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Mastering mendeley


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Mendeley basics, with links to mini screencasts and tutorials

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Mastering mendeley

  1. 1. Mastering Mendeley Linda Wobbe, Saint Mary‘s College Library Seven simple steps
  2. 2. What is Mendeley? Mendeley • Organizes articles and citations you have collected into a “Library” • Saves your notes and annotations with each article • Formats citations and bibliographies when you write your paper You need both: Desktop Version Web Version
  3. 3. First: Create an Account • Navigate to and create a personal account
  4. 4. Download the Desktop Version
  5. 5. Install: Web Importer and Word Plugin
  6. 6. Now you are ready to add articles! • Move pdf’s into Mendeley Desktop from your computer • You can also import citations from other reference managers • If I can do it, you can do it! – Move pdf’s from your computer to Mendeley desktop – It’s a Library it must be cataloged! – Check Metadata for each article – – – Sync! – Click Sync in Mendeley Desktop – Now you can view your articles from the web or iOS versions
  7. 7. Add new articles while searching • Search Library databases and save pdf’s into a “Watch Folder” on your computer • From Mendeley desktop, use File > Add Watch Folder to identify any folder on your computer as a Watch Folder. Mendeley will automatically add pdf’s from your Watch Folder into your Mendeley library • You guessed it – check the metadata for each article • Sync!
  8. 8. Add notes and annotations to your saved articles • • The Notes pane applies to the entire article. I like to record how I found the article • Highlight article points you want to save • Click “Note” to create annotations – like sticky notes. You can copy and paste text or create your own comments, or both. • Sync!
  9. 9. Cite while you write and create a bibliography • From Mendeley desktop, Click the Tools menu in the toolbar, and install the Word plugin if you haven’t already done so • Open Word; in the View menu in the toolbar, open the Mendeley toolbar • • When you are ready to enter citations, click Insert Citation and search your library by author, keyword, year • When you are ready to create a bibliography, place your cursor where the bibliography should go and click insert bibliography • Use the drop-down menu in the Mendeley Word plugin toolbar to change styles at any time
  10. 10. More to learn • Collaborating in Groups: : • Mobile Mendeley : • Mendeley Guides : • Mendeley Tutorials : • Mendeley Support : • My favorite 5 minute video tutorial • • Contact Linda with your Mendeley questions! • (925) 631-4232
  11. 11. A global research network with 3.0 million users