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Podcast Audience Building


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Not sure where to find your audience? Stuck wondering if anyone is even listening to your podcast. Don't know where to market next? Then this is the talk for you! Come learn how to get your podcast in front of your target listener, find sponsors, and learn strategies that can help you build an audience.

What will you learn?
-- Learn where to find your podcast audience
-- Understand your hosting statistics mean and what success in podcasting looks like
-- Learn marketing strategies like evergreen content and social media sharing
-- Learn when and how to find sponsors for your podcast
-- Learn how to use your podcast as a marketing channel for other content

The Gagglepod Advantage
Coming to a Gagglepod Meetup comes with the added advantage of being able to ask any question you have about podcasting! Even if you're already podcasting, Gagglepod is all about building a community of podcasters. Come for the talks, stay for the Q&A!

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Podcast Audience Building

  1. 1. August 14, 2017
  2. 2. Podcast Audience Building Kyle Bondo PODCAST AUDIENCE BUILDING Gagglepod How to earn being found and stay found
  3. 3. Tonight's Goals: Gagglepod Process Zero Day You Have Control Find Your Tribe PODCAST AUDIENCE BUILDING Invest in Connections Show Value Reach Out Support
  4. 4. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS Gagglepod Process A Podcast Development Approach
  5. 5. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS EXPERTISE IDEA BUILD MICTOOLS LAUNCH The Gagglepod Process DEV 1. Something you’re good at 2. Have an idea 3. Develop your show 4. Get some tools 5. Use a good microphone 6. Launch it 7. Build an Audience
  6. 6. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS EXPERTISE IDEA BUILD MICTOOLS LAUNCH The Gagglepod Process DEV 1. Something you’re good at 2. Have an idea 3. Develop your show 4. Get some tools 5. Use a good microphone 6. Launch it 7. Build an Audience
  9. 9. “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain ZERO DAY Zero Day Everyone starts at zero.
  10. 10. Everyone Starts at Zero • Zero Drafts • Zero Gear • Zero Episodes Online • Zero Downloads • Zero Audience ZERO DAY
  11. 11. Advantages of Zero Audience • Make Mistakes • Tweak Your Show • Change Your Sound • Change Your Content • Fix Things ZERO DAY
  12. 12. Getting Past Zero • No Podcast – No Audience • Have Something to Say • Don’t Be Boring • Slow, Measured Growth • It’s a Marathon ZERO DAY
  13. 13. Takeaway #1 Everyone starts at Zero! Everyone starts a podcast with zero subscribers. SELECTING A HOST
  14. 14. Doesn't start with what is coming out of your mouth, but what is going into their ears... – Dave Jackson QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL Quality Only you can make a great show
  15. 15. The Day After Zero • Start a Podcast • Buy some gear • Record an Episode • Receive a Download • First Subscriber… QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  16. 16. Now You Have an Audience! “Now I have a listener! Yeah! Awesome! QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  17. 17. QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL Now You Have an Audience! “Now I have a listener! Yeah! Awesome! BUT… “Oh, No! Now I have a listener! NOW WHAT?”
  18. 18. Getting a listener and Keeping a listener… Are two very different things! QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL Takeaway #2
  19. 19. Quality is about YOU! Principals of Quality • Great Content • Great Presentation • Great Sound QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  20. 20. Great Content Needs to be… • Helping • Entertaining • Relevant • Compelling QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  21. 21. Great Presentation Needs to be… • Personal • Authoritative • Clear QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  22. 22. Great Sound Needs to be… • Clear • Professional • Confident QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL
  23. 23. "Very rarely [...] do you hear someone talk about a podcast and say: 'You've go to listen to this podcast! The audio production, the quality of the music, and the microphones is amazing! The content and the way the present it is absolutely horrible, but [that] amazing production…!'“ - Daniel J. Lewis QUALITY - YOU HAVE CONTROL Takeaway #3
  24. 24. “The battle is all over except the 'shouting'...” – Napoleon Hill FIND YOUR TRIBE Find How do people find my show?
  25. 25. Find Your Audience • Find them Online • Leverage Relationships • Leverage Influence FIND YOUR TRIBE
  26. 26. Find Where They Live Online • What do they read? • Where do they shop? • What do they buy? Do they share their thoughts? • Where do they share? • What do they say? FIND YOUR TRIBE
  27. 27. Find Their Market • What do they read? • What events do they attend? • Where do they hang out? Do they share their thoughts? • Product Reviews? • Comments on Articles? FIND YOUR TRIBE
  28. 28. Observe Them… • Complaints? • Pains? • Likes? • Loves? • Controversial Topics? • Trendy Topics? • Ignoring Topics? FIND YOUR TRIBE
  29. 29. Lurk… With a purpose! FIND YOUR TRIBE Takeaway #4
  30. 30. “"If you want to be, do.“ - John Lee Dumas INVEST IN CONNECTIONS Invest Connect with your audience and earn their trust
  31. 31. Give First, Second, and Third • Give • Give • Give • Give • Give • Then promote yourself • Then give some more INVEST IN CONNECTIONS
  32. 32. Don’t Throw Rocks • Don't say “Here I am!“ • Don’t just post links • Don’t Spam • Don’t Sell INVEST IN CONNECTIONS
  33. 33. Become an Influencer • Answer Questions • Become a Peer • Be Helpful • Be the “Go To” Form Trust • Invest in Community • Give value first INVEST IN CONNECTIONS
  34. 34. First you give value… Then you get value! INVEST IN CONNECTIONS Takeaway #5
  35. 35. “"If you want to be, do.“ - John Lee Dumas CONNECT BY SHOWING VALUE Connect Convince them with your value.
  36. 36. Connection Advantage • Content generation machine • Ideas for future episodes Guide Your Show • Present or ignore • Focus on Trendy • Take a Position CONNECT BY SHOWING VALUE
  37. 37. Using Connections of Trust • Link to Relevant Content • Organically Find your show Lead the Conversation • Talk about your topics • Talk about Ignored Topics • Become the Source CONNECT BY SHOWING VALUE
  38. 38. Once connected… You can start leading the conversation INVEST IN CONNECTIONS Takeaway #6
  39. 39. “Actions speak louder than words. All companies say they care, right? But few actually exercise that care..“ - Simon Sinek REACH OUT AND GET TALKING Reach Out Get others to talk about your podcast.
  40. 40. Word of Mouth Marketing • Equip Your Audience • Ask them to Share • Bring On Quality Guest • BE a Quality Guest REACH OUT AND GET TALKING
  41. 41. Value of Engagement • Make Ambassadors • Not just rating/reviews • Ask them to tell people • Ask them to Share REACH OUT AND GET TALKING
  42. 42. The Value of Guests • Bring On Quality Guests • Ask Real Questions Don’t Focus… • What they give you Focus on… • What they give your audience REACH OUT AND GET TALKING
  43. 43. "The value is not in the size of your guest, the value is IN YOUR GUEST!" - Dave Jackson INVEST IN CONNECTIONS Takeaway #7
  44. 44. PODCASTING SUPPORT Support Where can I get help? “Learning is not done to you. Learning is something you choose to do.” – Seth Godin
  45. 45. PODCASTING SUPPORT Podcasts about Podcasting • School of Podcasting – • Ask the Podcast Coach – • Audacity to Podcast – • The Podcasters Studio – • Podcasters’ Roundtable – • Podcast Answerman –
  46. 46. Local Connections Merchants of Dirt @MerchantsofDirt Gagglepod Podcasters Meetup Get Lost Racing @MerchantsofDirt PODCASTING SUPPORT
  47. 47. THANK YOU Kyle Bondo @MerchantsofDirt