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How Do You Interview for a Podcast?


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Tim Brien from Gagglepod presented "Asking the stupid questions before you are afraid to ask them" that went into his interviewing process, how to land good guests, and what to do when your interview goes sideways.

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How Do You Interview for a Podcast?

  1. 1. March 12, 2018
  2. 2. How Do You Interview For A Podcast Timothy Kimo Brien Head Agitator KDOI Podcasting PODCAST INTERVIEW Asking the Stupid Questions Before You Are Afraid to Ask Them
  3. 3. #1 – The Medium #2 – The Process #3 – Your Passion #4 – Your Voice PODCAST INTERVIEW #5 – The Tools #6 – Performance #7 – Production #8 – Launch Meetup Topics At-A-Glance
  4. 4. PODCAST INTERVIEW Do you look in the mirror and see this?
  5. 5. PODCAST INTERVIEW Larry King began interviewing 1 May 1957 Tom Snyder has actively interviewed people from 1959-200
  6. 6. PODCAST INTERVIEWING The reality is this is what many podcast interviews look like
  7. 7. PODCAST INTERVIEWING “You can flip editing and outlining/scripting your podcast the bird in the following situations: 1. You’re a trained interviewer with decades of experience in guiding conversations 2. You’ve met the above condition PLUS your guests are all also seasoned speakers and conversationalists 3. You don’t care whether anyone ever listens to your show. You’re doing it entirely for yourself, have no aspirations to build an audience or profit from your podcast at any point.” Jeremy Ennis Cut the BS Podcasting
  8. 8. PODCAST INTERVIEWING: HUMANITY SIDE Humanity Side of Interviewing The Who, How, Why, When and What “Be Prepared, Be Present and Be a Great Host” Pat Flynn Host Inspired Money Podcast
  9. 9. HUMANITY SIDE Who Do I Interview?
  10. 10. HUMANITY SIDE Experts, respected influencers and opinionated people in your field  Email  FB Groups/pages/comments  Twitter  Conferences 
  11. 11. Do’s and Don’t  Thou shall not stalk, after 3-4 attempts drop it  Rehearse your approach, 30 sec elevator speech  Have best and shortest episode ready to deliver  What’s in it for them  Once you get the Yes, ensure you have process, promotion and publication guidelines established HUMANITY SIDE
  12. 12. How Do I Interview? HUMANITY SIDE
  13. 13. HUMANITY SIDE Be confident, you are an expert, even if you are learning alongside your audience, you are the go to person for your audience, tribe, flock, deplorables Respect your guest and listeners Open ended questions, if you can answer yes or no they will Have more questions than you need  Respect our guests time  Ask what is off limits and respect that
  14. 14. HUMANITY SIDE  Ensure they know what you are going to ask them, they may not need every question ahead of time, but if they ask for it give it to them  Let them know your format and if you have paperwork have it signed before you interview  Warm them up  THANK THEM REPEATEDLY
  15. 15. Why Do I Interview? HUMANITY SIDE
  16. 16.  Guest is interesting  Guest has a following and you want to increase your following  Guest has knowledge you need  Guest has contacts they can introduce you to  Guest may return the favor and interview you  Guest may become your best friend  Do you need more reasons, no you don’t, go interview someone now HUMANITY SIDE
  17. 17. When Do I Interview? HUMANITY SIDE
  18. 18. HUMANITY SIDE  #  Try to stay with their schedule if possible  Time zones, talk in their time zone not yours  Know their schedule for the day of the interview – try to get in at a good time for them usually weekends are okay or after diner early evening
  19. 19. HUMANITY SIDE When you and they are not sick or having surgeries Well in advance of your planned publish date in case of Mr Murphy visit Build in time for editing and marketing
  20. 20. What Format Do I Use? HUMANITY SIDE
  21. 21. HUMANITY SIDE Debate  Great for interviewing Opinionated people  Know their argument before they get on the show  You need to be very strong on your information  Don’t turn into a shouting match
  22. 22. – Characters on “Last Man Standing” producing a podcast with everything you need. (Source: ABC) HUMANITY SIDE Level.02 – Content Serious Informational  Great for interviewing experts  Research other interviews they have had, don’t necessarily ask the same questions  Great if you don’t have a lot of info on the subject and want to learn alongside your audience
  23. 23. – Marc Marion interviews the POTUS on his podcast “WTF with Marc Marion”. (Source: HUMANITY SIDE Level.03 – Focused Production Conversational Use if you have a good amount of knowledge of the topic maybe not expert Adds authenticity and usually lower stress for both parties Ensure YOU lead the conversation
