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Add Some .ZIP to your WordPress Site

Add Some .ZIP to your WordPress site was presented at WordCamp Las Vegas, 2012 by Russell Aaron. This presentation covers 3 plugins that can enhance your site. But if you use them together, your site could become more than you ever dreamed. (@KrashKartMedia)

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Add Some .ZIP to your WordPress Site

  1. 1. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. WordCamp Las Vegas 2012 Add Some .Zip To Your WordPress Site. A TALK ABOUT PLUGINS. YEAH. PLUGINS! @krashkartmediaSTART E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  2. 2. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. WARNING…SORRY JOHN and MOM There may be the occasional slip up of profanity. I apologize.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  3. 3. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. 01 FIRST OFF, I just want to say….. A plugin can be as simple as one file that does one specific thing..... Plugins have changed since 2009 Most plugins were one or two files that did something specific. Now plugins come with folders that include 5 or more files inside and do 7 to 8 specific things. Just like themes, plugins have advanced over time. A Prediction……. In a few years, themes will be just a few files, all ran on plugins.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  4. 4. 02 WP PluginsSUMMARY User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. E-Commerce Contact Forms Custom Post Types Shopping Carts and Selling Things Getting Info From Users Custom Post Types Are Amazing. Selling things online is made easy with WP and These need no introduction. This is something that a lot of new themes E-Commerce Plugins. We are going to cover the Contact forms are one of the most feature as a selling point. Once you understand plugins you should consider using. important parts of any website. Its how these plugins, Premium Themes Seem Useless we get info and use it to market, learn Woo-Commerce and review. TYPES Plugin Gravity FormsSTART E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  5. 5. 03 WP PluginsE-commerce User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.What is This? I’ve heard....Just a fancy way to say « SHOPPING CART»It’s the buying and selling of products or services over electronicsystems such as the internet and other computer networks.With e-commerce plugins, your site can look just like ebay and otherpopular websites that sell items. Have a log in and log out feature on thefront end of your site, hide the wp-admin area with out an extra pluginand most are multisite compatible. Even let users sign up with theiremail address instead of a user name. Very Handy!What is Possible?The sky is the limit. Seriously.Sell physical and digital products, allow other users to buy andsell on your site, and use plugins like Gravity Forms to Can My Theme Handle E-Commerce?enhance the user experience. Each product can haveattributes like sizes, colors and additional pricing per item. The Short answer is Yes. Some themes need a kick in the side and a few css style updates.Having options like Monthly Payments and User Subscriptions But all themes can handle E-COMMERCE if you need it to sell your work. That is where being creative really comes in. Lets GO!are possible, but require the purchase of add on’s from theplugins author.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  6. 6. 04 WP PluginsWoo Commerce User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.Not just a Shop. Its a lifestyle!There is nothing that this plugin can not do!This plugin is built by the creative minds over at WooThemes. If you Google Free WordPressThemes, chances are you have come across there works. If you have a blog, you are probably using one of their themes. That’s how involved they are.With this plugin, you can add and manage products, change your settings by state, buyseveral add on’s to enhance your shop and even use it just for registering new users to yoursite. You can even transfer some files from this plugin into your theme to customize eachpage. So update all you want, nothing gets changed. And that is just some of the things I feltlike mentioning. This plugin does so much more!Easy Set Up! SCORE!Activate and install pre made settings.WordPress has an amazing feature where you can importdummy data into your site to look just like the demo of thetheme you purchased. This plugin has its own import featureand if you select to do so, all of the shop pages are set up for Any theme Can Be Woo-Ified!you. All you have to do is add them to your navigation. Like I mentioned earlier. There is a folder inside of this plugin called templates. You can copy the folders inside of the templates folder and put them into a new folder in yourFrom inside the dashboard, every option has an info bubble theme called woocommerce. From there, you can create a truly unique looking site, shopthat tells you what the setting is for. Talk about time saving. for your users.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  7. 7. 05 WP PluginsWOO-COMMERCE User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. Out Of the box Add On’s. YEAH! Hooks & Filters Quick Install and Set Up. Easy To Understand Plays nice With Other Plugins. It’s WordPress After All. Activate the plugin, run through the settings Add Gravity forms extensions, payment Tap into the functions file and arrange more with ease and start adding products. It can be as gateways and a subscription extension features. No fancy trickery here. The creators simple as that. Learning all of the In’s and Out’s to make a truly unique e-commerce of the plugin have even wrote several for you. of this plugin is very easy to do. Even install a website. Everything is possible. If not, Because you are not the only one with idea’s! shortcut plugin that leads you to all things write them and they do the rest. WOO-COMMERCE! Free Stuff Is Good! Options galore The beneFits WOO NINJAS are here to help. HI-YAH!!! Sizes, colors and more! Every Plugin Has Them! WooThemes has really made it easy to learn We know that you can not just sell one item Multisite compatible, support like no their products, and have several free plugins with one option. You need colors, sizes and other, always being updated for more that help you engage your users, track clicks add on features. Easy to create and attach. features, custom payment gateways, and even introduce new features to your Not to mention organize and set up parent site. and child attributes. With this plugin, you get more than a few options and basic styling options.