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OpenNTF Webinar, May 19, 2020

OpenNTF Webinar Series - Essential Projects You Want to Know About

Come join us and learn how OpenNTF projects can maximize Domino in your organization. In this webinar we will spotlight several popular projects. Whether you are a developer, admininstrator or manager you will see how these projects can maximize your return on your Domino investment.

Wine Tasting App - See how an old stodgy Notes client application was quickly turned into a mobile application using Nomad presented by Theo Heselmans.

DQL Explorer - This application will allow fast queries to huge Domino databases using the new Domino Query Language. This application is ready to deploy and is a great example of how to use LotusScript to do queries. Presented by Luis Guirigay.

OpenLog - this project allows for logging messages and errors in one common log database regardless of the programming language. Why search in 5 different logs to find out why your application is failing? Presented by Paul Withers.

NSF ODP Tooling - Create an application without Designer? Add to Eclipse to support autocompletion? Export an NSF to an ODP (On Disk Project)? Learn how to bring your Domino development tooling into the modern ages using Maven presented by Jesse Gallagher.

OpenNTF Domino API - Get the latest status on this project presented by Jesse Gallagher.
The recording of this webinar is at

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OpenNTF Webinar, May 19, 2020

  1. 1. OPENNTF WEBINARS Spotlight on OpenNTF Projects - Make the most of Domino!
  2. 2. AGENDA • Welcome – Howard Greenberg • About OpenNTF – Graham Acres • Wine Tasting App - Theo Heselmans • DQL Explorer - Luis Guirigay • OpenLog - Paul Withers • NSF ODP Tooling - Jesse Gallagher • OpenNTF Domino API - Jesse Gallagher • Closing and what’s next – Howard Greenberg
  3. 3. ASKING QUESTIONS • First Question – Will this be recorded? • Yes, view on YouTube!!! • • Use the Questions Pane in GoToWebinar • We will get to your questions at the end of the webinar • The speakers will respond to your questions verbally • (not in the Questions pane)
  4. 4. THANKS TO THE OPENNTF SPONSORS • HCL contributed $25,000 to help our organization • Funds these webinars! • Contests like Hackathons • Running the organization • Prominic donates all IT related services • Cloud Hosting for OpenNTF • Infrastructure management for HCL Domino and Atlassian Servers • System Administration for day-to-day operation
  5. 5. OPENNTF BOARD MEMBERS Name Company Roles Christian Güdemann WebGate Consulting AG Board Chairman Adam Foster Oval Business Solutions Board Member Fredrik Norling QNova Systems AB Board Member Jesse Gallagher I Know Some Guys Board Member Doug Robinson Prominic.NET Board Member Howard Greenberg TLCC Board Member Nina Wittich Syngenio AG Board Member Graham Acres Brytek Systems Ltd Board Member Dan Dumont HCL Board Member Oliver Busse We4IT Board Member Paul Withers HCL Board Member Serdar Basegmez Developi Information Systems Board Member
  6. 6. HISTORY OF OPENNTF • OpenNTF is a strong brand • OpenNTF is well known to developers in the Collaboration / XPages / Domino / Notes Community • GitHub • Very active on Stack Overflow • Slack as a support forum for many years • Many different initiatives including Snippets, • Guides and Documentation
  7. 7. OPENNTF 2020 • HCL Strategic Partnership with OpenNTF • Expand into new areas of HCL Digital Solutions portfolio • Volt • Continue our history of supporting community events • Continue our history of supporting community contests • Continue to host trusted solutions but with an expanded view • Developers, Admins, End Users • More options for access to solutions • Traditional sites • HCL Solutions Factory • Wiki • Project to raise the profile of the projects most used by the community – and you will be able to vote for your favorites • Coming Soon:
  8. 8. THIS IS OUR COMMUNITY • Join us and get involved! • We are all volunteers • No effort is too small • If your idea is bigger than you can do on your own, we can connect you to a team to work on it • Test or help or modify an existing project • Write guides or documentation • Add reviews on projects / stars on Snippets
  9. 9. Make your Notes Client apps look great on a mobile device using HCL Nomad 1 Theo Heselmans, Xceed
  10. 10. About Theo Heselmans ▪Doing IBM® Notes® Development & Project Mgt. for more than 20 years! ▪Independent consultant since 2001 for Xceed ▪Coordinator of the Engage User Group for over 10 years ▪ ▪I like wine and other beverages too ▪ Twitter: @theoheselmans ▪ Email: 2
  11. 11. @theoheselmans Agenda ▪Why developing for a Touch Device ? (like the iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet) ▪Main Advantages ▪'Classic' Notes apps work (unmodified) in Nomad, but... ▪We can do better than this! ▪How did we do it? 3
  12. 12. @theoheselmans Mobile Devices ▪More and more devices with Touch interface ▪iPad, Android and Windows 10 ▪Tablets are practical ▪ Easy and lightweight to carry around ▪ Big screen real estate ▪ Great User Experience ▪Smartphone are ubiquitous, but tough to design for 4
  13. 13. @theoheselmans HCL Nomad ▪Run any Notes App on your Tablet or Phone unmodified ▪Embed images from Library or Camera, use GPS ▪Supports @Formulas and LotusScript unmodified ▪Complex forms and Logic works ▪Built-in Replication for offline use ▪Uses the user's ID, so easy security/policy 5
  14. 14. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 1.0 ▪Navigator ✴Efficient but boring ▪Categorized Views ✴Small for big fingers ▪Typical Form ✴Overloaded, fonts too small, header too big 6
  15. 15. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Startup Page 7 iPad <-> iPhone
  16. 16. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Views with Filters 8 iPad <-> iPhone
