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7 Generation Z Trends Impacting Consumer Brands In 2016


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Is your brand targeting tween, teen, and young adult market segments? This Slideshare provides 7 trends with actionable insights your brand will benefit from.

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7 Generation Z Trends Impacting Consumer Brands In 2016

  2. 2. Through Youthvine, we access an influential community of over 1,000 young consumers (ages 9-18) nationwide in an open dialogue, asking the right questions and engaging them with innovative co-creation projects. Over the years, our process continues to reveal the unspoken truths and moments of inspiration that help brands cultivate relevance with young people. We hope you enjoy these 7 insightful trends selected from our Q4 study. Stay In-Tune & Ahead Of Future Opportunities
  3. 3. 1 I Influencer Marketing: Ain’t A Quick Fix The bar is rising higher than ever to become a valuable online influencer and, at the same time, more challenging for brands to partner with them. This is partly because of reduced feed visibility on popular social platforms, combined with record numbers of young people aspiring to be famous. Gen Z filters out one-off promotional posts, and obvious sales offers, making it essential for brands to work smarter with influencers. Influencers also expect to be compensated for their content machine. Gone are the days where a promise of “exposure” is enough to grab a YouTuber or IGer (Instagrammer) for your brand. Bottom Line: For brands to succeed, it is important to know where to look for influencers, have meaningful strategies to form business relationships with them, and create experiences that will inspire influencer audiences. 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 1 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM YOUTUBER: TYLER OAKLEY
  4. 4. 2 I Virtual Reality Becomes Gen Z Normality Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook) and other emerging players like Samsung, Disney/Lucasfilm and Google Cardboard will continue to bring this game changing technology to the mass market, creating an entire new platform for immersive entertainment content. Fusion, a news channel geared towards Millennial and Gen Z viewers (owned by Disney), recently announced that it was going to create VR news experiences. Marriott and other brands are actively pursuing VR focused marketing opportunities to woo Gen Z and Millennials. Bottom line: We’re banking on Gen Z to quickly adopt consumer VR as a “normal” and seamless part of their already digitally and social media infused lives. 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 2 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM GOOGLE CARDBOARD
  5. 5. 3 I Who’s Calvin? Gen Z Expects A Better Blend of Underwear Move over socks, underwear is taking center stage and will be one of the hottest apparel products, especially with Gen Z boys. For retailers, it’s just another item to stay ahead of the game on by selecting brands like Ethika, Stance, and new smaller companies entering the category. Bottom Line: For brands targeting youth outside of the apparel industry, this new underwear trend represents a unique opportunity for lucrative collaborations, licensing, and cross-promotional marketing. 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 3 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM STANCE SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR
  6. 6. 4 I Goodbye USTREAM. 
 Hello Periscope Second generation live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat or Twitch are easily downloaded on their smartphones. Generation Z is rapidly flocking to niche live streaming video social networks for real-time interaction with people from around the world. For example, on YouNow, young people are firing up their phones, raking in the views and likes by broadcasting just about anything—from music to dancing, comedy, video gaming and yes, even the #sleepingsquad! Bottom Line: It’s in-the-moment socializing and gaming that epitomizes Generation Z, with the convergence of diverse interests, and desire to avoid social networks with a high “parent factor.” 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 4 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM YOUNOW LIVESTREAMING PLATFORM
  7. 7. 5 I Talk Talk: The Rise Of Anonymous Social Voice Apps We think voice-based social talking apps like Orbi, Parlor, Tings and YouVoice are poised to explode in popularity in 2016. Think of these anonymous voice apps like a voice version of ChatRoulette. Open the app, pick a topic and you are randomly connected into one-to-one private conversation with someone from anywhere in the world. Bottom Line: We think there’s an opportunity here for marketers to use social voice apps in a creative and fun ways to engage and interact with Generation Z. 5 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 TINGS SOCIAL VOICE APP
  8. 8. 6 I In Sync: Constant Connectivity Gen Z is the first generation raised with almost constant connectivity. So it’s only logical to Gen Z consumers that everything from clothes, mobile payments, watches or even a car—should interact with each other. For example, artists and designers have now embraced the movement toward wearables and are creating unique, youth-relevant collections that keep Gen Z in style while making their lives that much easier. Bottom Line: Be on the lookout for phone charging athleisure pants and gear. Watch Google and Levi’s transformation of classic styles into tech platforms that function like a smartwatch and clothes that can make payments. 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 6 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM JOE’S JEANS
  9. 9. 7 I Design Thinking: Gen Z Expects Collaboration Brands poised to win with Gen Z are deepening their connection with consumers through meaningful collaboration (co-creation). The voice of the customer is more powerful than ever and for brands targeting Gen Z. Bottom Line: Giving Gen Z customers the opportunity to collaborate with the creative masterminds at your brand is exactly the level of human engagement that inspires authenticity and creates remarkable brands young people love. 7 GEN Z TRENDS IMPACTING CONSUMER BRANDS IN 2016 IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM 7 COCA-COLA CO-CREATION CAMPAIGN
  10. 10. As 2015 draws to a close, and your company begins to focus on digital strategies and youth marketing initiatives in the new year, watch these, and many other new trends—emerge in 2016.
 CLICK LINK BELOW: IMMERSIVEYOUTH.COM Written by Yvonne Kwan, Derek Baird, and Gregg Witt We deliver solutions designed to inform strategy, inspire innovation and activate youth marketing initiatives that resonate with niche audience segments and mass market consumers. Give us a shout.