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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS: CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS RECYCLING · COLLECTION · ORGANICS · ENERGY · BIO-FUELS · LANDFILLS Information provided herein is considered confidential By Liza Casella Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference April 17 2014 Evolving Traditional Waste Streams into Resources
  2. 2. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS • Local presence and focus with vertically integrated resource management assets in MA, VT, NY, PA, NH, & ME. • Public company - $460M annual revenue; 1,800 employees serving nearly 200,000 customers. • Serving over 70 university customers in the northeast with a unique focus on creating sustainable solutions. • Proven track record bringing customers to zero waste through comprehensive resource management offer. • Recover nearly a 1,000,000 tons of recycling and organic residuals for beneficial use each year. • Between 2005 and 2012 Casella reduced companywide carbon emissions by 50%. Our Strategy: Create systems to transform discarded by- products into valuable industrial feed stock and sources of renewable energy. Own and operate integrated resource management infrastructure in the Northeast. Leverage our experience and partnerships to help organizations drive out waste. Casella Overview 2
  3. 3. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS • Cornell: comprehensive diversion support provided over the last 10 years; customized reporting; internship program; educational support; 2012 Supplier Award; 66% diversion rate. • Dartmouth: re-engineered student/faculty/staff diversion capture system; recycling and organics support; event based zero waste service (athletics support, Tuck); 44% diversion (includes all residual streams). Video available. • Champlain College: organic residual collection; comprehensive zero sort recycling; closed loop recycling, 42% diversion. • MIT: comprehensive solid waste and recycling equipment, service, and infrastructure support; 43% diversion; active interest in RM. • UMass Lowell: Evolution of a program that began with no recycling; today, diverting 55% of materials and initiated organics collection September 2013. • Skidmore College: First true RM/Performance based contract in northeast 2% to 27% recycling in 3 months. YTD 60% increase in recycling, 2% decrease in trash, 9% increase in overall volume. Select College and University Partners Accomplishments in the Northeast 3
  4. 4. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS Resource Recovery Infrastructure in the Northeast 4 Casella Resource Management Infrastructure in the Northeast
  5. 5. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS 4 Resource Management Service Orientation
  6. 6. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS 6 Resource Management Supply Chain Orientation – Collaboration is Critical to Success
  7. 7. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS Closing Thoughts 9 • Resource management best practices continue to evolve on college campuses and institutions throughout the Northeast, driven in large measure by EPA techniques developed in the early 2000s and perfected since. • Assets and infrastructure are in dynamic flux – as evidenced in particular by rapidly evolving developments in the organics residual processing resulting from bans in New England and VT. • Knowledge capital, expertise and competencies oriented as close to the “point of generation” as possible are key to success. These include continuous information, education, and incentive programs oriented to “consumers” of the program (i.e., students, faculty, and staff). • A supply chain orientation gives leading institutions the ability to develop a multi-faceted approach for driving out waste
  8. 8. CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS For more information, please visit: CASELLA RESOURCE SOLUTIONS Zero-Sort Recycling · Collection · Organics · Energy · Biofuels · Landfills