Bibliographic management 2011


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Bibliographic management 2011

  1. 1. Bibliographic Management Systems Refworks & Mendeley an overview and comparison of a subscribed and a freeware system j.mcsorley 10.2011
  2. 2. Access to RefWorks Login to myUniHub from the tab on the main UniHub screen Scroll down to My Library Select Databases RefWorks – under R ! Logging in via myUniHub should eliminate the need to login repeatedly when accessing RefWorks and other resources Initial registration will be required to facilitate off-campus use
  3. 3. Two Parts of RefWorks Bibliographic Manager  provides folders for storing your bibliographic citations  enables precise organisation of and immediate access to records Write-N-Cite  requires downloading to the desktop  use to place saved bibliographic citations directly into your own text  and to instantly create your Bibliographies in appropriate styles
  4. 4. Downloading Write-N-Cite Click: under Tools
  5. 5. Downloading Write-N-Cite Downloads installation programme to desktop Install to create the Write-N-Cite icon on your desktop
  6. 6. Middlesex Catalogue CitationsTo save Mdxcitations toBibliographicManager select“Online Catalog”Then selectMiddlesexUniversity fromthe drop-downmenuType yoursearch term intothe box
  7. 7. Middlesex Catalogue Citations Select required title(s) by ticking in the box(es) Then click to Import Further details may be Viewed
  8. 8. Bibliographic Manager Folders •View in Last Imported •Create New Folder – “Dreaming” •Save record(s) in ..“Dreaming” folder – ..tick in box
  9. 9. PsycINFO CitationsSelect required citation(s) - tick box(es)Click to Export
  10. 10. PsycINFO Citations •Click to Export ..Citation List to ..RefWorks •Now •It is usually ..necessary to the link to RefWorks this next screen
  11. 11. Bibliographic Manager Folders As before ; •View Last Imported Folder
  12. 12. Create New FolderCreate New folder- BILINGUALISM and put items from Last Imported into it
  13. 13. Social Science Citation IndexSelectrecord(s) fromyour searchthen openMarked List
  14. 14. Social Science Citation Index Save to Other Reference Software eg BibTex
  15. 15. SSCI into RefWorksClick to SaveFile. Recordssave to thedesktop.
  16. 16. SSCI into RefWorksBack in RefWorks, click to Importfrom the drop-down Referencesmenu. Use the Browse button tolocate the file on your desktop.Select BibTex and Bilingualismfolder. Finally click
  17. 17. RefWorks –“Bilingualism”Citations
  18. 18. Write-N-Cite In Write-N-Cite under View select the Bilingualism FolderLogin to Write-N-Cite asAthens User
  19. 19. Citing within textClick onCite nextto therecord Click in the text where you wantyou want the citationto cite
  20. 20. Citing within textThe formattingis generic andadapts to whichBibliographicstyle is applied
  21. 21. Creating the BibliographyIn RefWorks from the Tools menu – Output Style Manageroffers many styles from which to select your Favourites
  22. 22. Creating the Bibliography Select your chosen style from Favourites Then click to
  23. 23. The Bibliography
  24. 24. Mendeley – free downloadable software Go to the web site and create an account.
  25. 25. Mendeley – free downloadable software Install the Web Importer
  26. 26. Mendeley – selecting citationsFrom a database eg Medline, having selected one or morearticles, click on the Bookmark Bar for your Web Importer
  27. 27. Mendeley – importing You can save the citation directly into the relevant folder – eg. IVF
  28. 28. Mendeley – Desktop At the bottom of the Mendeley screen click to Download Mendeley. This will give you access to the Desktop download
  29. 29. Mendeley – DesktopSave the file, click to run the programme and follow instructions
  30. 30. Mendeley – DesktopWhen the Desktop opens click to Sync Library to import yourrecords from Mendeley on the web
  31. 31. Mendeley – DesktopProblems with Syncing can be caused by the default connection.Use the Connection tab to select No Proxy
  32. 32. Mendeley – Sync Desktop : LibraryOnce completed your records and folders appear on the Desktop
  33. 33. Mendeley – Word Plugin Tools Next, install the Plugin to connect to Word in order to cite your references within the text. This option is located under Tools in the menu bar.
  34. 34. Mendeley – Citing in the textTo cite in the text, use the Add-ins tab within Word. Place thecursor where you want to cite and click on the Insert Citationbutton on the menu bar. A small window will pop up, click thebutton to Go To Mendeley
  35. 35. Mendeley – Citing in the textIn Mendeley, select the reference you want to cite at the chosenplace and the full details appear in the panel to the right. Detailscan be edited here if necessary – eg. Remove brackets.Now click to Send Citation to MS Word
  36. 36. Mendeley – Citing in the text
  37. 37. Mendeley – the bibliographyFrom the document in the menu bar you can select Bibliographic stylesfrom the drop-down menu. A longer list is also available, from which youcan select favourites
  38. 38. Mendeley – the bibliography Scroll to the end of the text. Place the cursor, then click to Insert Bibliography, having selected your preferred style.
  39. 39. Mendeley – the bibliographyThe brackets in the first citation have disappeared butfurther amendments to “doi” numbers and other extraneousdetails may be required. Bos, A. M. E., Pelinck, M.-J., Dumoulin, J. C. M., Arts, E. G. J. M., Echten-Arends, J. van & Simons, A. H. M. (2010). IVF in a modified natural cycle. Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde, 154(45), A2519. Fujii, M., Matsuoka, R., Bergel, E., Poel, S. van der & Okai, T. (2010). Perinatal risk in singleton pregnancies after in vitro fertilization. Fertility and sterility, 94(6), 2113-7. doi: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2009.12.031. Puissant, F., Van Rysselberge, M., Barlow, P., Deweze, J. & Leroy, F. (1987). Embryo scoring as a prognostic tool in IVF treatment. Human Reproduction., 2(8), 705-708.
  40. 40. RefWorks vs. Mendeley ???