Primary challenges of telecommunication


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Primary challenges of telecommunication

  1. 1. Page Title• Note 1• Note 2• Note 3Copyright 2008 | Redistribution Prohibited | This text section may be deleted for presentation.
  2. 2. Introduction ToIntroduction ToThe Topic:The Topic:
  3. 3. What IsTelecommunication?Telecommunications means tocommunicate with the use of an electronicdevice. It is an exchange of informationover significant distances by electronicmeans.The transmission of messages over longdistances is an example of telecom.
  4. 4. ExamplesThe internet is the biggest example of  telecommunication.On a smaller scale, examples include:Telephone NetworksPolice And Fire Communications SystemsRadio Television
  5. 5. HistoryOn March 10, 1876, Graham Bell invented the telephone.Since the death of Alexander Graham Bell in 1922, the telecommunication industry has undergone an amazing revolution.From the telegraph to the telephone to e-mail, electronic communication has extended farther.
  6. 6. What are TelecomCompanies?An organization thatprovides voice or datatransmission services, such asPTCL.A company that specializesin making carrier-classhardware and software, suchas Advance Telecom andUnited Mobile etc. are called atelecom company.
  7. 7. Importance of Telecom inVarious SectorsThe telecom plays animportant role in the followingsectorsEducationBankingBusinessHospitalsGovernment sector
  8. 8. Telecommunication inPakistanIn 2011, Pakistan was the world’s thirdfastest growing telecommunication market.Pakistans telecom infrastructure is improvingdramatically with foreign and domesticinvestments into fixed-line and mobilenetworks.
  9. 9. Names of TelecomCompanies in PakistanPTCLUfoneJazzWateenWaridWorld callZongWI tribe.
  10. 10. Practical StudyOf ZONG
  11. 11. Introduction Of ZONGPaktel was the first evercompany granted license to carryout cellular phone services inPakistan.China Mobile acquired Paktel in7 April 2008 with the brand nameof ZONG.ZONG is the first Internationalbrand of China Mobile launched inPakistan.
  12. 12. Vision Statement"Making communicationexciting”Mission Statement"To be the leading mobileoperator of Pakistan bycontinuously innovating andoffering exceptional qualityservices"
  13. 13. Primary ChallengesOf ZONG
  14. 14. Challenge 1...NetworkCoverageThe first challenge faced by thezong is their network problem.People often complaint that theyfeel disturbance and busy network.The management is trying toovercome from this challenge byhiring best engineers andtechnicians but the result is notshown yet.
  15. 15. Challenge 2...CompetitorsThe competitors of zong are invery strong position.Zong started well in 2008 butafter that, they lose their marketcontrol and facing manychallenges from competitors.They are trying to overcome fromthis challenge by introducing newpackages and low rates.
  16. 16. Challenge3...AdvertisingThe improvement in advertising isalso the main challenge for them.In the past zong, attract manycustomers with their excellentadvertisements like 50 paisa, 3 paisa,1paisa call rates.The other competitors like ufone isthe main threat in the advertising.No step is taken from the zongmanagement to overcome thischallenge yet.
  17. 17. Challenge 4... FranchisesThe increase in franchises is also thechallenge for the zong management.The amounts of franchises in Pakistanare 272.In Sialkot, there are only twofranchises, at kotli behram and at pasrurroad.The management has decided toopen 50 more new franchises at the endof 2013 all over the country. This canalso attract the new customers.
  18. 18. Challenge 5...ElectricCrisisThe one of the major challenge isthe electric crisis faced by the zongThe load shedding is increasingday by day and due to thissituation, the servers of thecompany get down which makesthe network unavailable.The management of zong istrying to make huge investment forthe backup of electric crisis.
  19. 19. STRENGTHSChina mobile financialstrength.Clear strategy to achievemarket share.Long term vision forprofitability.Lowest rates nationwide.
  20. 20. WEAKNESSBad network coverage.Bad image of Paktel.Less franchises.Strong competitors.Bad advertisement.
  21. 21. OPPORTUNITYZONG can expand globally andcan develop its strategy in othercountries.As Warid is going in loss and inthe condition of liquidations it’s abig opportunity for Zong to acquireWarid telecom.Zong can introduce new productssuch as dish TV.
  22. 22. THREATSStrong competitorsPrice warsEconomic situationElectric crisisBetter packages by othercompetitorsPerception of china “Cheap”
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONFrom the report concluded that the zongis facing much challenges as compared toother telecom mobile companies.The main primary challenges areNetwork coverage and their strongcompetitors.They should improve their advertisingand open more franchises along over thecountry.The management has taken some stepsto overcome these challenges but theyneed some more time to recover fromthese challenges.
  24. 24. RECOMMENDATIONSThey should need to improve theirnetwork coverage especially inborder side of Pakistan.They should improve theiradvertisement.Need to open more franchisesalong over the Pakistan.Need to introduce low budgetpackages to attract more customers.They should take some huge stepsfor backup of electric crisis.