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Ashland, geoff


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Sustainable MetroWest Gathering 2013 presentation by Geoff Slowman

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Ashland, geoff

  1. 1. Geoff  Slowman  Ashland  Sustainability  Commi6ee  Open  Space  Commi6ee  Green  Commi6ee  Transi<on  Ashland  Group  Stewardship  Commi6ee  
  2. 2. Recent  Successes  •  Farmer’s  Market  •  Warren  Woods  •  Restric<on  on  new  sprinkler  systems  •  Two  Energy  Audits  
  3. 3. Energy  Conserva<on  Measures  •  Audits  iden<fied  hundreds  of  ECM’s    •  Each  with  projected  savings  between  $2/yr  and  $25k/yr  •  Simple  payback  from  week  to  decades  •  Commi6ee  with  diverse  opinions  
  4. 4. ECM  “First  Round”  
  5. 5. Future  Ini<a<ves  •  Green  roof  for  Middle  and  Warren  Schools  (MSBA  Grant,  accelerated  program)  •  Student  Liaison    •  Pilot  program  for  LED  streetlights  •  Bike  paths  •  Fuel  Efficient  Vehicle  purchase