QR Codes in Education


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Presentation on how QR Codes can be used within educational settings. Used at district Professional Development (PD) workshops for teachers.

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  • Amazing slides Jennifer. This is quite an exhaustive list of how QR Codes are used in Teaching. I would like to add one more here. Apart from the traditional use of QR Codes for sending kids to some website, concealing answers, linking to surveys and other that you mentioned. QR Codes are now being innovatively used to create self correcting activities. Take a look at it here: https://goo.gl/9Qv8jJ. At the end of the activity, if the QR Code is scannable, that means kid got the answers correct. Reduces the work for teachers.
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  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-kolbert/qr-codes-in-education_b_947724.html
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  • QR Codes in Education

    1. 1. QR Codes in Work shop Education ech ging TEmer Jennifer Cir in o 1 c 201 Coordinator De o f I TL
    2. 2. PPT Presentation
    3. 3. What are QR Codes???
    4. 4. Link between thephysical and virtual world…
    5. 5. QR Code Overview0 Two-dimensional Barcode or Matrix Barcode0 Black modules arranged on a white background0 Information = text, URL, vCard, or other data0 Origins = Japan: Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave 1994 0 To track parts in vehicle manufacturing 0 Designed to allow high speed decoding
    6. 6. What are QR Codes???http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-kolbert/qr-codes-in-education_b_947724.html
    7. 7. QR vs. Line Barcodes QR Line0 Two-dimensional Barcode 0 Traditional one-dimensional or Matrix Barcode barcodes 0 Can only be read horizontally0 Can be read horizontally & (1D) vertically 0 Only hold a limited amount of0 4,000+ characters of info data – UPC = 12 digits (#s)
    8. 8. What’s in a code?0 Text 0 A review of a book 0 Additional information for a presentation (notes, references, etc.)0 Contact Information vCard (a virtual business card used in Contact apps) 0 Mailing address, email address, telephone #s, etc.0 Images 0 Pictures 0 Drawings 0 Maps0 URLs 0 Direct link to a website 0 YouTube Video 0 Video review 0 Online catalogs/newsletters, etc.
    9. 9. Ad Examples0 Pepsi – on bottles to promote games & competitions not available elsewhere on the web0 Calvin Klein – billboard campaign to entice customers0 Movie Posters: 0 Ironman 2 – YouTube scan0 DVD Release: 0 28 Weeks Later
    10. 10. QR Codes, Everywhere!0 Nature trails & historical sites: 0 using QR codes instead of expensive signage0 Exhibits: 0 Museums 0 Zoos0 Ad campaigns: 0 Billboards & Subway posters 0 Magazine ads 0 Newspapers & Newsletters 0 Packaging 0 In Stores – coupons & additional info0 Business Cards & Post Cards
    11. 11. Benefits0 Open Source and a freely licensed standard0 Cost nothing to generate & print 0 (ink cartridge & paper costs aside)0 Can be scanned by free readers on smartphones AND from laptops & desktop computers with webcams0 QR code = shortcut between curiosity and info retrieval0 Links can now be connected to objects in the “real world”
    12. 12. QR in Education
    13. 13. Within Books0 Textbooks – connect to video tutorials/ how-to-guides that further explain the material0 If a print version of the book is missing from the shelf, paste a QR code linking to an e-book version (if available)0 Add QR codes to covers (or backs) of library books: 0 Book reviews written by students 0 Book trailer videos – student created OR web videos 0 Book podcasts by critic or author interviews0 Even publishers are adding QR codes to books:
    14. 14. Link to Online Content0 Link to presentations or classwork: 0 Link to PPTs for the class or workshop 0 Insert QR codes into slides for students to explore further information 0 Survey – quick access for participants 0 Backchannel – conduct an online Q&A while the class discussion occurs0 Post tutorials for labs (especially science classes)0 Class Calendar with links/resources for that specific days classwork0 Trivia Questions0 Link to class website/ class wiki / class blog / class Blackboard page0 QR code at end of class for “exit slip” survey, or HW to do that evening
    15. 15. In the classroomPeriod Table of Elements – QR Style – Links to Videos Website @ University of Nottingham YouTube Explanation: Periodic Videos
    16. 16. In the classroom: Teacher’s YouTube Examples – JazRob860 Math worksheet – QR codes for additional help 0 Teacher generated tutorials as seen here  0 Or link to other tutorials i.e. Khan Academy videos0 Human Heart Model & worksheet with QR Codes 0 Rather than just identify Aeorta, provide link to Aeortic Bypass Surgery
    17. 17. YouTube Examples…Some more Educational Uses for QR Codes” – jazrob862 classroom applications – 1) Math worksheets & 2)Heart Model“Using QR Codes in the Classroom” – student explainsan alternate way to provide bookmarks“Stimulating oral storytelling using QR codes” – Julian Wood– provides a brief intro to QR codes & thenhe intros QR codes & stories and then he gives verydetailed instructions on how he implemented it with groups
    18. 18. Other Classroom Examples0 Classroom or Homework Worksheets: 0 Link to remedial work/tutorials for self-directed learning 0 Finish early? link to reward site or educational games0 Research Assignments: 0 Add QR codes on research assignments to subscription databases and other reputable starting points0 Connect student work 0 Use QR codes within student journals/portfolios/posters, etc. to link physical & digital content – great for showing evidence of student mastery of standards0 QR Literature Quest – a high tech scavenger hunt to interest HS students in literature
