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Auc2011 registration general-preview

  1. 1. Conference Highlights OASYS – Core Data Processing Your core DP platform is the central hub of your institution’s member accounting and relationship building functions. CUtopia’s OASYS solution offersiTeller – Internet Banking the industry’s most affordable, full-featured core processing platform for small- to mid-sizedStudies show that online, “wired” members institutions. This session will provide an overviewcomprise a credit union’s most loyal, and profitable of how your staff can get the most out of themember segment. In addition, when the 73 million features and power of our OASYS platform.millennials in the country’s population – youngadults between the ages of 13 and 30 – go CUtopia e-Suite – New Look, New Feelbrowsing for a financial services provider, they’lllook first to your online service offering, and your CUtopia strives continually to offer advancedonline banking package in particular. CUtopia’s services with our semi-annual e-Suite productnext generation iTeller online banking solution releases. This session will provide a sneak peek atgoes well beyond the basics to inject the “wow” what’s on our drawing board for the near future,factor back into the member’s online banking such as remodeled user interfaces and layout. Weexperience. This learning session will get you up- think you’re going to like what we have to on the power of iTeller 5.0, and cover allof its new features, which rival those of applications OASYS – Next Generation Coreused by much larger banks and credit unions. CUtopia strives continually to offer advancedmTeller 5.0 – Mobile Banking services with our semi-annual OASYS product releases. This session will provide a sneak peek atWith more than 200 million cell phones in use today what’s on our drawing board for the near future,and projections of over 40 million mobile banking such as remodeled user interfaces and layout. Weusers by 2012, credit unions absolutely need to think you’re going to like what we have to say.have a growth strategy that leverages thisburgeoning and lucrative channel. CUtopia’s Credit Union- Round TablemTeller mobile banking solution delivers robustcapabilities that give your members the freedom to CUtopia strives continually to create a networkingconduct their banking anytime, anywhere from their community among our valued clients. The Roundweb-enabled phone or PDA. This lab will walk you Table session is a setting to share what you arethrough the power, value and features of mTeller, seeing in your area, ask for best practicesand share industry best practices for putting this pertaining policy ideas, HR items or compliancevaluable solution in your members’ hands. topics. CUtopia – Visit. Stay. Grow.
  2. 2. Conference HighlightsCompliance – Concentration Risk Go Green – Going Paperless with Digital ArchivingGrowing concentrations are a major factor in creditunion failures. With the NCUA emphasizing this We know that to succeed in the ultra-competitivearea of review in relations to the total risk of each financial services market, you’ve got to stand union, join us to learn best practices and Do things differently. Be bold. Get imaginative.helpful policy tips. Look ahead. That’s what you do. Going paperless with Digital Archiving will help your credit union cutCompliance – The Latest Hot Topics cost and stand out amongst your competitors. Join us to learn how to create your digital archivingPressing Credit Union Compliance Issues. Join framework from what documents to archive tous for a discussion as we address the latest how to structure your electronic filing system.compliance hot topics and provide a heads up onpending regulations. You will have an opportunity Website Presence and Designto share best practices and ask our complianceexperts questions. Position your credit union website as an interactive branch with content, applications and toolsSecurity Standards – Physical and Data designed to ensure member satisfaction. As trusted experts in the credit union industry, we provide cutting edge web design services, and muchIn this session, we will provide recommended more.practices on physical and data security standards.From creating the appropriate policy toimplementing and monitoring the policy as thecredit union grows. Awareness is the key tosuccessful security standards; let our experts helpguide you in protecting your credit union. CUtopia – Visit. Stay. Grow.
  3. 3. Conference HighlightsSocial Networking / New Media Attracting New MembersIn the past 10 years, Social Media has become adominant force in business in a variety of different The aging of credit union membership is a growingways ranging from marketing and sales to member trend, since 69% are 55+. Now, many credit unionsservice and feedback. According to are asking: “How can we make ourselves relevant to younger generations?” This voyage is, “during the average 20-minute to answer that question and will be hosted by aperiod in 2010, there were: 15,870,000 wall posts, member of Gen Y. The elusiveness of this2,716,00 photos uploaded and 10,208,000 demographic will be tackled from several angles.comments posted,” referring only to We will discuss what this generation needs, whatFacebook.Com. Numbers like these are proof that they actually respond to and what steps your creditby having a social media presence, users whether union can take to engage them.on the business level or personal level, gain access • Understanding Gen Y in the Marketplaceto a multitude of information and communication • Utilizing new forms of media and usingpossibilities. In a world where social media has existing channels more effectivelybecome a primary source for information, the only • Developing Products & Servicesway to be negatively affected by social media, is to • You attracted them, now what?have no presence at all. Join us to learn bestpractices on how to launch your Credit Union intothe world of Social Networking / New Media. CUtopia – Visit. Stay. Grow.
  4. 4. Conference Highlights Sidney C. Hurlbert is a nationally-recognized human relations consultant and motivational speaker who takes a lighter, smarter look at managing for results. Sid combines his powerful messages, humor and insight with an entertaining twist, creating a dynamic group learning experience that transforms the way people relate to themselves, fellow employees and their members. Sid’s topics encompass member service & loyalty, developing leadership, and overall communications skills while underscoring the power and importance of fun in both business and personal interactions. His exceptional gift as a motivator allows Sid to explore anything and everything to deliver member service accomplishments and stimulate communications success. His professional and personal experiences propel his outstanding “real world” analysis of communications skills, motivation, and customer service behavior.“Beyond This Point There Be Dragons”.In the days of Columbus and other great explorers, much of the earth was uncharted territory. Legend heldthat sea monsters and other scary and dangerous creatures lived in the unexplored waters. Map makersplaced the words “Beyond This Point There Be Dragons” on areas that were unknown. Thus early explorerswere warned to avoid these areas at all costs. This kept the discovery of many great wonders hidden foryears! Sometimes we mark our mental charts with the same “Beyond this Point” warnings. We experiencesimilar fears and anxieties when we even think of stepping outside our comfort zones into “new waters”.Sid’s 5 “STEPS” will take you beyond the “Point Of Dragons” and show you how giving great customer servicewill make you happier and more successful in your business and personal life! CUtopia – Visit. Stay. Grow.