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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. _________________________________________________________________ Internships and Placements Clean Energy & Sustainability Programs, UMass Boston Vesela Veleva, Sc.D. 4th MA Sustainable Communities/3rd MA Sustainable Campuses Conference Lowell, MA, April 17, 2014
  2. 2. Overview  SERC – mission and activities  Sustainability Education at UMass Boston  Green Internship Program  Lessons Learned and Advice for Students
  3. 3. SERC Mission Our mission is to foster a transition to a clean, sustainable, and prosperous economy. We apply our unique interdisciplinary expertise and engage in collaborations among businesses, universities, and policymakers to advance research, education, and innovative solutions for business sustainability and regional competitiveness.
  4. 4. Research and Funding
  5. 5. Sustainability Education  Undergraduate Certificate and Minor in Clean Energy and Sustainability (CES)  Graduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability  MBA Specialization in Environmental Management  Ph.D. program in Organizations and Social Change (launched Sept. 2012)
  6. 6. Education – Professional Development
  7. 7. Sustainability-related courses  MGT481: Introduction to environmental management and clean energy (undergrad)  EEOS 364: Environmental management and sustainability  MGTMBA671: Introduction to environmental management  MGTMBA678: Environmental management-operational issues  MGTMBA688: Business, energy and climate change  EEOS684/EEOS384/MGT674: Climate and energy: law, policy and management  ECON/EEOS 670/675: Environmental economics  MGT684: Social enterprise  MGT697: Clean Tech Entrepreneurship (new)
  8. 8. Education – Business Involvement in CES programs  Course Projects (e.g., MGT481): Raytheon, PartnersHealth, Energi and PerkinElmer  Guest speakers: State Street, Ernst & Young, Staples, EMC, Stonyfield Farm, Seventh Generation, Safe That Stuff, Devens Enterprise Commission, JPNDC, etc.  Events: Annual Green Careers Forum, Fracking event, IT and Sustainability, etc.  Internships (Green Internship Program)
  9. 9. Green Internship Program - launched in Nov. 2012  Phase 1: Posting available internships and jobs on SERC website and updating weekly ( Over 100 internships posted since November 2012.  Phase 2: Collaboration with UMass Boston Office of Career Services and Internships to better prepare students to land an internship/job and track them (e.g., Green Internship Program Workshop in Nov. 2013, Annual Green Careers Forum, MA CEC Internships Info Session)  Phase 3: Working one on one with each CES student, obtaining and evaluating feedback from interns and employers to further improve the program
  10. 10. CES Internships & Companies  About 20 students presently enrolled (6 MBA, 4 grad certificate, 10 undergrad minor/certificate)  Majors: finance, supply-chain management, environmental science, management, economics, English, criminal justice  Types of internships: research, marketing, analytics, sales, organizing, etc.  Types of organizations: companies, NGOs, government organizations
  11. 11. Currently available internships
  12. 12. Examples of Organizations Offering Internships Companies  Altenex  Clean Tech Companies (MA CEC)  EnerNOC  Green Century Capital Management  Next Step Living  Power Home Remodeling Group  Preserve  Seeding Labs  Systainalytics  Sustainable Minds NGOs/Government  A Better City  Environment Massachusetts  Environmental Defense Fund  JPNDC  National Park Service  Product Stewardship Institute  Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies  RI Dept. of Transportation
  13. 13. Events
  14. 14. Past SERC Events  Hydraulic Fracturing: Understanding the Water-Energy Nexus (with Jim Matheson, CEO Oasys Water; Rich Liroff, IEHN)  IT and Sustainability (Kathrin Winkler, CSO at EMC)  Environmental Sustainability at State Street (with Peter DeBruin, VP Environmental Affairs at State Street)  Sustainability in the Supply Chain (with Ernst & Young and Staples)  Greenovation event with Brian Swett, Chief of Energy and Environment, City of Boston
  15. 15. Lessons Learned and Advice for Students  There is a wide variety of jobs today that require knowledge and expertise related to sustainability and clean energy, ranging across sectors and functions  Experience is crucial and internships are one of the best ways to develop relevant skills  Passion for sustainability is key; students should not be afraid to take a job with less initial pay to get onto the track they want  Most employers are looking for a functional skill set first and foremost – accounting, engineering, science, marketing etc. – and an interest in and knowledge of sustainability/clean energy in addition to that  Taking an entry level job can sometimes be the best way to grow and "design" your own sustainability-related position  In the sustainability field where things change so fast, ongoing education is very important  The best way to show value to a current or prospective employer is to think about the problems we face today and seek innovative solutions
  16. 16. Q&A Thank You!