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How IPv6 Impacts SIP and Telecom


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How will IPv6 impact telecommunications? Will everything just work? Or will there be problems? What needs to be fixed?

In this presentation to the IIT Real-Time Communications (RTC) Conference, Dan York discussed the basics of IPv6 and then explored the challenges related to IPv6 and telecom (and in particular the SIP protocol). He ended with a list of resources for people to learn more.

See for more info on IPv6.

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How IPv6 Impacts SIP and Telecom

  1. 1. How IPv6 Impacts SIP and TelecomDan YorkSenior Content Strategist, DO
  2. 2. Dan York www.danyork.comThe Internet Society
  3. 3. My Recent Change DO Hub Project +1-802-735-1624The Internet Society
  4. 4. The Internet Society
  5. 5. Why IPv6?
  6. 6. In The Beginning... Internet Society
  7. 7. Mobility Internet Society
  8. 8. A Plethora of Portable Platforms Internet Society
  9. 9. Internet of Things Internet Society
  10. 10. Internet of ThingsThe Internet Society
  11. 11. Internet of ThingsThe Internet Society
  12. 12. EVERYTHING over IPThe Internet Society
  13. 13. How IP Address Allocation Works Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) YouThe Internet Society
  14. 14. Global IPv4 Disparity !The Internet Society
  15. 15. Oops... as of Feb 1, 2011... All Gone! Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) YouThe Internet Society
  16. 16. Solutions?
  17. 17. IPv4 MarketplaceThe Internet Society
  18. 18. Prolonging IPv4 - NAT Today NAT   Public  IP   Private  IP   Addresses   PC Home Internet Firewall Firewall Firewall IP ISP   Phone Home  The Internet Society
  19. 19. Carrier Grade NAT (a.k.a. LSN) NAT   Public  IP   Private  IP   Addresses   PC Home Internet Firewall Firewall Firewall IP ISP   Phone Home  The Internet Society
  20. 20. Old NATs Never Die... NAT   NAT   Public  IP   Private  IP   Private  IP   Addresses   Addresses   PC Home Internet Firewall Firewall Firewall IP ISP   Phone Home  The Internet Society
  21. 21. The Problem? SIP NATThe Internet Society
  22. 22. Oh, and by the way... (sorry... we still have NAT-like networks with IPv6...)The Internet Society
  23. 23. And then there is...The Internet Society
  24. 24. IPv6 Challenges: User
  25. 25. See the problem?The Internet Society
  26. 26. See the problem?The Internet Society
  27. 27. IPv4 Internet Society
  28. 28. IPv62001:db8:34a5:23:aa1f:12f4:9009:1234The Internet Society
  29. 29. IPv6 Address Compression 2001:db8:34a5:0:0:0:0:1 2001:db8:34a5::1 (oh, and they aren’t case-sensitive)The Internet Society
  30. 30. IPv6 Addresses ::1 ::The Internet Society
  31. 31. DNS is your friend!The Internet Society
  32. 32. IPv6 Challenges: Port
  33. 33. IPv4 Port Numbers Internet Society
  34. 34. IPv4 Port Numbers in IPv6? 2001:db8:34a5::1234:5060The Internet Society
  35. 35. IPv6 Port Numbers [2001:db8:34a5::1234]:5060The Internet Society
  36. 36. IPv6 addressinghttp://[2001:db8:34a5::1234]/index.html http://[2001:db8:34a5::1234]:8080 sip:dan@[2001:db8:34a5::1234] sip:dan@[2001:db8:34a5::1234]:5060The Internet Society
  37. 37. DNS is your friend!The Internet Society
  38. 38. IPv6 Challenge: Multiple
  39. 39. IPv4 – Single Address / Interface Internet Society
  40. 40. IPv6 – Multiple Addresses / Interface 2001:db8:34a5:92:21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 (global) fe80::21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 (link-local)The Internet Society
  41. 41. IPv6 – Neighbor Discovery No More DHCP For Address Assignment (well, unless you want it) Router Advertisements vs ARPThe Internet Society
  42. 42. IPv6 – Address Creation Router Advertisement 2001:db8:34a5:92:21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 Autoconfiguration from Ethernet AddressThe Internet Society
  43. 43. DNS is your friend!The Internet Society
  44. 44. IPv6 Challenges:
  45. 45. IPv4 and 3600 IN A Internet Society
  46. 46. IPv6 and 3600 IN A 3600 IN AAAA 2001:db8:34a5::1234The Internet Society
  47. 47. IPv6 DNS Fun What if DNS gives a AAAA.... but your system doesn’t have “real” IPv6 connectivity? (You can retrieve AAAA records over IPv4)The Internet Society
  48. 48. UNhappy Eyeballs DNS A AAAA 2001:db8:34a5::1234 AAAA ? You (a long time later...) A ?The Internet Society
  49. 49. Happy Eyeballs DNS A AAAA 2001:db8:34a5::1234 AAAA ? A ? You (sent at same time; whichever replies first wins)The Internet Society
  50. 50. Happy Eyeballsdraft-ietf-v6ops-happy-eyeballsThe Internet Society
  51. 51. IPv6 Challenges: Storing IP
  52. 52. How Do You Store IP Addresses? Memory? Databases? Config Files? Room for two? (or more?)The Internet Society
  53. 53. Config Files<category name="SIP"> <item name="Server1"> </item></category>The Internet Society
  54. 54. IPv6 and
  55. 55. IPv6 Works Fine! Linphone – Open source, free and available for Linux, Windows and MacOS XThe Internet Society
