The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 7


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In which there is dating, birthdays, and more Eeevil jerkiness.

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 7

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! Time to head back to the main houses. And Larch, I had no idea you were a swooning fool. "Well, you know, sometimes I get a little farklempt when I see the wife." Oh, and I also finally succumbed to the lure of CC. None of it was made by me, I probably found it on MTS2, Parsimonious, XMSims, AllAboutStyle, or RoseSims, and thanks to the people who made it.
  2. 2. A brief Who's Who of the Vetinari Dualegacy: Gen 2 Uglacy heir Larch, and his wife Christy. They're both Permaplat, and are enjoying their three-bolt chemistry.
  3. 3. Zinnia and Delphinium, the Romance Uglacy twins of Gen 3. Much to my disappointment, neither of them rolled the 20 WooHoos LTW.
  4. 4. Juniper, the Gen 2 Prettacy heir, and her husband, the totally amazing Stephan/Remington, who rolls way more Wants for his family than most Knowledge Sims should. They're both Permaplat as well. I *heart* Stephan.
  5. 5. Jonquil (the tall one) and Geranium (the short one), the Gen 3 Prettacy kids. Jon's got a whopping case of OCD, and Gerry's a hyperactive couch-jumping bathtub pirate.
  6. 6. And the children of the spares: Eddie Landgraab, son of Gen 2 Prettacy spare Sycamore and Malcolm Landgraab IV, being mercilessly mocked for his mutant face by Delirium, Gen 2 Uglacy spare Cypress's daughter with the late Jane Stacks Vetinari.
  7. 7. Cypress's two other children: Cassidy, his alien son, and Spider Jerusalem, the Reaper child Cy got by sacrificing Jane's life to get the Grim Reaper on the premises. It's fallen to Cassidy to take care of Spider--his own life literally depends on it.
  8. 8. Lastly, Delight, aka Didi, the adopted daughter of Gen 2 Prettacy spare Banyan and her husband Drake. No one alive knows that Didi is Delirium's twin sister (see Chapter 6 for the whole soap- opera story). We'll kick off Chapter 7 with a birthday!
  9. 9. Gerry grows up! Let's see the damage!
  10. 10. Wow. His cheeks are a little rounder than Jon's and he has black hair, but aside from that, they're completely identical, including the hatchety Death Nose. As is becoming a Prettacy tradition, he rolls Pleasure, but since he actually has some Playful points, I think he'll be much happier than Isaac, June, or Cami. His LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef. Way to not roll 50 Dream Dates when I actually have a good chance at doing it, Pleasure Sim.
  11. 11. Gerry after his makeover. 'Green hooded sweatshirt' just does not say 'playful Pleasure Sim' to me.
  12. 12. "I am the very model of a modern Major-General. I've information vegetable, animal and mineral; I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical, From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical; I'm very well acquainted too with matters mathematical, I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical, About binomial theorem I'm teeming with a lot o'news-- With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse." o_O Gilbert and Sullivan? *backs away slllloooooowwwwlyyyyy*
  13. 13. Jon: "Finger-guns for the brother!" Gerry: "Uh, yeah, I only have four outgoing points, remember? I don't do finger-guns." Jon: "Your loss." Gerry: "And hey, aren't you supposed to be all serious and thesaurus-y and stuff?" Jon: "Not when I'm finger-gunning! Oh yeah!"
  14. 14. I don't think she's interested in you, Gerry. "But everyone likes me! I'm very likeable!" She seems unimpressed. "She's dumb. Bored now."
  15. 15. "Mehehehehehehe. Mopping and Influencing Dumb Girl to do pranks. My work here is done." Hey, he may have the attention span of my cat, but he's still reasonably mean.
  16. 16. It's so nice to have a Pleasure Sim who Wants to jump on the couch. I've also found that he's perfectly content to skill, provided that he can have fun while he's doing it. He's almost maxed Creativity on the drum kit. Body's next, on the Dance Sphere.
  17. 17. "Wheeee!" Hehehe. My skills with the pause button are getting better and better.
  18. 18. This is a much different activity when two Sims with 5 nice points do it. So far neither of them has hauled off and really lit into the other one. When Larch, Cypress, or, let's face it, pretty much anyone else except for Juniper, Cassidy, Banyan, and Delirium do this, generally whoever they're playing with doesn't get a chance to punch them. Stephan is enjoying his last two days as an adult by spending lots of time in his man-panties.
  19. 19. "Dad, wow. Um... inappropriate much?" "Don't stop! I'm 'aving fun dancing to your music!" "Yeeeaaahhhh, I just got that last skill point, so I'm gonna go inside now." "But we're 'aving fun!" "I'd be having fun if you were wearing pants, Dad. Have you been hanging around Larch again?" "We should invite 'im to ze big party." "Only if he promises to wear a shirt."
  20. 20. It's nice to see that death hasn't affected Isaac's memory at all. Yes, Isaac, that's the bed you WooHooed in and got Calista pregnant in. And Stephan, get your man-pantied butt back here!
  21. 21. "Booga booga et cetera. Hey, Stephan." " 'ello, Isaac." "Oooh, three thousand Aspiration points this time?" "It's been a good day for rolling zose Wants. Same time tomorrow?" "Okey dokey."
  22. 22. This is Jon maxing all of his skills. I was waiting for the official "Maxed 7 Skills" doodad but I never got it. But he did max everything out.
  23. 23. I'd feel all warm and squishy about this, except that this was the day he rolled the Want to See Calista's Ghost. Way to render creepy an otherwise tender moment, Jonquil. And I think our resident germophobe will be happier if he doesn't know how often Gerry jumps on that couch, don't you?
  24. 24. Spider Jerusalem grows up, getting Cassidy off the hook for diaper duty. This kid pulls some of the best faces I've ever seen.
  25. 25. "Daddy, I'm hungry." "Busy making plans. Go get some leftovers or something." "Del ate the last of them." "Then tell your brother to feed you."
  26. 26. "He's taking a nap. And I'm starving."
  27. 27. "Wake him up! I have better things to do right now." "But--"
  28. 28. "But it'll only take you a minute! Please?"
  29. 29. "If it'll only take me a minute, then it'll only take Cassidy a minute too, won't it? Don't bother me while I'm plotting, Spider."
  30. 30. "Cassidy? Cass? Caaaassss?" zzzzzzzFeelssogoodtosleepzzzzzzz "Cass? Caaassssiiidyyyyy?"
  31. 31. "Hrhmn? Spi'r? Whayouwan?"
  32. 32. "I'm hungry. Will you make me dinner?"
  33. 33. "I'm tired, Spider! Ask Dad." "He told me to ask you." "Go have leftovers, then."
  34. 34. "There aren't any left! Delirium got there first." "Fine, go have cookies or chips or something and let me sleep."
  35. 35. "I want real food!"
  36. 36. "Stop crying, Spider Jerusalem!"
  37. 37. "Don't yell at me, Cassidy!"
  38. 38. "Ah, hell, I'm sorry, Spider. I'm just tired and it's making me cranky. I didn't mean to snap at you."
  39. 39. "Look, what do you want to eat?" "Sketti?" "Okay. But then you have to amuse yourself tonight so I can get some sleep."
  40. 40. "There you go: one plate of spaghetti and meatballs." "Thanks, Cass. I promise I won't bother you for the rest of the night." "Just make sure to clean up your plate, okay? You know Dad'll get mad if he comes down here and finds a mess later." "I know."
  41. 41. "Cass, will you help me with my homework?"
  42. 42. "I'm tired. Can't you figure it out on your own?" "No; I'm all confused!" "Del..."
  43. 43. "It's really hard! I tried to do it on my own, and I can't! I need help!" "Ask Dad." "He told me to stop bothering him and ask you." "Fine, I'll help you in the morning." "Oh, so you can make stupid Spider Jerusalem dinner, but you can't help me with my homework? He gets special treatment, but I don't? He's the reason you have to do everything in the first place! You were a better brother before Spider came along."