  17. 17. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Graphical Drill Down 9 iPad <-> iPhone
  18. 18. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Views with Hierarchical Filters 10
  19. 19. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Structured Forms 11 iPad <-> iPhone
  20. 20. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Structured Forms 12
  21. 21. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Structured Forms 13 iPad <-> iPhone
  22. 22. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Structured Forms 14
  23. 23. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 Use Built-in app: Maps 15 iPad <-> iPhone
  24. 24. @theoheselmans ▪ Use @Platform for the OS: e.g. "iOS", "Windows/32" ▪ Use @Platform([Specific]) as it returns: OS : OS version : Device : DeviceType on iPad: "iOS" : "13.1" : "iPad" : "iPad11,4" on iPhone "iOS" : "13.1" : "iPhone" : "iPhone10,6" on Windows 10 "Windows/NT" : "6.2" : "Tablet PC Edition" : "ServicePack 0" Example: @Platform([Specific]) = "iPhone" ▪ Use specific forms / subforms / views per device (or OS) 16 Wine Tastings 2.0 How to distinguish between devices
  25. 25. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 How did we do it: Startup Page ▪Use a Page (on a 1 frame Frameset) ▪Structure with Tables ▪Background images per cell ▪Big text with Hotspots ▪Link to Pages, Framesets or Forms ▪Alternative: bigger image with hotspots on top, or layers 17
  26. 26. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 How did we do it: Views with Filters ▪Frameset with - Form - Form with Embedded View - and Preview Pane 18
  27. 27. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 How did we do it: Filters ▪Form with Embedded View ▪Filter(s) with - Dropdowns - or Buttons ▪Embedded View with - Single Category 19
  28. 28. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 How did we do it: Structured Form ▪Navigator with icons - Double set: selected/unselected - Using Tabbed Table with Switch Rows Programmatically 20
  29. 29. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 How did we do it: Form Buttons ▪Action Bar - Custom (iOS) Icons - Align Left or Right - Minimal number of Buttons - Show only Icon ▪The @URLOpen opens up the Native iOS Maps app 21
  30. 30. @theoheselmans Wine Tastings 2.0 New in Notes/Domino v11 ▪Action Button - Show up Bottom-Right - Pops up selection ▪Right mouse menu - long press on document in view ▪Hide 'On Mobile' is active ▪Swipe Left/Right - currently not implemented in Nomad 22
  31. 31. @theoheselmans That's it Thanks for Joining In Download the App & Extended Presentation from OpenNTF 23
  32. 32. Copyright © 2019 HCL Technologies Limited | DQL Explorer
  33. 33. Copyright © 2019 HCL Technologies Limited | DQL Explorer 2 Why ….. (Original intent) - Data reporting and charting capabilities - Test your DQL code on the fly - Export your data - Take advantage of JavaScript Reporting mechanisms
  34. 34. Copyright © 2019 HCL Technologies Limited | DQL Explorer 3 Where - er/summary
  35. 35. Copyright © 2019 HCL Technologies Limited | DQL Explorer 4 Future - DQL Explorer to remain an Open Source utility - You’re the future
  37. 37. Jesse Gallagher, May 2020 NSF ODP TOOLING
  38. 38. @Gidgerby — JESSE GALLAGHER
  39. 39. I have a large client project that involves OSGi plugins, deployment instructions, and a dozen NSFs Maven allows me to create a distribution ZIP …but this required making binary copies of the NSFs each time they’re updated It’s time-intensive, it’s error-prone, and binary blobs make Git angry I set out to automate the whole process THE ORIGINS
  40. 40. “Headless Designer” mode has shipped with Designer for a while now Christian Güdemann wrote a Maven wrapper However: Windows-only UI automation is extremely fault-prone Fiddliness of plugin installation means dedicating an active-UI Windows VM THE ORIGINS
  41. 41. ODP -> NSF Compilation NSF -> ODP Export NTF Deployment (Experimental) IDE Support Designer-esque project layout in Eclipse Code/Java editing with full classpath in Eclipse DXL and XSP auto-complete in Eclipse and Visual Studio Code WHAT IT DOES
  42. 42. ODP COMPILATION Maven plugin to compile an ODP, optionally using update sites and non-OSGi JARs No Designer required! Runs locally or using a remote Domino server
  43. 43. Equivalent to Designer’s “Associate with on-disk project” export Maven plugin that exports from a local or remote database Also no Designer required! Runs locally or using a remote Domino server ODP EXPORT
  44. 44. Deploys an NTF (usually a build result) to a remote Domino server Still in progress, but works in certain setups Will get better with work or with HCL making the replace-design API available NTF DEPLOYMENT
  45. 45. IDE SUPPORT Eclipse plugin to organize project contents in a way similar to Designer Configures the XPages portion to use Eclipse’s PDE to resolve OSGi and embedded dependencies Allows for working with Code/Java elements like a normal Java project
  46. 46. DXL AND XSP AUTOCOMPLETE Uses the official DXL schema that ships with Domino Uses home-brewed schemas for the effectively- static XPages components Uses the XML Language Server implementation shared between Eclipse and Visual Studio Code And any future IDE that opts in!
  47. 47. Jesse Gallagher, May 2020 OPENNTF DOMINO API
  48. 48. Still chugging along We switched to a “match the Domino release” strategy starting with R10 We release an update for the handful of new methods added each release We also work in some bug fixes and improvements here and there For the time being, it achieved its core goal and is intended to be slow-moving ODA STATUS
  49. 49. NEXT WEBINAR • June, 2020 • HCL’s Richard Jefts will provide an update on product directions and strategy • More details to come • Stay informed at
  50. 50. QUESTIONS? Use the GoToWebinar Questions Pane