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Darren Blasdale - Seaford roundabout


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Presented at the AITPM SA Back to Basics event in October 2018

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Darren Blasdale - Seaford roundabout

  1. 1. Seaford Roundabout Presented by Darren Blasdale
  3. 3. TOTAL NORTH BOUND TOTAL SOUTH BOUND TOTAL EAST BOUND TOTAL WEST BOUND SEAFORDROAD (WEST) SEAFORDROAD (EAST) Green Shaded Dedicated crossing points Salmon Shaded Within 50m of the roundabout 27 1 1 57 0 0 62 33 41 PEDESTRAIN MOVEMENTS 3 7 17 12 13 20 42 GRAND BOULEVARD NORTH 29 19 0 2 GRAND BOULEVARD SOUTH
  4. 4. Delays 1min 37 sec 8:39am 2min 59 sec 3:26pm 11 sec 5:50pm 29 sec 8:51am
  5. 5. Concerns Vulnerable pedestrians Number of crashes High entry speeds
  6. 6. Crashes – • Engaged GTA consultants to investigate crashes and identify solution. • Based on casualty crash numbers over a 5 year period the intersection was eligible to be nominated for Black Spot funding. High entry speeds – • GTA to address vehicle speeds as part of the Black Spot nomination. • Investigate options to reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to the roundabout Delays– • GTA to undertake SIDRA modelling to capture existing traffic conditions and model proposed treatment to ensure LOS does not drop
  7. 7. Pedestrians still a concern– • Liaised with DPTI in regard to non-standard treatments. • Liaised with Jeremy Wooley from CASR in regard to adapting a safe system approach
  8. 8. Thank You