From idea to company


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Guest lecture by Janus Boye given at VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark in October 2013

From idea to company

  1. From idea to company VIA University College 7 October 2013 Janus Boye
  2. Learn to accept change Sweden changed to driving in the right side
  3. Before you start
  4. Make the key decisions 1) Company name? 2) What’s for sale? 3) Who needs your product? 4) How will customers find you? 5) What will it cost? 6) Where will you work?
  5. Fail fast Easy in theory, but tough in practice
  6. What’s really your product?
  7. The 2nd simple idea Differentiation by being vendor-neutral
  8. It is the team You can’t do it all on your own
  9. First hire When my fiancée was away Spain in 2005
  10. Do networking Keep an open mind and read good books
  11. Find something you really enjoy Richard Branson did drag for charity
  12. My favourite morning run Run with the Vikings on Conference Day #2
  13. Get help Danske Bank has made it possible for J. Boye
  14. Get started PR is great but long-term
  15. Take risks Launching a US conference in 2009
  16. Stay hungry, stay foolish
  17. Questions Janus Boye +45 29 70 15 00 @janusboye