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Sharing is caring - a new intranet perspective


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Your intranet plays a big role in making your organisation more open and transparent. Sharing is what's next and in this talk Janus Boye will untangle the impact of this trend including:
* from control to coordination: how sharing impacts the intranet manager role
* how sharing can get your colleagues to care much more about the intranet

Talk given by Janus Boye at 2012 conferences in Singapore and London

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Sharing is caring - a new intranet perspective

  1. 1. Sharing is caringa new intranet perspective Janus Boye
  2. 2. CareVerb:Feel concern or interest; attachimportance to something: “they don’tcare about human life”
  3. 3. ”If something ishard to use, I justdon’t use it asmuch”- Steve Krug
  4. 4. Probably the best…..
  5. 5. Top-down communication andcontrolled content
  6. 6. Open and transparent
  7. 7. ShareVerb:Have a portion of (something) withanother or others: “he shared the piewith her”
  8. 8. Mobile
  9. 9. From control to…
  10. 10. …coordination
  11. 11. Crowdsourcing your intranet
  12. 12. Pull
  13. 13. and clean up
  14. 14. ….leads to a better user experience
  15. 15. Collaboration
  16. 16. Credit: Michael Sampson
  17. 17. SharePoint
  18. 18. Finally
  19. 19. Your role
  20. 20. Your career
  21. 21. The international communityfor web and intranet professionals Janus Boye @janusboye