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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Sustainability  and   Mobility:     Traveling    Choices  are  Expanding  to   meet  Local  Interests  on  Campus  and  in   Communities         Massachusetts  Sustainable  Communities  and  Campuses  Conference   April  17,  2014                    UMass  Lowell  Inn  and  Conference  Center  
  2. 2. NEW  2014  smart  Electric  Drive   What  is  it?   •  100%    Electric  Vehicle  (PEV)   •  2  Seats  plus  Cargo  Space   •  Coupe  or  Convertible   •  Designed,  Produced,  Manufactured,  and   Distributed  by  Daimler  (Mercedes-­‐Benz)   •  Designed  for  the  suburban  and  urban   commuter  and  for  daily  transportation   •  Great  for  Businesses  needing  to  run   errands  or  make  deliveries   •   Greenest-­‐Car-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Year  Award  Winner   (ACEEE)   Why  is  it  needed?   •  Parking  Issues:                  Simplified   •  Noise  Pollution:              Greatly  Reduced   •  Tailpipe  Emissions:    Eliminated   •  Maintenance  Costs:      Greatly  Reduced   •  Fuel  Costs:        Greatly  Reduced   •  Traffic  Congestion:        Greatly  Reduced      
  3. 3. Is  the  smart  ED  Sustainable?   •  “…using  a  resource  so  that  the   resource  is  not  depleted  or   permanently  damaged”  (Merriam-­‐ Webster)   •  “the  quality  of  not  being  harmful  to   the  environment  or  depleting   natural  resources,  and  thereby   supporting  long-­‐term  ecological   balance”  (   •  100%  Electric     •  Requires  no  gasoline,  no  oil  changes   •  Power  can  be  generated  by   sustainable  methods  i.e.  solar,  wind,     hydro,  etc.   •  85%  Recyclable     •  Eco-­‐Friendly  Factory     •  On  campuses  and  in  communities,   can  parking  spaces  be  considered  a   resource?  I  think  so.   •  Limited  supply,  in  demand,   necessary  to  accomplish  tasks  
  4. 4. Does  the  smart  ED  provide   Mobility?   •  “the  ability  to  travel  from  one   place  to  another”  (Macmillan   Dictionary)   •  Yes,  it  is  a  car.     •  2  Seats   •  Cargo  Space   •  60-­‐80  Mile  Range   •  Covers  95%  of  all  Travel   •  Street  &  Highway  Legal   Imagine  Credit:  Robert  van  Haaren.   Source:­‐of-­‐all-­‐trips-­‐ could-­‐be-­‐made-­‐in-­‐electric-­‐cars-­‐says-­‐study  
  5. 5. MYTH  1:     “  I  Don’t  Have   Anywhere  to   Re-­‐Charge  It”  
  6. 6. Boston/Cambridge  
  7. 7. Photo  Credit:  Clifford  Atiyeh­‐Nissan-­‐Leaf-­‐Charles-­‐Hotel-­‐76245.html  
  8. 8. Uses  a  Household  110V  Outlet  
  9. 9. “But  How  Much  Will  it  Cost  Me  to  Charge?”   Gasoline   •  $3.53  Average  in  MA  (April  14,   2014)   •  EPA  estimated  23  mpg  average   2013  new  vehicle  fuel  economy   •  15,000  miles  per  year   •  652  gallons   •  $2,302  per  year  fuel  cost   •  Requires  special  trips  to  find   fueling  stations  requiring  time  out   of  your  day   smart  Electric  Drive   •  $0.15/  kWh  (avg,  MA)   •  EPA  68  Mile  Range   •  3.86  Miles/  kWh   •  $0.039/mile  in  Electricity  Costs   •  $39  /  1000  Miles   •  $1/  25  miles   •  15,000  miles   •  $585  per  year  electricity  cost   •  Plugs  in  at  home  while  not  in  use   Figures  are  estimates  and  may  vary  based  on  your  driving  habits.     Source:  
  10. 10. “What  Maintenance  Does  It  Need?”   NOT  Required   •  Oil  Changes   •  Spark  Plugs   •  Exhaust  System  Repairs   •  Transmission  Fluid  Service   •  Belts,  Hoses   •  Engine  Air  Filter   •  Tire  Rotations   Annual  Maintenance   Requirements   •  Test  High-­‐Capacity  Battery   •  10  Year,  Unlimited  Mile  Warranty   •  Change  Cabin  Dust/Pollen  Filter   •  4  Year,  50000  Mile  Warranty     As  Needed:   •  Tires   •  Wiper  Blades   •  Brakes*   •  Brakes  last  longer  on  Electric   vehicles  than  on  gasoline  vehicles   due  to  regenerative  braking  
  11. 11. MYTH  2:  “Electric  Cars  Aren’t  Actually   Better  For  the  Environment”   Source:  “State  of  Charge:  Electric  Vehicles’  Global  Warming  Emissions  and  Fuel-­‐ Cost  Savings  Across  the  United  States”  Union  of  Concerned  Scientists    http://   Yes,  driving  an  electric  vehicle   uses  energy  from  the  grid  that   may  have  created  emissions,   however  those  emissions  are   still  less  than  even  the  best   hybrids  when  charged  in  New   England.    
