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Shaun Smith - Resident street parties


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Presented at AITPM SA Back to Basics event, October 2018

Published in: Education
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Shaun Smith - Resident street parties

  1. 1. Resident Street Parties Shaun Smith informed
  2. 2. Street Party Road Closures 2 This Not This
  3. 3. Legislation • Road Traffic Act 1961 gives power to the Minister to close any road. • On 22 August 2013 the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure issued an Instrument of General Approval and Delegation to Council for Closing Roads for Events. • Sub delegation made by the Council to the Chief Executive Officer 3
  4. 4. Ellersmere 4
  5. 5. Problems 5
  6. 6. Street Party Kit • Local Street • Less then 1000vpd • Limit the amount of parties per weekend • Council staff run the Work Zone • Residents needs to consult with street • Advert in the Local Messenger • Resident Check list 6
  7. 7. Councils Checklist Lead Time Action Who 0 Street party happens Resident Minimum 2 days prior (Section 33 (3) of the Road Traffic Act 1961) Ad in Messenger and on Councils website Council Minimum 1 week prior Resident undertakes a letterbox drop Resident 2 Weeks prior Notify resident that the Street party is approved Council 2 Weeks prior CEO signs off on road closure Council 3 Weeks prior Report written for CEO sign off Council 3-4 Weeks prior Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Impact Statement created Council 4 Weeks prior Traffic Engineer confirms street is suitable and confirms this with resident Council Minimum 4 Weeks prior Resident provides Council with details of Street party:  Name of Street and sketch of portion of road to be closed  Date and time  Details of activity  List of neighbourhood support (template)  Risk Management plan (template) Resident 7 Time Frame
  8. 8. Questions • Any other Councils that allow residents to have street parties? 8