    19. 19. Other School Examples0 Art, Music, Tech Ed, TV Studio, Weight Room (P.E.), etc.: 0 Paste QR codes on equipment linking to video / PPT / comic guide explaining how to use specific items0 School Library, Book Rooms, or Classroom Libraries: 0 QR codes next to book displays 0 Link to extended content about the book 0 OR to wiki pages/Google Docs to write (& read) book reviews0 Post QR codes in hallways, on lockers, bulletin boards, even in bathrooms to promote latest arrivals to the library0 Provide additional info for food in the school library 0 Students can create info charts with calories, ingredients, etc. for common menu items in the school cafeteria
    20. 20. Scavenger Hunt – Library0 Treasure hunt of information – post QR codes throughout the library0 Students use their own cell phones 0 Work in groups or pairs0 Scan QR codes for clues to lead to other clues 0 Some ask questions 0 Some lead to wiki or web pages with further info 0 Some require students to complete a task0 Leading to uncovering the final clue & the “treasure” 0 Treasure= special key code to be submitted to a Google Form 0 Students submit the key to be entered in a drawing to win an iTunes gift card or a bundle of free books Adapted from Gwyneth Jones’ Wiki & Blog
    21. 21. Scavenger Hunt – Library Adapted from Gwyneth Jones’ Wiki & Blog
    22. 22. Virtual Tour – School0 Post QR codes around the school: 0 Entrance – linking to school mission statement; URL of school website; map of the school’s physical layout 0 Hallways – linking to school’s vision 0 Classrooms (outside) – outline of work for class within; audio or video of class presentations; student generated multi-media assignments (digital stories, Glogsters, Blogs, etc.); slideshows of artwork, etc. 0 Auditorium – video of productions (holiday show, talent show, town-hall meetings, etc.) 0 Library – recorded video from special programming (author visits, guest speakers, etc.); audio book reviews by students Adapted from #21 of “40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom”
    23. 23. Generate a QR Code0 Website generator: 0 Kaywa - http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
    24. 24. Generate a QR Code (color)0 Website generator: 0 QR Stuff - http://www.qrstuff.com/
    25. 25. Generate a QR Code (vCard)0 Website generator: 0 QuickMark - http://www.quickmark.com.tw/en/qrcode-datamatrix-generator/
    26. 26. vCard - JCFull Contact Info Less Contact Info
    27. 27. QR Code Quirks More Info Less Info0 More information = 0 Less information = less larger, more complex QR complex / less busy QR code code image 0 More likely to be read0 More room for error correctly0 Full URL: 0 Shortened URL:
    28. 28. Shorten URLs goo.gl bit.ly0 Google’s URL Shortener 0 “Shorten, share and track 0 “All goo.gl URLs and click your links” analytics are public and can be 0 “Info” page has QR code OR shared by anyone.”0 “Details” page has QR code OR 0 Type “.qr” or “.qrcode” to0 Type “.qr” to end of link end of link
    29. 29. QR Code History/Stats0 Using goo.gl while signed in with a Google account will save all shortened URLs, w/ QR codes & provide stats
    30. 30. QR Code History/Statsgoo.glDetails providesQR codes &additional stats
    31. 31. Smartphones only?0 Students can use their smartphones 0 Pair up or group students to share phones 0 Conduct a survey to see how many have a smart phone0 Could use iPod Touch (Generation 4) devices 0 Class set or a few to check out via the library0 Laptops/Netbooks with built in web cameras
    32. 32. QR Reader Apps iPhone Android & Others0 Paperlinks – iTunes 0 Barcode Scanner (Zxing)0 I Nigma - iTunes 0 NeoReader0 NeoReader0 QR Reader – iTunes 0 Google Goggles0 Google Search – iTunes 0 BeeTagg – from phone 0 Among other things… Mac Desktop PC Desktop0 QR Reader – Dansl 0 QuickMark for PC (free)0 Qreader 1.3 0 QR Reader – Dansl0 Mac Widget (OS X) 0 Tutorial for Desktop QR0 QuickMark ($)
    33. 33. Time to Practice!0 Use one of the QR generators mentioned in the previous slides and create some QR codes - ideas: 0 A link to your class/school website 0 A link to a school database 0 A link to a useful website 0 A link to a YouTube video 0 Use Splicd: http://www.splicd.com/ to highlight a section of the YouTube video 0 Upload a file to your Blackboard Class within the Content Collection 0 Make sure the permissions are set properly for access to the file within the Content Collection (see handout) 0 Use KeepVid: http://keepvid.com/ to download a video from YouTube then upload it your class in Bb w/ open permissions
    34. 34. Resources0 No Projector? Use QR Code & SlideShare to Share a Presenta0 QR Codes: Applications in Education (YouTube)0 40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom (Google Doc – continuously updated)0 QR Codes Connect Students to Books (School Library Journal article)0 QR Codes - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki0 QR Codes in the Library: Use 2-D barcodes to offer the coole (School Library Journal article)0 QR Codes – Under Tools – Contemporary Literacy Class – Blackboard for Westport Public Schools 0 Must be enrolled in the class to see content
    35. 35. Works Consulted0 “15 Creative QR Codes [PICS].” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “Blended Learning with QR Codes by Ilona Lantos on Prezi.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “HOT QR Codes in the Classroom & Library | The Daring Librarian.” Web. 23 Aug 2011.0 “QR Code - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “QR Code’s CSI Moment - YouTube.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “QR Codes Connect Students to Books.” Web. 23 Aug 2011.0 “QR Codes In Education.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “QR Codes in Education by David Muir on Prezi.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “QR Codes: Applications in Education - YouTube.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “QR Codes: The Nuts and Bolts #QRCode #edtech #ukedchat – eLearning Blog Dont Waste Your Time.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “Use QR Codes to Share Your Presentation Without a Projector | SlideShare Blog.” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “Why Are Some QR Codes More Scanworthy Than Others? [INFOGRAPHIC].” Web. 22 Aug 2011.0 “Why QR Codes Will Go Mainstream [OPINION].” Web. 22 Aug 2011.
    36. 36. PPT Presentation