How Education Will Change


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Presented May 15th in Saskatoon to SIAST administrators. The focus was, we all can make education better, we just need to want to. There are examples all over the world of how successful institutions are adapting to the new connected world. Let's make SIAST one of those world class organizations. To learn more about what I do visit

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  • Great deck. I'm hung-up on slide 54. As a techhead who's done the research, venture, leadership and management thing, and am now seriously thinking about ploughing something back by becoming a teacher. And the sentiment 'love leaders, dump teachers' (paraphrased :) is good controversy but prevents buy-in from the cannon fodder of education: the dedicated, and usually underpaid, principle-driven deliverers of curricula, accreditation productivity, and repeating cohort behaviour shaping. Short of achieving massive gains in education while making this part of the pyramid obsolete quickly; their buy-in is paramount. And typically they are heavily engaged in the old school doctrine that is your null hypothesis - usually due to years of indoctrination about old school accreditation and metric hoop jumping. This is also, by my hypothesis, where the bulk of the educational talent and opportunity lies. Regardless of the role and size changes of this stratum of education, I think avoiding tune-out and turn-off from this group would be an essential foundation. It's just not so easy, so a few pockets of disruptive explosions help while we get this mountain moving. But it is a mountain, not a molehill, and delivering hard hitting, exciting messages while staying credible and scaleable is not trivial. Thanks for your contribution to the momentum!
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  • what a presentation I reali enjoyed it and will use it to teach my plumbing trainees on motivational talks
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  • @April A. Robinson, I'm humbled that you'd use my presentation in your studies. That's awesome! Let me know if I can help in any other way. I can't change the education system on my own, we need all the help we can get!!


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  • Thanks Valri! You're too kind! I think we all need to be reminded not to get stuck in our old outdated models of thinking. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Inspiring - and a great kickoff for a discussion on how to move forward strategically so as to not fall back into traditional modes of thinking.
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How Education Will Change

  1. How education will change
  2. “this ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication.” -Western Union internal memo, 1876
  3. “the wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” -an investor in response to David Sarnoff’s push for radio in 1920
  4. “while theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.” -Lee De Forest, radio pioneer, 1926
  5. we’re wrong more often than we think
  6. the pope’s inauguration
  7. you want to start a business?
  8. we don’t need an expensive credit card terminal
  9. you don’t need to hire people
  10. you don’t need a building or pay for an entire office
  11. we don’t need a taxi
  12. we don’t need to stay at a hotel
  13. we don’t have to go to a restaurant
  14. our world has changed
  15. we’re getting smarter
  16. The  Flynn  effect  
  17. school has changed
  18. Sir  Ken  Robinson  
  19. A  child  driven  educa9on  
  20. education is going global
  21. when it comes to carrots or sticks, sticks only de-motivate
  22. it’s the age of non-linear learning
  23. why are we still using textbooks?
  24. if you want anyone to listen you have to grab their attention
  25. we don’t need teachers, we need leaders.
  26. Anything worth memorizing is worth looking up.
  27. education is going to change no matter what…
  28. you can either be ahead of the curve or behind the curve. The choice is yours.
  29. do impossible things.
  30. @JephMaystruck