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Degrees of Separation


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This is a presentation I did as part of a TeachMeet@PLANE on the 25th of July, 2012. I talk about why I find it essential in having a Personal Learning Network (PLN) for the work that I do. Make sure you look at the presenters notes, in order to make some sense of it all.

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Degrees of Separation

  1. 1. Degrees of SeparationBrendan Jones@jonesytheteacherErina High School
  2. 2. Baconcc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Patent and the Pantry:
  3. 3. Kevin Baconcc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by sagindie:
  4. 4. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon(tech version) play the original version
  5. 5. Degrees of Separation is underpinned by some intriguing premisesThe Small World phenomenon - human society is a smallworld type network characterized by short path lengthsSix degrees of separation: Artistic visualization. By Laurens van Lieshout (User:LaurensvanLieshout) (Own work) [GFDL( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons*PLN’s do that – make the world smaller*
  6. 6. Why Kevin, specifically?It is suggested that Bacon connects to many actors because he acts in many different kindsof roles and ensemble filmsHmmm ….
  7. 7. My Degrees of Separation Icons via
  8. 8. My Degrees of Separation - old schoolWhere? When? What? Cost? Time? Icons via
  9. 9. My Degrees of Separation.. nowWhat?When?Where? Cost?Time? Icons via
  10. 10. My connection to Kevin?Image via Image via Via My Space
  11. 11. Via The Oracle of Bacon I worked with Shane!
  12. 12. Finito