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Thin Film Electronics ASA presentation at Packbridge, 17th of Septmeber 2013: The Future in packaging communications - Next Generation Technology

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Thin film electronics introduction for packbridge 170913

  1. 1. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”): A Smarter Everyday Powered by Printed Electronics Bringing Intelligence To Everything Kai Leppänen, VP, Sales and Business Development, Europe Presentation for Packbridge, 17 September 2013
  2. 2. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ ► hasn’t this market gap been addressed? • Cost & lack of scalability for silicon electronics • Device aggregators (e.g., smart phones) only recently becoming widespread The $100bn Market Gap 60 million [# cars sold in 2012] 1 Global semiconductor market (2012) Source: IDC; Gartner; World Bank; IMF; The Semiconductor Industry Association ; OICA; IC Insight; MarketLine; Apparel Market; Planet Forward 2.3 billion [# computing /mobile devices sold in 2012] 15 billion [# microcontrollers sold in 2012] 80 billion [# apparel items sold in 2012] 5-10 trillion [# disposable items sold in 2012] Value of embedded electronic intelligence1: $315bn [~21% of retail value] Penetration of electronic intelligence in physical objects Existing market The market gap Value potential of adding intelligence: $100bn [~1% of retail value] ► Bringing intelligence to everything, including disposable products, would enable a for consumers Why smarter everyday ► This emerging world, where practically every item has intelligence, is supported by a megatrend – often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. 3. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Thinfilm Product Families Memory Labels Sensor Labels Display Labels Ferroelectric polymer only Current product; used in Brand Protection Solution Scale-up Focus for development Logic required; key components demonstrated Extensible Leverages development Driven by use-cases for strategic customers/partners Opportunistic
  4. 4. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ First Integrated System Products (2014) Brand Protection (Q3 2013) Bemis Intelligent Packaging Platform (2015) Product readiness depends on complexity Electronic Blocks Required
  5. 5. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Four customer agreements secured during the last 10 months Short term value capture (< 1 year) Memory/ components: Integrated systems: Longer term value capture (~2 year) Customers Toys & games: Brand protection: Sensor labels: ID/smart labels: Undisclosed Undisclosed 1 2 3 4 ►2nd largest toy marker in the world ►Known for household brands such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble ►Sales of $4.3bn (5 800 employees) ►Leading global consumer goods company ►Sales > $10bn ►Global leader in flexible packaging ►78 manufacturing facilities worldwide (~200bn packages/year) ►Sales of $5.3bn (Fortune 500) ►Major company in high-value labels ►Sales > $1bn Commercial Agreements with Forbes 2000 Companies “Our agreement with Thin Film Electronics ASA is an investment in technology that could eventually make printed electronics a component of every package we manufacture.” Henry Theisen, CEO, Bemis
  6. 6. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Commercialization Success Factors 1. Significant customer pull with go-to-market partners secured 2. Proven mass production process; complete value chain established 3. Strong ecosystem of manufacturing and technology partners Brand protection: Undisclosed Toys & games: ID/smart labels: Undisclosed Sensor Labels:
  7. 7. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Brand Protection Market: Macro View 1 Global market for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and security packaging; Source: Frost & Sullivan; Global Industry Analysts (GIA); Markets and Markets; International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) Market opportunity1 Thinfilm positioning $79bn 2009 $52bn 2014 x CAGR Inks/ watermarks 7% Holograms 12% Taggants 11% RFID 21% Bar codes 49% ► Approximately $600 billion is lost each year due to counterfeiting ► Largest counterfeit categories include consumer products, clothing and electrical devices Price HIGH LOW LOWHIGH Security/ Ease of use RFID Taggants Holograms Watermarks ► Thinfilm MemoryTM has a unique price/ security trade-off vs existing technologies ► Similar price point as holograms (~$5bn market segment), but with better security features ► Only electronic verification available at price-point and scale compatible with CPG and FMCG applications Bar codes 9%
  8. 8. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Brand Protection: Micro View Authentic Not authenticMeasuring… Thinfilm Authentication Label Reader Unit
