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  1. 1. Newspaper Media Today: Moving Forward Caroline Little President & CEO
  2. 2. Newspaper Print Audience Is Very Large  79 million read on average weekday  94 million read on average Sunday  137 million in the past week  Past week net reach for print:  46% for 18-24 year olds  60% for college grads  62% for HHI $100K+ Including digital platforms, it reaches 161 million adults! Source: Scarborough Research, Release 2, 2013, USA+
  3. 3. Audience Spreading Across Platforms Base = U.S. adults who read a newspaper in print, visited a newspaper website or read a newspaper on a mobile device Source: Scarborough USA+, Release 2, 2013 Print Only, 54% Print & Online, 13% Print & Mobile, 5% Print & Online & Mobile, 11% Online Only, 7% Online & Moble, 6% Mobile Only, 4%
  4. 4. More Platforms = Larger Audience Source: comScore 135 133 127 133 139 141 142 148 147 146 100 110 120 130 140 150 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2014 Jan UniqueVisitors(Millions) Newspaper Unique Visitors, Apr 2013 - Jan 2014
  5. 5. Newspaper Digital: Extensive Reach  72% of the 18 – 34 age group  68% use mobile  36% are mobile exclusive  77% of females 18 – 34  62% use mobile  39% are mobile exclusive Source: comScore
  6. 6. More Than One-Fourth of Digital Audience is Mobile Exclusive Source: comScore 18% 19% 21% 20% 22% 23% 21% 26% 27% 27% 29% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2014 Jan Feb Mobile Exclusive Unique Visitors as a % of Newspaper Digital Audience
  7. 7. Annual News Revenue: $63 Billion $0.5 $0.8 $1.6 $1.9 $2.1 $3.6 $5.2 $8.9 $38.6 News Magazines Digital-Native News News/Talk Radio Non-Commercial News Network TV News Weekly Newspapers Cable News Local TV News Newspapers $0.0 $10.0 $20.0 $30.0 $40.0 $50.0 7 Source: Pew Research Center
  8. 8. Advertising Revenue Across News Sectors 8 Source: Pew Research Center Newspapers, 58% Local TV News, 20% Cable News, 5% Weekly Newspapers, 6% Network TV News, 4% Non-Commercial News, 1% News/Talk Radio, 1% For Profit Digital-Native News, 4% News Magazines, 1%
  9. 9. Shifting Sources of Newspaper Revenue 9
  10. 10. Four Key Takeaways about Newspaper Media  We deliver large audience across print & digital platforms, with mobile usage growing fast  We deliver in key demographic segments of active consumers, including 18 -34  Our revenues are diversifying rapidly  More than half of all news revenues come from newspaper media
  11. 11. Caroline Little President & CEO Newspaper Media Today: Moving Forward

Editor's Notes

  • Thank you , good afternoon everyone!

    I going to spend just a few minutes of your time talking about the big picture- our collection of audiences across various platforms.

  • Let me start with print.

    it is important for us to remind those who follow our business that the print audience is very large.

    On an average weekday, over 79 million read our printed products, and over 94 million do so on an average Sunday, according to our colleagues at Scarborough Research.

    The print audience cumulatively during a week reaches 137 million American adults. And that print product has very good reach for important segments like young adults (46%), college grads (60%) and those in households with an annual income of $100 or more (62%).

    Our content also reaches many important audience segments regularly.

  • We know our audiences are widely spread across multiple platforms.
    Here is how the composition looks today:

    Slightly over half our audience across the week is made up of readers who only look at the print product (54%). The other 45% are made up of various combinations of either print & digital, or digital mixtures.

    13% of our audience read print & use the PC to connect with our websites.

    5% use the blend of print and mobile devices.

    7% use PCs only to connect to us.

    6% use the mixture of PC & mobile

    4% use only mobile to get to us

    And finally 11% use all 3 methods: print, PC AND mobile.

  • Now a switch to examining just the digital component of our audience.

    This is data from comScore, which just began to provide an unduplicated count of the mobile & PC-based audiences last year.

    These are the monthly totals for unique visitors to newspaper websites.

    You see some seasonality, but note the dramatic increase from June last year, at 127 million Uvs, through November to 148 million: a 17% increase in that time period.
  • The newspaper digital audience for this past January shows impressive reach among the 18 -34 age group, at 72%.

    68% of them used mobile devices during the month to get our content, and more than one-third (36%) use only mobiles devices for their newspaper digital access.

    Our digital offerings reached 77% of women 18 -34 in January, 62% of whom used a mobile device and 39% of whom were using mobile exclusively to connect.
  • On an overall basis, the comScore data tells us that more than one-fourth of our digital audience of unique visitors uses only mobile devices to
    engage with us, rising form 18% last April to 29% in February of this year.
  • In 2012, the total newspaper sector revenues were $38.6 billion for the roughly 1,400 U.S. dailies—a figure that includes print and digital advertising as well as circulation and other ancillary revenues. No other single sector of the American media approaches even $10 billion in annual news-related revenues, leaving newspapers as the clear revenue leader. About two-thirds of that revenue—$25.2 billion—comes from advertising, if direct marketing services are included. A quarter ($10.4 billion) comes from print and digital circulation. The remaining newspaper revenue is generated from a variety of sources, including events, commercial printing, e-commerce and others.

    Television-based news in total generates less than half the revenue of the U.S. newspaper sector. The combined annual revenue of 12 cable news channels, three major broadcast networks’ news programs, and approximately 800 news-producing local TV stations, amounts to roughly $16.4 billion.
  • Daily newspaper advertising—print and digital combined—represents more than half (58%) of all the known advertising revenue tied to journalism, about $25.2 billion .

    Nearly a third of the total advertising revenue tied to journalism comes from television. Revenues generated by news programming on cable and broadcast, including national andlocal network affiliates, and their websites, now total roughly $12.8 billion annually with more than two-thirds coming from local TV. That represents 30% of the total news-related ad revenue identified by Pew Research analysts, and includes estimates for digital revenue tied to the legacy product.
  • Our revenue stream has changed dramatically in just the past five years.

    In 2007, advertising of all types accounted for over 81% of revenue, paid circulation 16%, and other forms of revenue 3%.

    Last year, the data show a very different picture. Circulation [including paid digital content] now makes up 27% of total newspaper media revenue, new revenue sources 8%, digital advertising 11%, niche publishing and direct marketing 8%, and newspaper print advertising 46%.
  • Thank you , Elizabeth and good afternoon everyone!

    I going to spend just a few minutes of your time talking about the big picture- our collection of audiences across various platforms.