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  8. 8. 06 WP PluginsContact Forms User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.Get Some Info. End Of StoryContact forms get information, and then do something with the info. .All contact forms have at least one field, a submit button and an action.Contact forms pass information off to the server, where the info ispulled in, sorted and returned to an email address, or stored into adatabase where the information can be used at your discretion.You can even use contact forms to allow your users to submit informationlike an article post, and have that form create a custom post on your site.What is the Diff?My theme already has one. Why have a plugin?Your theme’s contact form is usually very generic. Meaning itonly gets a name, email and some very basic details. That isgreat if you are just a one person operation and only needthat specific information. So if I am just collecting Info.. Why are there more than one plugin for the job?A contact form plugin allows you to make unlimited amounts Like everything else, people like options. Contact Form 7 is just as good as the rest, but it does notof forms, display them on as many pages as you want, and have a drag and drop option. Gravity Forms adapts well with other plugins and has a ton of addthen send the info to more than just one source. Lets, say you ons. Formidable Forms is just like Gravity Froms, But has its own set of options and perameters.own a business. You have a developer and a marketing agent.Why would both get the information, if the information insidethe email is just about marketing?START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  9. 9. WP PluginsGravity Forms User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.Defying Gravity. Its Easy.Gravity Forms will make all other plugins seem like they are behind.Gravity forms is a paid plugins. Well documented and it comes with somany options, it should be illegal. But I am glad it is not. Gravity Forms isone of the most recommended plugins for WordPress and is probablyone of the few plugins that could be endorsed by WordPress developersacross the board.More than forms.Gravity Forms has more features than you might need.There are so many options. For example, the team behind theplugin has made a unique form that works like a madlib.Gravity comes with a bunch of preset css styles to align all ofyour fields, and even has multiple step forms like you wouldsee on the top websites on the internet. With features like aprogress bar, giving your entire form a class name forindividual styling and using the plugin to replace the user Making the switch to Gravity!registration and allowing your users to update their profiles I use something else. Why would I want to swtich to this plugin?makes this plugin a must have for the jack of all trades. Did I forget to mention a one stop shop to learn, edit and enhance your forms. If you do a search for Gravity Forms Tutorials, you will find more than enough resources and video help. With support like that, it takes some of the tension off of you when trying to come up with new ideas for your website’s contact forms.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  10. 10. 07 WP PluginsGravity forms!!!!!! User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. Out of the box Click and Drop? Multi Step Forms No demo, but who needs them. Yeah, they take the fun out of competition. Great for the hiring process. Or Sales! It’s pretty simple to learn how to use Gravity Just click on the field you want have on your Multi step forms are great for adding that Forms. A couple of hundred dollars seems like a next form and it is inserted with ease. Even the unique feature to your site. Smaller sized lot for a plugin. But information is king, and other advanced features are in a neat and tidy forms tend to get filled out more. So a multi knowing what your users want more than pays tabbed layout. step form is one form, with 2 or more steps. for this plugin. Built in. We Like. Conditions. We Like Options. Styling and ShortCodes for CSS Styling. If this, then show that. Free ad ons with the purchase. Sweet. Gravity forms has built in css class names to Conditions are great. If a user chooses When you buy the plugin, you get the mail add style and or, align text fields so the form web design, show then these 4 fields. chimp, paypal, user registration add on’s can seem smaller. Important if you actually Even on the back end, you can send the and a few more. So you can use Gravity to want people to fill out your form. Not to forms info to a specific email based on collect payment, sign up new users and mention MULTI STEP FORMS!!!!! the answer selected, if a drop down or collect more than the standard registration check box is selected. NICE!!! info and use the forms to add new sign ups to your newsletters.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  11. 11. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. The Best Part Of This Plugin…To Me is… When a new submission is submitted, the admin of your wordpress site can relpy right from the dashboard. Email notifications can be set up. When the user submits their info, they can recive an email stating specific instructions, a copy of their info for their own records, or an option to sign up for email notification on upcoming posts or events. How does it get better than a plugin that does so much? Well it works great with other plugins that you might be using already on your site.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  12. 12. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. IM not done talking about it. Gravity forms really opened my eyes with what is possible. Gravity forms is out of this world. This year I have used gravity forms more than I ever have. Becuase I actually bought the developers liscence. I have built more sites that require a contact form for hiring employees and even made a fun madlib type form for a children’s website. Even the mortgage company I worked for took advatnage of the Multi-step form option for their users to apply for a loan in minutes.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  13. 13. 08 WP PluginsCustom Posts Types User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.WHOA Man. This is the User Track.Don’t be afraid. You probably already uses these in your theme. You just don’t know it.Custom Post Types are a way of distinguishing different types of content on yourWordPress website. When you install WordPress you have two default content types:1. Posts2. PagesPosts are the default content type that is used for blog posts. They are for dynamiccontent, with the first blog post displayed changing as a new one is added.Pages are the default WordPress content type that is used for static content. Unlike poststhese are not time-specific. But Posts and Pages are not always enough.What if you want to create your own type of content?Welcome All!These plugins will save you the headache. Wait, Are you Saying they are easy? Yeah. I am.By installing a custom post type plugin, you will be able to addnew content, and manage them easier than just creating Like you, when I heard of Custom Post Types, I found out that you had to open the functions.phpcategories or pages with child pages. You probably already file, add a function and then do some more things that just sounded like rocket science. So I found a plugin that make life so much easier. And they save time. Everybody Wins Here.use them, you just do not realize it. I’ll make you understand.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  14. 14. 09 WP PluginsTYPES – CPT PLUGIN User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site.This plugin save time! I like.Time and money is on everyone’s mind.This plugin has a lot of options. Some are more than advanced than other.1. Custom Fields.2. Custom Post Types and Taxonomies3. Import / Export4. Custom Field Control5. Settings6. Access7. HelpWith this plugin, you can create the post type, make custom fields that are assigned a shortcode for you to place anywhere on your post or page. Design your own templates with outthe coding skills one might need to accomplish the job manually.This seems like Work.At first it might be. But that is the fun of creating wp sites. The way of the future. The Way! All of the Premium themes that you might buy from a vendor, contain at least one custom postAfter a few short reads, and a couple test runs, you will be up to speed type. The difference is that you have very little control of the page templates layouts because thein no time. Once you master this free plugin, you can use any theme, templates are pre built. But what if you want the layout to change and you know nothing aboutand create unique looking posts and pages in no time. You can use code.your theme Short Codes to place in the plugin Short Codes to stylepages. Well once you create one layout in the post editor, you can simply copy and paste, then replace the info. That is the whole point of WordPress after all. Update and Save!START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  15. 15. 10 WP PluginsTYPES PLUGIN. Awesome! User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. Out of the box Shortcodes!!! Support Me? AMAZING FEATURES! Your theme has them. So does this plugin. You need the help, they got it. On each page of the plugin, there is a When you create a custom field, say an image of Not only are there the basic forums to get description of what each field or selection does. a house, or the price of a house, the plugin will help, there are user guides, and ways you can Just like Yoast SEO, you can learn while you are give you a short code that you can use in the contribute to helping this plugin. making changes with out navigating away from Editor to reference the item. So there is no need your site. TIME SAVER! to build your own templates. WOW! Just Learning? CPT API Hero! Downfall Dont stress my pet. It’s got you covered. Learn how to insert Types fields to PHP Every Plugin has one or two. templates This plugin has everything written down and This plugin has a lot of options and . you know a thing or two about making Say covered. Even if you have no idea what you fields. So just using the default settings are doing, you can use this plugin to learn. templates. Well there is a help sheet that can cause things to look different at Many plugins direct you to their site for explains what you need to do in order to get times. Other than that, We’re Good! tutorials and extra’s. This plugins gives you your template done with out wasting time. that option, but all of the learning can be Speed up your design with this plugin. done in the dashboard.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  16. 16. WP PluginsUser Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. IM not done talking about it. Custom Post Types Are Almost Needed Daily! I have a theme, Why cant I just add to already made cpt’s? You could. But then you have to learn how post types work, then add to each template and so on. So this plugin is going to save you a ton of time. It’s always good to learn how to do something. But plugins just make everything so much easier.START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  17. 17. WP Plugins 2012User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. Any Questions? START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!
  18. 18. WP Plugins 29User Track Session. Add Some .Zip To Your Site. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION HTTP:// START E-Commerce Contact CPT’s Question? Shopping Cart Get / Use Info Get Some More NOPE!