11 ref works 2.0 write n cite


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Install Write-N-Cite

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11 ref works 2.0 write n cite

  1. 1. REFWORKSPresented and compiled by Jen Eidelman http://www.lib.uct.ac.za Email: jen.eidelman@uct.ac.za
  2. 2. Write-N-CiteWrite-N-Cite allows you to write your paper in MicrosoftWord and insert temporary citation placeholders directlyfrom RefWorks with the click of a button.Then Write-N-Cite will create your in text citations andyour bibliography (based on your citation placeholders)and add it to your paper!
  3. 3. Write-N-CiteWrite-N-Cite requires you to download a small (free)program that provides access to an abbreviated version ofyour RefWorks account while you are working in MS Word.You won‟t be able to add, edit or delete references, butyou will be able to search, view and cite them.
  4. 4. Write-N-Cite In RefWorks go to “Tools” then to Write-N- Cite
  5. 5. Write-N-CiteAfter you have downloaded the software, all you need to do isopen Microsoft Word and you can open Write-N-Cite from there(Windows users only) or launch Write-N-Cite from yourdesktop....
  6. 6. Write-N-CiteMicrosoft Word Window Write-N-Cite for Windows installs a button (ADD INS) within your Microsoft Word. Click on the Write-N-Cite button to start Write-N- Cite. You can start Write- N-Cite from your desktop or from your programs menu.
  7. 7. Write-N-CiteYou can select Log in to Write-“Always on N-Cite withtop” if you your RefWorkswant Write-N- name andCite to always passworddisplay overMicrosoftWord.
  8. 8. Write-N-Cite First click on LOAD IT to start MS Word Write-N-Cite You can opens and also displays all your conduct a references. If you search to want to use just locate the the references for references a specific folder you want select it from the to use “View”, “Folder” drop-down
  9. 9. Write-N-CiteLet‟s begin writing our paper. We will drag Write-N-Citeout of the way.We are ready to insert our first temporary citationplaceholder in the Microsoft Word document..... Click Write-N-Cite to find the reference you wish to cite. (In other words you are toggling between Microsoft Word and Write-N-Cite) This is a Microsoft Word document
  10. 10. Write-N-CiteWhen you‟re ready to insert a citation, simply click on the“Cite” link next to the reference you want to use. Then go back to your Microsoft Word document
  11. 11. Write-N-CiteRemember we‟re just inserting temporary citations - they will beformatted properly when you have completed your paper andselected the output style for your bibliography. Write-N-Cite has inserted your temporary citation into your paper. This is a Microsoft Word document
  12. 12. Write-N-CiteYou can preview how yourformatted citation willappear, as well as makemodifications by clicking on“Edit Citation” in Write-N-Cite.
  13. 13. Write-N-Cite 1. Select a target output style to preview your citation... For this example choose Harvard - UCT2. Then a preview will pop up to show you whatyour citation will look like when formatted ....
  14. 14. Write-N-Cite Let‟s insert a page number in the „Text After‟ column. For example use the format : 10Notice the Click “SAVE topreview is now Word” to keepupdated with your citationyour change. changes.
  15. 15. Write-N-Cite You can add and edit multiple citation placeholders at the same time ... just click on the cite links for all the references that you want to cite together.
  16. 16. Write-N-CiteThese temporary placeholders will be properlyformatted later when you are ready to create thebibliography. {{259 Laking,G. 2009; 257 Morris,Peter1994; 250 Study of Mans Impact on Climate 1971}}
  17. 17. Write-N-CiteWhen you‟re finished writing your paper, go to “File”, Save As, Nameit, and Save it.After you have saved your document, drag Write-N-Cite up again Select „Bibliography‟ from the toolbar
  18. 18. Write-N-Cite 1. Select a bibliography output style from the drop down list.2. Click the “CreateBibliography” button andthe bibliography will becreated in your Worddocument.
  19. 19. Write-N-Cite Here the bibliography has been created in your Word document and the temporary placeholders have been properly formatted.