  24. 24. TECHNICAL SIDE Technical Side of Interviewing Programs/Gear, Education and Process “Bad quality audio or video can ruin a fantastic interview. Some people won’t even listen if the quality isn’t there. Do whatever possible (within your budget, of course) to conduct a high-quality interview. – Pat Flynn, Inspired Money Podcast
  25. 25. What Gear Should I Get? TECHNICAL SIDE
  26. 26. TECHNICAL SIDE Equipment  Determine your budget/sound quality  More guest/better quality bigger budget  Determine how many people on the interview
  27. 27. Equipment (cont) Cell phones can record calls lower quality but you have one now Handheld digital recorders Zoom H4-6, Tascan Dr-05 and 40 $75- $500 TECHNICAL SIDE
  28. 28. TECHNICAL SIDE Equipment (Cont) Mixer  Allows for multiple inputs  Requires Intermediate to Advanced Sound engineering Knowledge  Allows more control over quality  Requires investment and buy for growth About $75.00 Over $1000
  29. 29. Equipment (Cont) Microphone  Quality Microphones start at $65  Pop Filter can be DIY for less than $5  Microphone Arm and Holder $15+ TECHNICAL SIDE
  30. 30. KDOI Setup  Audio Technica AT 2100 $65  Tascan DR-05 $95  Behringer 4 Channel USB mixer $75  Audio Technica Headphones $50  Microphone arm/Pop filter/Mic Cage $45  Hide-a-bed Sofa Free  Glass Desk $75  Empty wallet $12 TECHNICAL SIDE
  31. 31. TECHNICAL SIDE Equipment (Cont) Studio Rental  $100/hr w/monthly membership $150/month (DC area)  Professional quality  Must schedule in Advance/Studio Convenience
  32. 32. What Programs Are Out There To Help Me TECHNICAL SIDE
  33. 33. What’s a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace)  Audacity – free, great for DIY’ers, Open source, pay for plug ins  Pro Tools($25/month), Adobe Audition($20-$50/month) and Hindenburg Pro ($375) have all tools you need TECHNICAL SIDE
  34. 34. Conference Services  Skype – audio calls free, quality dependent on internet connection  Zencastr, Ringstr, Zoom, Source-Connect Now – have limited free options and monthly options that allow for more storage and participants  Blog Talk Radio – listeners and guest can call in, free version is highly limited, paid versions allow more callers, schedule flexibility, bigger files to upload if not doing a live call in show  Google hangouts - $5/month 30 GB of online Storage, $10/month unlimited VoIP and allows video calls TECHNICAL SIDE
  35. 35. Educating the Guest TECHNICAL SIDE
  36. 36. Determine their tech level and comfort level, go with their level if it is lower than your own, if they have a higher level, get help or learn real quick Provide easy to understand instructions give the instructions to someone who is older or is less tech savvy than yourself Provide equipment if needed and a way to return it if guest is remote, expect to lose or have equipment return damaged or not at all TECHNICAL SIDE
  37. 37.  Schedule a test either 30 minutes before the interview or well in advance, the more in advance you schedule the less chance Mr Murphy sticks his head in  Have a backup just in case and let the guest know what the backup plan is i.e. record on Skype, but also send guest a handheld recorder or have them record using their phone while you do the same on your end  Ensure you have a scheduling system that reminds the guest and you Google calendar is nice, If You Both Use It. Find out the best and least annoying way to remind them TECHNICAL SIDE
  38. 38. Creating a Process TECHNICAL SIDE
  39. 39. TECHNICAL SIDE Setup Process for Consistency  Set up a checklist of tasks and forms/info you need for the interview  Have someone else follow the checklist as if they were you, fix the holes  KISS formula  Be able to adapt when changes need to be made  Ask for feedback from the guest and actually listen  Actually have a process for success, see what others are doing
  40. 40. Parting Thoughts PODCAST INTERVIEW
  41. 41.  Have Fun  Be Respectful to Guest  Be prepared  Right Gear Right Level  Be Respectful to Listeners  Have Fun PODCAST INTERVIEW
  42. 42. PODCAST INTERVIEW What 30 Listeners looks like. Remember… Timothy Kimo Brien Head Agitator KDOI Podcasting Create More Than You Consume
  43. 43. RESOURCES Resources Get help with your podcast “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” – Richard Branson
  44. 44. RESOURCES Dave Jackson • School of Podcasting – • Ask the Podcast Coach – Daniel J. Lewis • Audacity to Podcast – Ray Ortega • Podcasters’ Roundtable – Carey Green • Podcast Fast Track – Podcasts about Podcasting
  45. 45. Gagglepod Podcasters Meetup RESOURCES Local Community • Monthly Meetups • Podcast – Gaggleworthy • Articles and Newsletter • Workshops – April/May 2018 • Events – DC Podfest in Nov 2018 • One-on-One Sessions
  46. 46. THANK YOU Kyle Bondo @Gagglepod