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Chris task1

  1. 1. By Christopher Hayes
  2. 2. Benefits of E-commerceGlobal Marketplace Global Marketplace is means that no matter where you are in the world you can buy anything from the E-commerce site. But it is only a global marketplace once people have started buying things from your website from all around the world such as Amazon, eBay or P2
  3. 3. Benefits of E-commerce24/7 Trading24/7 Trading has numerous advantages like it doesn’t matter where you are in theworld you know that the store won’t be closed so you will be able to buysomething in case it is an emergency. And depending in the delivery option youwill be able to receive your order within that time limit. P2
  4. 4. Benefits of E-commerceLow Start -up & Running CostsRunning an online company makes the financial part of the start up a lot lessfrustrating, because the costs will be a lot lower. It will also cost less for payingworkers because you will only need a few people to manager orders and packagingetc. P2
  5. 5. Benefits of E-commerceSearch FacilitiesHaving your company online makes it easier to find the product you are lookingfor, instead of searching the whole store for one item. Having a good search barmight actually bring customers back because of the customer service, this mightend up in people telling their friends about the site bringing more customers andso on. P2
  6. 6. Benefits of E-commerceFluid Pricing Fluid pricing is very useful because it can allow you to make the prices what you think is fair to what you think they should be, an example of this is to lower the prices if orders are low to try and convince people to buy the item from you instead of a competing company. P2
  7. 7. Weaknesses of E-commerceConsumer Trust Building the customer trust can be a hard task, but an easy way to do this is by always delivering what you say would do. Like allowing people to pre-order things like games, or if anything goes wrong to go through with what ever you say you would do to fix that problem. You could also take customer reviews about your site and make changes to it to their specifications to make the site more user- friendly. P2
  8. 8. Weaknesses of E-commerceLack of Human Contact The lack of human contact means that people might not go there quite as much as a normal store even though it may be easier to find what your looking for it makes people more isolated than going to the shops. P2
  9. 9. Weaknesses of E-commerceProduct Description ProblemsThe problems with the description of products is that they can be un-true becauseeach individual product is different so your description of a product maybe overalla good one but if someone elses has a certain problem they will probably write abad description. P2
  10. 10. Weaknesses of E-commerceSecurity issuesSecurity will always be a problem concerning buying things online, this is becausewithout the physical interaction between you and the actual process of buyingthings people start to think that it isn’t as secure but the actual fact is it is safer. P2
  11. 11. The TechnologyBrowsersThe browsers will make for an easy searching for a specific item so you don’t have togo browsing through loads of things that won’t even be related to the item that you arelooking for. But if you are able to search for items that you want it will come up withother items are related the search. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera,Internet Explorer allow for you to do this and well as browsers on website to searchthe site.Web Authoring SoftwareUsing authority software will allow you to have more control on what happens onyour site. This helps you with preventing viruses etc. on your site using this will helpyour company because people will be wanting to go to your site because they knowit is a safe and secure site for buying products online. P1
  12. 12. The TechnologyDatabase systems Database systems help with the transactions of the payments and keeping track of all sales. A e-commerce site will have this if your able make an account and log in and out to make it more secure.IP addresses The way the information reaches the right place is through the IP addresses, it is the equivalent of a post code of your house. This helps the files you send off to another computer for it to actually get there. P1
  13. 13. The TechnologyDomain NamesThe domain name needs to be easy to remember because if it is it will help forreturning customers because if the domain name is long and complex then it will bemore likely to drive people away.Multiple Domain RegistrationDomain registrations are the end of the domain such as .gov .org or .com these aresome of the most common but there are only a limited amount of them which meansthere is a limit to the amount of domains that can be made without it getting toocomplex. P1
  14. 14. The TechnologyPorts & ProtocolsThe protocols is the way the computer react with each other and how the data istransmitted, if the protocols aren’t same then each computer will not be able to reactand ‘talk’ to each other. But without the ports then there would be nothing connectingthe computers on the network together to be able to send data from one computer tothe next in the first place.Browser & Platform Compatibility Browser platforms are things like Firefox Google chrome or internet explorer. When your website can be found on more than one browser then your target audience will increase dramatically improving the traffic to your website. P1