  12. 12. MYTH  3:  Its  not  a  ‘New  England  Car’  
  13. 13. MYTH  4:  “Its  too  small-­‐  I  won’t  fit”     “The  old  adage  of  ‘Never  judge  a   book  by  its  cover’  is  appropriate  for   the  2014  Smart  Fortwo.  Though  tiny   on  the  outside,  the  smart's  interior  is   surprisingly  roomy.  The  Fortwo's  tall   shape  creates  ample  headroom  and   legroom  for  two  passengers,  while   the  floating  design  of  its  dash  adds  to   the  cabin's  sense  of  spaciousness.”    –       Please  try  sitting  in  it  today!  
  14. 14. MYTH  5:  “There  is  not  enough  room  for  my  stuff”  
  15. 15. MYTH  6:  “It  Can’t  Be  Safe”  
  16. 16. Insurance  Institute     for  Highway  Safety   The  Insurance  Institute  for   Highway  Safety  (IIHS)  rates   cars  on  the  following  scale:   •   Good   • Acceptable   • Marginal   • Poor   IIHS  Safety  Ratings  for   2014  smart  ForTwo   • Moderate  overlap   front:  Good   • Side  Impact:  Good   • Roof  strength:  Good   • Head  restraints  &   seats:  Acceptable  
  17. 17. Overall  Rating      
  18. 18. Why  It  Works  For  Campuses  and   Communities     •  Do  most  of  your  employees   commute  to  work  alone  or  in   pairs?   •  Do  your  employees  commute  less   than  30  miles  each  way?    Or  drive   less  than  70  miles  during  the  day?   •  Do  your  employees  have  a  place  to   “top-­‐off”  at  work  if  they  have   ‘range  anxiety’?       •  Increases  parking  options     •  Cost  Effective   •  Fuel,  Maintenance     •  Reduce  noise  pollution  and   tailpipe  emissions   •  Eco-­‐Friendly  Image   •  Eye-­‐Catching  Design  is  Great   for  Mobile  Advertising    
  19. 19. Source:  Union  of  Concerned  Scientists­‐ transportation-­‐solutions/advanced-­‐vehicle-­‐ technologies/electric-­‐cars/bev-­‐phev-­‐range-­‐electric-­‐ car.html   •  Is  it  for  everyone?  No.     •  Would  campuses  and  communities   benefit  for  having  them?  Yes.   •  Do  you  (your  employees)    have  access   to  an  outlet?   •  Do  you  (your  employees)  often  drive   under  60  miles  at  a  time?  
  20. 20. Daniel  Fava   smart  Brand  Manager     smart  Center  of  Lynnfield   385  Broadway,  Route  1  North   Lynnfield,  MA  01940     Located  adjacent  to    the  Lynnfield  Tunnel   on  Route  1  North     Just  off  of  I-­‐95/Rt  128   781-­‐596-­‐9700   Visit  the  Car  Outside  Today  to  Learn  More!    
  21. 21. Last  MYTH:  “Electric  Cars  Cost  Too   Much”   Purchase   •  Vehicle  Price:  $25,750   •  Federal  Tax  Credit:  $7,500   •  Price  After  Federal  Tax  Credit:   $18,250   Lease   •  MSRP  $25,750   •  $1,722  Due  at  Signing   •  $139/month   •  36  Months   •  10,000  Miles  per  Year   •  After  36  months,  purchase  for   $12,894.40  or  return  the  car.     Examples  valid  until  April  30,  2014.  Subject  to  change  afterwards.  State  tax  and   state  registration  not  included.  Other  terms  available,  call  or  visit  for  details.