  9. 9. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Closed-System Sensor Labels Looking back after 12 months of 30 month plan Thinfilm technical progress ahead of plan Target Specifications  Printed Memory  Electrodes for incorporating resistive sensor  Printed Logic for reading sensor  Printed Logic to write to memory  Thin-film power source (batteries)  Wireless read via near-field RF Electrodesforaddition of sensorink Memory July 2012 Concept Illustration at start Dec 2012 Thinfilm Temp Sensor POC Demonstration Demonstrated in December 2012  Printed Memory  Resistive sensor included  Printed Logic for reading sensor data  Printed Logic to write to memory  External power source  Contact-based read-out  Printed display  External display driver
  10. 10. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Disruptive Technology Unique Cost-Functionality Trade-off ► Higher system performance than color changing labels (quantitative vs qualitative; digital vs optical) ► Significantly lower cost than silicon electronics Low HighLow Costperfunction System performance High Sweet-spot Data Loggers & Alarm Tags Simple Tracker EXAMPLE: TEMPERATURE MONITORING MARKET Color changing labels $0.5 Billion $0.9 Billion
  11. 11. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Addressable Market of $20-25bn Thinfilm sDevices Software Cloud SERVICELAYERS ~40k <1mm ~2bn Trillions Application 5-10 1-1.5 Personal health care Dynamic price display Interactive packaging 2-5 Monitoring of perishable goods 1-2 Market size ($ bn) 2-5 Anti-theft/ brand protection 2 Logistics (RFID) NFC & "Internet of Things" 10+
  12. 12. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Attractive pricing & licensing terms Thinfilm Key Revenue Drivers Scalable business model Massive market potential 3 2 1 ►Strong customer interest across industries ►$40-50bn market; new & existing applications ►Rapid market adoption expected due to unique cost-functionality trade-offs of technology Blended price/fee per tag 2014-2020; $ cents (¢) 44 2 PE market forecast1 2011-2021; $ billions ►Increasing market price (per tag) due to change in product mix and more functionality added to tags ►Strong IP position protects licensing fee level over time ►Own/JV manufacturing capacity initially to accelerate time to market (know-how transfer to partners etc.) ►Attractive licensing model for partners: Low CAPEX and manufacturing complexity Share of volumes sold from licensing partners 2014-2020; Per cent 2011 2021 1 IDTechEx; Yóle Development 2014 100 50 0 2016 2018 2020 2014 30 20 0 2016 2018 2020 10 Market price Licensing fee
  13. 13. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Contactless tags Dynamic display tags Key product categories: # tags sold (millions) 30 2,600 20,800 • Change in product mix • Increased price as more functionality is added • Shift to licensing model <0.1 2020 ~1,500 2016 ~300 2014 9 2012A 0.7 Sensor tags NFC & “Internet of things” (smart tags) Application (examples) Market estimates (global) Thinfilm mkt. share • ~$12bn in 2019 (source: IDTechEx: Printed/chipless tags) • ~8% (2019) • ~$500 in 2010, ~$2.5bn in 2020 (source: ODIN, VDC Research) • Limited use tickets issued: ~9bn in 2009 (source: Innovision R&T) • ~5% (2020) • ~7% volume share (2020)1 RFID tags (retail/logistics, limited use ticketing etc.) • ~$10bn in 2020 (Thinfilm estimates) • ~3% (2020)Dynamic price displays (retail) • ~$5bn in 2020 (Thinfilm estimates) • ~2% (2020)Interactive packaging (FMCG/retail) 1 Assuming no growth in number of LU tickets issued worldwide from 2009 to 2020 2 Time-Temperature Indicators (used in transportation/packaging, i.e., excluding other industries, e.g., automotive, HVAC/refrigeration etc.) Monitoring of perishable goods/drugs (temperature sensor) • TTI market2: ~$1.4bn in 2010, ~$3.2bn in 2020 (source: Frost & Sullivan, Freedonia, BCC+) • ~4% (2020) Revenue Target of $1.5bn By 2020 Thinfilm revenue projections, 2012-2020; USD millions
  14. 14. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Invesco funds invest USD 23 million in Thinfilm Thinfilm announced today that funds managed by Invesco Asset Management Limited have agreed to acquire 56,000,000 shares in the Company. The investment totals USD 23,000,000. Invesco will hold 13.3% of the shares in the Company. Invesco will also receive 46,666,666 warrants, each with an exercise price of USD 0,49. The warrants are exercisable after a 12-month holding period, and expire in 3 years.
  15. 15. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Award Winning Technology Portfolio ►2012 Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards ►2012 World Technology Award, sponsored by CNN, Time, Science, and Technology Review ►2012 IDTechEx Product Development (#1 consulting firm in Printed Electronics) ►2012 FlexTech Innovation Award (US National Consortium on Printed and Flexible Electronics) ►2010 Frost & Sullivan Product Development ►2009 IDTechEx Manufacturing Award
  16. 16. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Thinfilm Recognized As One of The World’s Most Innovative Companies 18 September, 2012 “These are the companies that are changing or could potentially change the mobile landscape in the most profound ways”
  17. 17. ImagineMemoryEverywhere™ Q & A Further questions: +47 40 40 14 85