  15. 15. PromotionPaying to be prominent in search engine resultsWhen you do a search using Google it comes up with the most common usedsites and adds that are get there by paying to get right at the top so that they havemore chance of people going to your website so that you get more publicity. The top websites aren’t always used the most, the spot’s go to the highest bidders for publicity. M1
  16. 16. PromotionNewsgroups & ForumsNewsgroups and forums are commonly used as a free way of promoting yourcompany, the draw back is that you have virtually no control over what gets saidon these forums because people are free to say what ever you want to about thespecific topic. On the bright side you get to see the publics to thoughts about itwhich can help with the deciding of how to improve it. The bad thing is you can getpeople that go there just give you bad publicity. M1
  17. 17. PromotionBanners & Pop-upsBanners are things that appear on your website and acts as an advert, they tendto appear and the bottom of your window in the form of a strip with theinformation about the website or product it’s promoting.Pop-ups are similar except they open the actual website in another window foryou to close down, they are normally related to the website you are on but themost common ones are the poker pop-ups trying to convince people to startgambling. M1
  18. 18. PromotionSpamSpam is a way of promoting yourself straight to the individual like Amazon do, buta lot of people don’t count it as ‘spam’ because they don’t do it that often apartform when new products come out that are related to the past searches you havedone. They also need you to have an account with them to have you e-mail tosend them in the first place. M1
  19. 19. PromotionEnsuring An Effective User InterfaceHaving an effective user interface can help with the promotion of your site bybringing people back again and again without making them loose interest in yoursite, which can lead them to tell friends and family about it then it will spread due toan easy to use website. M1
  20. 20. PromotionEstablishing Customer loyalty in a virtual environment Establishing customer loyalty in a virtual environment can be very hard but once you have it then it will be easy to keep if you keep up doing how you got it the first place. It can be gained by always keep up your promises to your customers and make surveys to see how and why they like using your site and how you could make it better. M1
  21. 21. PromotionSite NamesUsing other site names can help to promote your site for example you could say ‘Theclosest site to Amazon than any other!’ This could improve traffic to your sitebecause it has been linked to the most visited e-commerce site on the internet. Mostpeople will go on it and then go off because it’s not what they are looking for, butsome people will stay to see how good it. M1
  22. 22. PromotionDirect MarketingUsing direct marketing you can get the right promotion to the right people dependingon what they have ordered and making the adverts related to those orders. This wayyou aren’t wasting time trying to promote products on your site to the completelywrong age group. M1
  23. 23. SecurityHackingHacking is where people use software or coding to do more than the average user ofcomputers, for example if someone was hacking your site they would be able toorder whatever they want without having to pay by doing this it would make youloose dramatic money.Hacking PreventionIt is possible to prevent hacking like having security settings in place, you could alsomake your site a secure payment site, this way you can prevent it because they wouldhave to go through the payment to get the product. P3, M2
  24. 24. SecurityVirusesViruses are pieces of code that can infect your computer by downloading or visitingcertain sites that aren’t protected. There are numerous amount of sites that aren’tsafe but it is hard to know which ones are infected but there are ways to prevent anyof these things happening.Virus PreventionTo prevent your computer from being infected you can get anti-virus software such asAVG or MacAfee, these can also help you to not go on infected sites by showing youa security level by the side of the hyperlink to the site, they look like red for badyellow/orange for ok and green for good a bit like a traffic light. They can scan yourcomputer for viruses that are already on there and destroy them before they do anydamage. P3, M2
  25. 25. SecurityID TheftPeople may also be afraid of buying products online because of people finding theirinformation and using it to buy whatever they want. But buying products online isactually safer than in shops but that is really hard to believe.ID Theft ProtectionYou can help to prevent this by using sites that are security protected and/or payingwith PayPal which is the safest way to pay for things online. P3, M2
  26. 26. SecurityStrong PasswordsHaving a strong password is crucial to being more secure online because the harderthe password is to crack the less likely someone is to try. But if you can’t rememberthe password then your done as well so you need a strong password that is easy toremember. The easiest way to make a strong password is to include letter numbersand punctuation. This will make the amount of possible codes increase by ten foldand make it a lot harder to crack. This is because instead of just including all theletter keys there are also the number keys which could be in any order with the letterkeys and then punctuation with it. This will make your information as secure as youcan get. P3