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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Mass. Sustainable Communities Conference Regional and Local Food Systems: Quabbin Regional High School By Karen DiFranza Hands to Earth: Educating for a Sustainable World Delaney Payne and Sophia Kornitsky
  2. 2. Quabbin Regional High School Organic Garden since 2008
  3. 3. Keeping tons of organic material out of the waste stream each year
  4. 4. Doing the work: Solar Powered
  5. 5. Getting our food directly to students
  6. 6. Introducing real flavor!
  7. 7. Classy classroom snacks
  8. 8. Friendly kitchen – a new dimension
  9. 9. Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas
  10. 10. Mission Statement The Quabbin Composting and Organic Gardening Program works to protect the environment for future generations by recycling food resources, through sustainable agriculture and by encouraging these practices in our community
  11. 11. Outreach
  12. 12. Creating Value-Added Products
  13. 13. Herbal Salves and Creams
  14. 14. Braided Shallots
  15. 15. Barre Farmers Market
  16. 16. UMass Medical School Interns
  17. 17. Harvesting healing herbs
  18. 18. Enjoying REAL Carrots
  19. 19. Making connections
  20. 20. For more information, visit http://quabbincomposting and Related Resources: Less_Trash_More_Compost.pdf