BRAUMGroup 11@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo this is particularly important if you’ve recently migrated or changed urls
  12. 12. BRAUMGroup 12@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo why make life hard for google? it’s lazy seo...
  13. 13. BRAUMGroup 13 post migration all internal links changed rather than redirected @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  14. 14. BRAUMGroup 14@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo use crawl errors for link opportunities & change internal links to correct version takeaway
  15. 15. BRAUMGroup 15 internal linking @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  16. 16. BRAUMGroup 16@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo search traffic > internal links priority pages should top the list
  17. 17. BRAUMGroup 17@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo if not, it’s time to interlink start with related pages and your blog
  18. 18. BRAUMGroup 18@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo internal links help increase ctr too
  19. 19. BRAUMGroup 19@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo no footer links….
  20. 20. BRAUMGroup 20@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo messy, spammy, if anything detrimental and let’s be honest, does anyone actually click them?
  21. 21. BRAUMGroup 21@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo priority pages should have the most internal links takeaway
  22. 22. BRAUMGroup 22 data highlighting @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  23. 23. BRAUMGroup 23@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo try to use schema markup where possible, but if all else fails this is a great back up
  24. 24. BRAUMGroup 24@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo what data can you highlight?
  25. 25. BRAUMGroup 25@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo simple to do bigger serp listing increased ctr
  26. 26. BRAUMGroup 26@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo and the best thing is…… no coding
  27. 27. BRAUMGroup 27@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  28. 28. BRAUMGroup 28@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo 52% increase in visits
  29. 29. BRAUMGroup 29@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo markup your data why make it difficult for google? takeaway
  30. 30. BRAUMGroup 30 search analytics report @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  31. 31. BRAUMGroup 31 this should be your best friend @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo everything is actionable
  32. 32. BRAUMGroup 32@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo use the pages report to find top performing pages & potential for improvement
  33. 33. BRAUMGroup 33@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo you can filter data and layer comparisons it’s a detailed report of your actual data
  34. 34. BRAUMGroup 34@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo this is old content - why so much traffic? why is mobile ctr higher?
  35. 35. BRAUMGroup 35@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo we rank position one and have instant answers… a look in ga shows it’s profitable too
  36. 36. BRAUMGroup 36@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo quick wins... can we improve the cta? let’s ensure content is up to date push blog via social include blog in next newsletter
  37. 37. BRAUMGroup 37@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo this is old content - why so much traffic? why is mobile ctr higher?
  38. 38. BRAUMGroup 38@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo mobile results are larger and include imagery… desktop does not quick win ensure blog imagery is eye catching
  39. 39. BRAUMGroup 39@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo from one simple report, i have a list of quick win opportunities
  40. 40. BRAUMGroup 40 top five uses for the search analytics reports @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  41. 41. BRAUMGroup 41@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo check your click through rate, if positioning is high & ctr is lower than expected review and tweak your meta optimisation
  42. 42. BRAUMGroup 42@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo check your rankings for your top 25/50 search queries on desktop and mobile - anything towards the top of page two has a quick win potential
  43. 43. BRAUMGroup 43@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo apply data findings across other marketing channels, particularly adwords and social
  44. 44. BRAUMGroup 44@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo filter the queries report by questions (who, what, why, where, when). this will give you an idea of instant answers to target that you know will drive traffic
  45. 45. BRAUMGroup 45@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo check trends through impressions and queries. this will help you understand seasonality and potential traffic valentines flowers searches peak early jan and the day before...
  46. 46. BRAUMGroup 46@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo the potential is endless
  47. 47. BRAUMGroup 47@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo live, eat & breathe this report, it has data for days! takeaway
  48. 48. BRAUMGroup 48 disavow @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  49. 49. BRAUMGroup 49 not quick but definitely a win @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  50. 50. BRAUMGroup 50@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo september’s penguin update has made them more important than ever
  51. 51. BRAUMGroup 51 submitted september, continual benefit happy penguin, happy client @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo disavow ranking increases core ranking hit page one
  52. 52. BRAUMGroup 52@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo disavows are picked up a lot quicker now results are seen in less than two weeks
  53. 53. BRAUMGroup 53 new client in jan, disavow, two weeks later big visibility increases @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo
  54. 54. BRAUMGroup 54@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo consider a disavow at keyword level too our tests have shown it works
  55. 55. BRAUMGroup 55@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo page one disavowed all anchor text links for a term with over 200K searches ranking increased from page 2 to page 1 in ten days
  56. 56. BRAUMGroup 56@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo keep your disavow up to date also focus on keyword level takeaway
  57. 57. BRAUMGroup 57@lauralouise90 | #brightonseo - use the crawl errors report for link opportunities - increase internal links to priority pages - the search analytics report is your best friend for usable data - markup your data - disavows work and are picked up quickly takeaways
  58. 58. BRAUMGroup 58 thank you @lauralouise90 | #brightonseo