  56. 56. Linphone and IPv6 Linphone – Open source, free and available for Linux, Windows and MacOS XThe Internet Society
  57. 57. RFC 6157 RFC 6157 “IPv6 Transition in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)” Internet Society
  58. 58. SIP Architecture SIP SIP Proxy Proxy A SIP B SIP SIP Alice Bob Media (RTP, MSRP, etc.)The Internet Society
  59. 59. SIP Reality SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP Proxy Proxy Proxy Proxy Proxy A SIP B SIP C SIP D SIP N SIP Internet (or WAN) SIP Media Media Alice Proxy Proxy Bob Media A Media B MediaThe Internet Society
  60. 60. “SIP” = Multiple Protocols SIP SDP RTPThe Internet Society
  61. 61. IPv4/IPv6 FunCommunicating between IPv4 client and IPv6 clientthrough a proxy§  Record-Route: <sip:2001:db8::1;lr>§  Record-Route: <sip:;lr>Mixed communication across a path of proxiesMixed communication: IPv6 for SIP, IPv4 for mediaThe Internet Society
  62. 62. IPv6 and SDPOnly allows a single IP address per media stream (“c=“parameter)§  c=IN IP4§  c=IN IP6 2001:db8:34a5::1234Multiple proposals for additional SDP parameters§  ex. ANAT - RFC 4091 & 4092 – now deprecated by ICEThe IETF way forward is ICE – RFC 5245The Internet Society
  63. 63. NAT, NAT, NAT... STUN, TURN, ICE (RFC 5245)The Internet Society
  64. 64. Discovery of SIP ServersUser agents need to find SIP servers/proxiesDHCPv6§  SIP Options in RFC 3319DNS SRV, NAPTR and AAAA Records (RFC 3263)The Internet Society
  65. 65. Other IPv6 ConsiderationsOther interfaces§  Web and management systems§  Logging§  APIsCustom SIP headersMulti-vendor interoperabilitySBC and firewall support for SIP over IPv6The Internet Society
  66. 66. SIPNOC 2011 IPv6 BOFApril 2011 BOF at SIPNOC 2011 in Herndon, VAIdentified potential actions:§  Migration plans: collecting and publicizing plans that are available, helping find others§  Identification of interoperability tests or test plans that include IPv6 and SIP§  Providing case studies of successful migrations§  Listing SIP-related tools/services/products that support IPv6§  General education around IPv6 and SIP / real-time communicationCreated new mailing list:§ Internet Society
  67. 67. SIP Forum “IPv6” Mailing Internet Society
  68. 68. SIPit Test Events SIPit 28: “68% of the implementations present supported IPv6.”The Internet Society
  69. 69. Get Started With SIP and IPv6... Internet Society
  70. 70. Set up Test Lab or your Home Office www.ipv6-test.comThe Internet Society
  71. 71. SIP Softphones Supporting IPv6Linphone§  www.linphone.orgJitsi (formerly SIP Communicator)§  www.jitsi.orgThe Internet Society
  72. 72. Olle Would Want Me To Mention... Asterisk 1.8The Internet Society
  73. 73. Voxeo Application Platforms Voxeo Prophecy 10.1 §  Standards-based platform for speech, IVR and SIP applications §  Downloads and installs in minutes; Scales from 2 ports to 10’s of thousands of ports §  World’s most compatible and compliant VoiceXML and CCXML Voxeo PRISM 10.1 §  Real-time Communications Application Server §  Supports Converged SIP, Web and XMPP applications. §  Carrier grade high performance platform with full support of high availability and session replication Free developer versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X The Internet Society73
  74. 74. SIP Forum “IPv6” Mailing Internet Society
  75. 75. A New Internet Society Initiative Bridging the Divide Between IETF Standards and Industry-wide
  76. 76. Deployment & Operationalization (DO) Hub Helps you •  DO IPv6 •  DO DNSSEC •  DO other future
  77. 77. What DO Hub Will Look Like •  Online portals for new standards adoption •  IPv6, DNSSEC, future standards topics •  Knowledge base with deployment articles •  Case studies •  Blogs (deployment commentary) •  Social media •  Multiple languages •  ION meeting series •  Co-located with diverse set of events •  Events being planned to reach each continentThe Internet Society
  78. 78. When DO Hub Will Be Available •  October 2011 •  Preview web presence release •  Engagement with first adopters begins to create initial knowledge base articles •  First co-located ION event in Buenos Aires •  December 2011 •  Official launch of DO Hub resource •  First knowledge base articles published •  Social media and bloggingThe Internet Society
  79. 79. How DO Hub Will Grow •  New deployment articles will be added to the knowledge base on a regular basis •  Our blogs and social media efforts will provide an ongoing conversation about deployment •  We will feature the work of other groups •  We will add features to this deployment resource in response to feedback received from audiencesThe Internet Society
  80. 80. How to Participate •  Help Create Content •  We are working with first adopters and experts to develop our materials •  We will credit your work •  Help Define New Features •  We seek your valuable feedback on this deployment resource •  We have the flexibility to make changes/additions •  Contact us: dohub@isoc.orgThe Internet Society
  81. 81. Dan York Senior Content Strategist, DO Hub, Internet Society +1-802-735-1624 Thank You! Follow us at: