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Urban disaster risk and displacement


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This presentation was given by Bina Desai, Head of Policy and Research, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), as part of a webinar hosted by the International Science Council and UNRISD on 'Moving beyond exposure: Addressing climate-related risks in informal coastal settlements'.

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Urban disaster risk and displacement

  1. 1. Urban disaster risk and displacement Bina Desai, Head of Policy & Research, IDMC / @bdidmc UNRISD webinar MOVING BEYOND EXPOSURE 26 Feb 2019
  2. 2. Monitoring disaster displacement since 2008
  3. 3. A global phenomenon
  4. 4. Majority is weather related
  5. 5. Understanding risk
  6. 6. Global disaster displacement risk
  7. 7. Absolute and relative risk
  8. 8. Hotspots of urban displacement risk
  9. 9. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  10. 10. Development of Flood Resistant Housing in Floodplain Development of Normal Housing in Floodplain Development of Normal Housing Out of Floodplain Population Time to Rebuild Housing Exposure Vulnerability Hazard Returning after Displacement Displacement Displaced Population - Effectiveness of Flood Resistant Housing Uncontrolled Water Release from Dams Rainfall Events + + - + + +++ + - Population Growth Urbanization + + Zoning Restrictions - Extreme Rainfall Events because of Climate Change + Incentives for Housing Out of Floodplain Construction of Flood-Resistant Housing Improved Dam Management Policies + + + - Gap: slow-onset and multi-causality
  11. 11. Urban displacement dynamics
  12. 12. Urban displacement impacts
  13. 13.