  44. 44. sigh "Okay, Del. Grab a pencil; I'll be there in a minute." "Good."
  45. 45. Man, now I definitely won't get any sleep tonight.
  46. 46. Del grows up and gets a CC makeover. She looks more like Cy than like Jane, particularly around the jaw region. Delirium's Romance. Cassidy's Pleasure; I don't think I've mentioned that before.
  47. 47. Didi grows up as well. She definitely seems to take after Jane's facial features. She's Family, because what neighborhood doesn't need another mean Family Sim?
  48. 48. Didi follows Gerry home from school. And then she meets Isaac, who's actually been pretty good about not scaring non-adults up until now (unlike PseudoBruty).
  49. 49. But he gets Didi three times. And she just kept standing there, letting him do it. As in, never moved from that spot--almost exactly where Calista died, perhaps coincidentally. At this point, I was worried that he was going to scare her to death, but he bobbed upstairs and cheered his bed like all good ghosties should, and then scared Stephan once before dawn. Didi eventually left. She may someday come back. Or not. Seeing as how she's incurred the wrath of Isaac, staying away might be a better bet. But now, I have a spot of business at the Uglacy.
  50. 50. Larch? "Yeah?" Lifebar. "Yeeeaaaaahhhh..." Go drink Enemy Kevin. "Yeah?" Yeah. "Yeah!"
  51. 51. "Who's the best cowplant ever? Aawwww, you're so sweet, Brunhilde. Maybe you'll get to eat another moronic Townie soon. Would you like that? Would you like to eat another moronic Townie?" "Mooooo" *tailwag*
  52. 52. "Mmmmm... Got Enemy Kevin?"
  53. 53. I swear I did not plan this. He gets all hopped up on Enemy Kevin right at 7:00, so he ends up making 'sinister face' and getting all glowy right while it's getting dark. Way, way more ominous than it should be. "No, there's something pretty ominous about an Eeevil Sim getting an extra five days of life." You may have a point there. Just don't get used to the cowplant juice; Enemy Kevin's all you get.
  54. 54. "Hurry it up, Gypsy Matchmaker Goopynose! Romance Sim wants date!" "Keep your shirt on, kid! And I mean that literally; I've heard the stories about your father."
  55. 55. "Helllooooo." "Is this a date? Because I'm a Pleasure Sim, I'm totally down with a date." "Then why are you rolling Wants I can't fulfill, as our relationship is essentially zero? I can't tickle you, I can't slow dance with you, the bolt says I can flirt, but that's not in your panel now, is it? Sonnuvabiscuit, this is the worst date ever." "Actually, I think the one between your uncle and Grandma Ottomas was worse." "Ooh, yeah, I heard about that one. I'm surprised Uncle Cy let ol' Gypsy Matchmaker Goopynose live."
  56. 56. "Dammit, it's frustrating being a mean Romance Sim!" "Uh..." "Flirt with me or else!"
  57. 57. "I want a date too! A good one! A cute one!" And here's me crossing my fingers, because while it's not possible for Finn to get a first cousin once removed dropped, no such luck for Zee.
  58. 58. And that looks suspiciously like Geranium. Yup, Zee's "almost perfect" match is her, I dunno, first cousin once removed or something. "Family panel says we're not related!" The operative word is 'cousin.' "First cousin once removed." COUSIN! There will be no smooching, no flirting, no hanky-panky of any kind. You may chat and have a water balloon fight and tell jokes, and then wave goodbye. The Vetinari Family Tree will branch, thank you very much. No dating anyone descended from Isaac or Orson. Period, end of story, I don't care how distant a cousin they are. "But he's my almost perfect match!" Maybe that's because he's your freaking cousin! Just be nice, make friends, and send him on his merry way!
  59. 59. "Uh, yeah, Zee, I'm pretty sure this isn't legal and stuff." "Well, according to the Family Panel..." "We're, like, two clicks away in the family tree. This is kinda oogy, even for a Pleasure Sim and a Romance Sim." "Yeah, it kinda is. Wanna have a water balloon fight?" "Do I!"
  60. 60. "So, your eyes are like, uh, two... things that are shiny and deep and stuff and... Dammit, Dad, this would be SO much easier if you and your weird Townie friend weren't staring at me!" "No, no, you're doing all right, son, just work on your similes." "Dad, seriously! This is kinda creepy!"
  61. 61. "OK, now you're REALLY trying to sabotage this for me. Would you get out of my date? Daaaad, make him get out of my date!" "You have two nice points, Finn, do it yourself!" "But I can't get all mean with an adult!"
  62. 62. "Aargh! Mom, not the face!" "Um, so I'm just gonna go now..." "No! Waitaminute! I keep rolling this Want for a First Kiss!" "Yeeeaahhh, not gonna happen tonight." "Awww."
  63. 63. Well, it wasn't a total loss. She's not heart-farting for him, but at least she's thinking about him.
  64. 64. Larch? "Mmmph?" Carpool. "Mrrm." Seriously, go to work now. "Mmmm-mmmh." You! Carpool! Now! "Mmmthreeboltsmmm..."
  65. 65. So I gave Christy a CC makeover. Isn't she kinda pretty now, y'all? And she's way, way less annoying than PseudoBruty. Yay Christy! I'm sure Larch will be enjoying his three bolts when he gets home.
  66. 66. "You like my new look, sweetie?" "Mrrrow, three bolts." "That's what you always say." "It's always true!"
  67. 67. "How many of these chocolates can I fit in my mouth at one time? Lots!" That'd be because of those freaky cheeks, Delphinium. "Why am I skilling again? I don't even need Cooking to be a Hall of Famer!" Well, with that Education bookshelf, you've almost maxed all your skills already, and it's just Cooking and Cleaning left. Just deal with it, you're only half a bar away. And then you can call up that girl you had the date with, and go out on another date, and maybe get some smoochies this time. "Why are you making me max my skills?" Because I can! Muahahahahaha! Fear the power of the Supreme Nerd! "You're kind of demented." I prefer the term 'Machiavellian.' It sounds better.
  68. 68. "Zee, Doubleyoo Tee Eff? Ouch, already!" "Sorry, just doing some forced skilling." "So you thought you'd stick your arm through my chest?" "Well, I wanted to see who'd had their hands all over my twin brother." "And the day when that becomes any of your business, I'll be sure to let you know!" The Romance twins aren't the only ones with love on the brain...
  69. 69. "You know, Sam, you're pretty great. I've been thinking... maybe I could get that first kiss I've been wanting..." "Well, Cass... maybe you could..."
  70. 70. "Cassidy!"
  71. 71. "What is this, Cass? I'm not going to perform for an audience! I'm out of here--do me a favor and lose my number!"
  72. 72. "Sam, wait! It's just my stupid kid brother, I didn't know he'd be here, I swear! I'm sorry! Come back! Sam! Please!"
  73. 73. "WHAT, Spider? What do you want? What is SO important that you had to come up here and utterly destroy the last remaining shreds of my social life?"
  74. 74. "I'm sorry, Cass. I didn't know you were busy up here." "Since when do any of us come to the third floor? Jane DIED on the other side of this wall; you know that. The only time we wander up here is when we want to be alone, and I wanted to be alone WITH someone else, and that someone WASN'T you." "I said I was sorry! I didn't know he was your boyfriend. I didn't know you were..."
  75. 75. "Gay? Yeah, I am. And no one will expect me to have any fucking kids. But Sam wasn't my boyfriend, and now he never will be, thanks to you. So what is it, Spider? WHAT DO YOU WANT?"
  76. 76. "The downstairs bathroom--it's a mess. The toilet's plugged and Del broke the sink. There's water everywhere." "If Del broke it, make her fix it." "She took off with some guy right after it happened." "Figures." "I can't do the repairs myself, and if Dad gets home and finds water all over the place, he'll be mad." "Yeah, and he'll be mad at me."
  77. 77. "Cass? Does Dad know you're gay?" "A better question might be would he care enough to be angry about it if he did know. And the answer to that question'd be a very emphatic No." "You're kind of mad at Dad, aren't you?"
  78. 78. "I shouldn't have to be an adult when I'm still a kid."
  79. 79. "I'm sorry, Cassidy."
  80. 80. "Yeah. Me too." *sadface* I hate to tell him it's gonna get a whole lot worse.
  81. 81. Birthday party for June and Stephan! Delirium followed one of the boys home from school, and June invited Larch, Finn, Zee, Bana, Drake, Cami, and Cy. Zee made a beeline for the drum kit, but Gerry turned on the stereo and started a Smustle for everyone else.
  82. 82. Due to my extreme lack of timing, June and Stephan grow up without the aid of cakes. And for some reason, Finn gets 4000 Aspiration points when they grow up. Not really sure what that's about. Oh well, whatever keeps him happy.
  83. 83. "Are we still the cutest couple ever, Stephan?" "I like to zink so." "You wanna go upstairs and raise the party score?" "It's like you read my Want Panel."
  84. 84. For some reason, Bana and Larch refused to Smustle. Surprised me no end; usually Bana has to be dragged away from the stereo. Drake was extremely enthusiastic, though. He and Cami were getting their groove on. Delirium also proved to be an amazing Smustler. Gerry and Finn? Not so much.
  85. 85. I will give Finn this, though--he does have one impressively mean "grrr" Smustle face. Even without the pimples.
  86. 86. Del: "Are you sure I can't date that guy in the puffy blue vest?" Gerry: "Wait, am I out of step again? Crap, this is really hard!" Cy: "Have you seen my brother? I want to go poke him." Drake: "I am a Smustling machine!"
  87. 87. "Hey, it's my daughter! And some kid with a really wonky face!" Don't do it, Isaac. Don't do it. For love of all that is good and pure, don't do it. We're almost at Roof Raiser.
  88. 88. OK, Gerry, what are you doing in your grandparents' bed? Isaac, what are you doing in Gerry? And Finn, that is a really, REALLY BAD place to be. I went down to see who was still Smustling, and the party score plummeted from Good Time to Disaster. Thanks, Isaac. Poor Finn. He's, like, uber-ghost-bait.
  89. 89. I gave Stephan his obligatory makeover. He was unimpressed. I don't care. *sticks tongue out* I still *heart* you, and I think you look good for an old guy! And the argyle is way better than a polo shirt and armpit-rise Old Man Slacks (I believe his outfit's from AAS). He rolled the Want to get a facelift, which made me sad. How can he want to change that face? I married him into the Prettacy, after all. No facelift for you!
  90. 90. June looks so cute! Her face stayed more or less the same, which is good. (XM hair, outfit from AAS).
  91. 91. "We're still adorable, aren't we, cherie?" "Supreme Nerd seems to think so." "We 'ad a bad party." "We did our part. Blame Dad for the party score." "Want to try and raise ze score again?" "Party's over, Stephan." "Says who?" A different kind of love is in the air next door...
  92. 92. "I totally don't want to be tickling you right now." "Heeheehee! What DO you want to be doing, then?" Don't do it, Finn. Bad Finn. Eeevil, bad, naughty Finn.
  93. 93. sigh That is not how you fulfill that First Kiss Want, buddy. "Mean...Sim...must...noogie..." I know. BELIEVE ME, I know. Your father is the poster child for the 'finger-gun/noogie' greeting.
  94. 94. "Aahhh, she liked it." Uh, no, YOU liked it. See, you get the two green plus signs, and she gets the two red minus signs, but she's a Pleasure Sim, so when you whacked her with the pillow a couple of times, she forgave you. "Pfft, whatever."
  95. 95. Apparently the noogie did not completely derail his chances of scoring. Double-crush! "First Kiss noooowwwww?"
  96. 96. "Score!" Happy now? "Yes!" Check back soon for Chapter 7, Part 2, where Gen 2 Uglacy ages up, I try to get Zee and Gerry their first kisses (and NOT with each other, thank you very much, and don't think I don't see that Want Panel, Zinnia!), and Gen 3 heads to college.