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Richard Tang - Mitcham Princes Road Crossing


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Presented at the AITPM SA Back to Basics event in October 2018

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Richard Tang - Mitcham Princes Road Crossing

  1. 1. Presented by the City of Mitcham PRINCES ROAD CROSSING? CASE STUDY October 2018 Richard Tang – Team Leader Traffic and Transport James Arnold – Traffic Engineer
  2. 2. Location Princes Road, Torrens Park Function: Distributor Road Speed Limit: 50km/h 85th Percentile Speed: 52km/h AADT: 5100 vehicles per day Crash Data: None within the last 5 years.
  3. 3. The Petition ● Petition – 384 signatures ● Confusion about Right of Way between Pedestrians and Vehicles ● Requesting pedestrian crossing between Goodlife Gym and Mitcham Shopping Centre ● Investigations surmised this location was operating satisfactorily ● Acknowledged confusion about right of way ● Programmed for investigation at a later date
  4. 4. Two Weeks Later... ● Elected Members progressed this issue following feedback received from the general public and subsequently requested quick responses from Council Administration ● What crossings can be implemented? How much is it to implement a Zebra Crossing at this location? Can it work in this location? How much of the existing can be used? ● Provided an indicative figure of $10,000- 12,000k to deliver a ‘Zebra Crossing’ ● Council resolution passed and approved the conversion of the existing crossing point to a Zebra Crossing
  5. 5. The Challenge ● Council engaged Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) to assist in preparing detailed design documentation (both Civil and Electrical) to meet the relevant requirements of DPTI’s Code of Technical Requirements, Operational Instruction and Australian Standards. ● During this design process it was discovered that to meet lighting requirements in accordance with the standards that $28,000 for just the electrical works would be required for a Zebra Crossing! ● Bringing the total cost of the project to $52,000
  6. 6. The Challenge ● Presented a challenge for Council staff to advocate for the cost difference of over 400% Preliminaries $4,300 Civil Works $14,500 Electrical Works $28,000 Contingency(10%) $5,200 TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $52,000 ● Report prepared for Council to inform of the new findings
  7. 7. Proposing a balanced solution ● Full Council not happy with the report content and cost differential. ○ Why is the cost so high? What is essential vs nonessential? What can we get away with not doing? Why is this more expensive than others? ● Based on the high political interest, a staff initiated site visit with the Elected members was proposed to assist in their understanding of the implications and associated works with a Zebra Crossing ● What else could be done to balance Council’s decision, community expectations and budgetary constraints. How do we spend the $12,000 while still achieving a positive outcome? Best bang for buck solution?
  8. 8. Assessment Staff looked at what could be done to improve delineation of the pedestrian refuge Rewrote the report to seek endorsement for the alternative progressive treatments Advocating towards spending the $12,000 for a different solution than allocating $50,000 towards the crossing
  9. 9. Project Scope Improve Road Lighting with existing infrastructure Reduce Signage Proliferation through removal of redundant signage Relocation of Advisory signs Pavement Marking Renewal RRPM Banding Distinctive Red Coloured Pavement Treatment TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: ~$12,000
  10. 10. Results
  11. 11. Take Home Points Consider the problem, dealing with the root cause Collect the appropriate data Plan for the worst Important tool to engage with Elected members
  12. 12. Moving forward Monitoring Pedestrian Survey Speed Limit Reduction Roadside Environment Changes
  13. 13. Thanks To... Artcraft Professional Linemarking SAPN/ENERVEN WGA