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The Science behind Lead Generation


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Published in: Business
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  • Interesting stats on slide 21. We currently use a real-time lead gen service called - this helps us find email addresses of our targeted prospects. Not sure if anyone else has used and can share their thoughts?
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  • Interesting, thanks for putting this out there
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  • Thank you for a valuable presentation with figures making it more easy to understand customer behaviour.
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The Science behind Lead Generation

  1. 1. The Science of Lead GenerationScientifically proven ways to get more leads. Dan Zarrella Jim Sinai Social Media Scientist Sr. Product Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Succeeding as a Marketer is Not Easy Today Executives Key Roles for Marketers Sales Innovator ROI Driver Brand Steward Marketing TechnologistR&D Crisis-Manager Service Data Analyst Customer Advocate Recruiter Recruiting
  3. 3. CMOs Are Shifting to Inbound Creation Traditional Marketing Inbound Marketing Interruption Marketing Invitation Marketing Company controls brand perception Community shapes brand perception Trust company messages Trust Friend Recommendations Eyeballs and ears Hearts and Minds Centralized presence (www) Distributed presence Buy a list of names to email Social Listening & Engagement
  4. 4. Are You Making The Shift?
  5. 5. #LeadSci
  6. 6. What is a lead?
  7. 7. Traffic Sources
  8. 8. Our Websites Are the #1 Source of Leads live 4/29/12 Pipe from our two webpages is more than all other sources combinedSource:
  9. 9. Twitter
  10. 10. Facebook
  11. 11. Search
  12. 12. Offers
  13. 13. What do I get?
  14. 14. Offers: Demo is best in terms of leads and
  15. 15. Too good to be true?
  16. 16. Sweepstakes vsContests
  17. 17. Landing Pages
  18. 18. Context
  19. 19. Legitimacy & Trust
  20. 20. Design
  21. 21. Research
  22. 22. Specificity
  23. 23. The Second Email
  24. 24. Email
  25. 25. Methodology
  26. 26. Metrics
  27. 27. Proxy Metrics
  28. 28. Engagement
  29. 29. Testing
  30. 30. We Know Data Changes Every 30 Minutes… 120 Business addresses 75 Telephone numbers 15 Company names 30 New businesses formed 10 Businesses closed 20 CEOs leave their jobsSouce: D&B
  31. 31. The Result? Bad Data is Stunting Your Growth Insufficient LeadsInaccurate & Incomplete Data Unproductive Reps Limited Insights in lost revenue due to bad data (Source: Gartner, CFO Advisory: Data Quality Overview, 7.29.2011)
  32. 32. Built Together: The Best Data, The #1 Sales AppLeading account and contact data inside the cloud Clean Market Sell
  33. 33. Marketers Transform Incomplete Data Into Actionable LeadsIncomplete Web Incomplete Web Form Daorm Data Incomplete Wcomplete Web Form Incomplete W Incomplete Web Clean Qualified Leads +27% +30% Data Quality Marketing Productivity Backfill Lead Forms to Deliver Complete Leads to Sales Lower Cost per Lead and Improve Inbound Marketing Campaigns Soar with Workflows and Automatic Data Cleaning Source: Customer Survey 3.29.2012
  34. 34. Thank you!