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QR codes for every classroom

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  • QR codes can enhance any lesson. Placing youtube videos links into homework or helpful web addresses. Scanning student ID's, taking attendance QR codes have so many easy practical applications.
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Give your surfers a paddle - ICE2012

  1. 1. Cynthia Karabush – NICE 28 January 2012This PPT My Blog,on ALA infoSlideShare post My Blog
  2. 2.  Cathy Baker, Elmhurst District 205  ISLMA workshop on NETS standards Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian  Library QR Scavenger Hunt Pam Pleviak & Tim O’Conner, District 127  Ed Tech & QR resources
  3. 3. FREE!!! In use since 1994 Copyright©2000-2010 DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED, at
  4. 4. Photo shared by Will Lion on
  5. 5.  Syllabus Pre-assessment Flipped classrooms Assignment calendar Video game Scavenger hunt GPS treasure hunt Take surveys Polling/voting
  6. 6.  Do it free online in seconds  Internet access needed Learning Goal in mind Easiest - Class tools  Upload your questions  Creates codes for each Neo reader  Reads QR’s  Track code use
  7. 7.  Free upload to tablets, iPods, smartphones  Requires Internet access  No Internet options? One-computer classroom  Take turns Check out several devices  Work in small groups Use personal devices (in pairs if needed)  HS students have smartphones (high percentage)
  8. 8. Photo by The Daring Librarian on Your business card  Your FaceBook page  Your blog Your resume  LinkedIn profile  Call your phone/Skype  Video greeting Yes, your headstone!
  9. 9.  Link to authors, interviews, book trailers Links for differentiation and for enrichment Class blog or wiki to interact on reading Link book to Google Lit Trip, author interview, etc.
  10. 10.  Audio podcasts for pronunciation Links for differentiation  Hints  Conjugations Link to class VoiceThread
  11. 11.  Step-by-step demos  Reminders for process Great for “flipped” classes  Khan Academy videos  Print math worksheet with links by each problem, to tutorial/video ▪ Parents will love it
  12. 12.  Student-created scavenger hunts Lab instructions/reminders Periodic table of QR links Photo shared by Dover Librarians on Research support
  13. 13. Some rights reserved by Fabrice de Nola  Embed events/places into map  Google Map coordinates  Map quests  In school  Field trip w/ GPS  By time period  Find resources
  14. 14.  QR codes themselves can be beautiful Virtually tour a Museum Art that reflects upon itself Some rights reserved by Fabrice de Nola
  15. 15.  Recipes Video “How to’s” Virtual visit to actual industry Safety Reminders OUTSIDE door
  16. 16.  Posters around the gym link to video tutorials Safety reminders Parcourse-style activities
  17. 17.  Team pages with always-updated standings Posters around the school link to video ads by members
  18. 18.  Post review topics Link to online textbooks Tape class presentation – review on a smartphone Archive class information
  19. 19.  Link directly to research materials Link to your Teacher-Librarian!
  20. 20.  Post schedules Link to student work Information for parents & BOE Fundraisers  Link to online shop or offer  Oxfam: linked celebrity donors to clothing
  21. 21. Photo by Jeff Korhan on Simpler addresses produce sharper QRs: use Need 4 modules of clean whitespace border Include a text link, too Always link to yourself, for questions!
  22. 22.  download Beautiful QR’s   Art that reflects itself 