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Ofman’s theory

Create your core quadrant

Business and IT Worlds

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Core Quality

  1. 1. Core Quality Business & IT Worlds Kharkov 4 April 2014 Business Process Modeling PhD Olya Zakharova
  2. 2. Ofman’s Theory
  3. 3. Ofman’s Theory
  4. 4. Ofman’s Theory
  5. 5. Core Quality • A core quality is a specific strength that characterizes you • It is a strong and positive personal quality • It makes you what you are • It is one of the first things people say about you when they are asked to describe you • Each person has at least one core quality
  6. 6. Examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational More ideas: considerateness, carefulness, courage, orderliness, flexibility
  7. 7. Pitfall • Your pitfall goes hand-in-hand with your core quality • It is the distortion of your core quality when you show too much of it • It is the reversed side of the medal, your quality becomes a weakness
  8. 8. Examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational Helpful becomes meddling. Careful becomes fussy. Flexible becomes capricious.
  9. 9. More eexamples
  10. 10. Challenge • Your challenge is the positive opposite of your pitfall • It is a positive quality that you should show more often • It is a quality you often recognize and admire in others • This quality is needed to keep your core quality well-balanced
  11. 11. Examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational
  12. 12. Core Quality & Challenge The core quality and the challenge are complementary qualities. The objective is to strike a balance between the two. If the challenge is underdeveloped, the core quality must be improved to find the balance. Example: It is not necessary to become less decisive, but to develop more patience, resulting in a patient decisiveness without nagging. Or: find a balance between flexibility and orderliness.
  13. 13. Allergy • Your allergy is the negative opposite of your core quality • Most people are allergic to their own challenge recognized in other persons • You can get into conflict with people that are in your allergy zone, especially when that person is the personification of that behavior you detest
  14. 14. Examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational
  15. 15. More examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational
  16. 16. More examples • You are decisive • You are modest • You are rational
  17. 17. Core Quadrant You can visualize your core quality, pitfall, challenge, and allergy in a Core Quadrant
  18. 18. Core Quadrant
  19. 19. Core Quadrant
  20. 20. Example: Decisiveness
  21. 21. Super Quadrant
  22. 22. Personal Development
  23. 23. Personal Development
  24. 24. Interaction between people
  25. 25. Relation with others • Everybody has core qualities, therefore everybody has pitfalls • Your allergy is the other person’s pitfall! • So if you are allergic to somebody’s behavior, consider it as the other person’s pitfall. Then try finding the quality behind it. You might be able to improve your relationship with that person
  26. 26. Visualize relation with others
  27. 27. Relation with others Try showing more of your challenge when you notice somebody is allergic to your behavior.
  28. 28. You can bring balance by:
  29. 29. Business & IT Worlds
  30. 30. Core Quality
  31. 31. A core quadrant for an IT person
  32. 32. A business person
  33. 33. There are two potential clashes
  34. 34. The confrontation between the characters
  35. 35. Create your Core Quadrant
  36. 36. You can start in any part – Start an inventory of your strong points and elaborate by defining your pitfall, challenge, and allergy. – Have others told you what they often dislike about you? That might be your pitfall. Look for the positive quality behind it and continue by determining your challenge and allergy.
  37. 37. Create your Core Quadrant – You might already know some of your challenges. Try finding the positive quality behind them and describe the accompanying pitfall and allergy. – Is there somebody that immediately pops up in your mind when you talk about your allergies? Try describing the positive things of that person and discover what it says about you.
  38. 38. Your Core Quadrant
  39. 39. Core Qualities
  40. 40. Using your core quadrant • Put your own behavior and that of others into perspective • Improve your relationship with colleagues • Prepare yourself for job interviews • Define challenges to improve these qualities, for instance for your personal development plan
  41. 41. My Core Quality 1. Responsibility 2. Leadership 3. Perfectionism 4. Creativity
  42. 42. Yours
  43. 43. E-mail: Skype: harizmalife Cell: +38 050 401 33 35 PhD Olya Zakharova