Retail consumer communication


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Retail consumer communication

  1. 1. Retail Consumer
 Communication" Creating effective transmedia communication channels
 in a digital & mobile retail environment. " Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  2. 2. Consumer behaviour has changed and so has the way we consume information." “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools …it happens when society adopts new behaviours.”
  3. 3. Less time, less money, less attention!" Economy"
  4. 4. Business Objective …to turn distraction into transaction
 •  Empower and excite people •  Create platforms for collaboration •  Facilitate sales, reward and participation
  5. 5. Retail Business and the Customer
  6. 6. “Clearly, the retail industry was one of the hardest hit by this year’s (2009) economic recession." But smart retailers that continually seek to better understand how they can serve their customers across channels and how they can engage with consumers that are already resourcefully using mobile phones in their shopping decisions will be better prepared to stay relevant and find additional revenue opportunities this new year.” 2009 Survey"
  7. 7. 40% of 18 to 29 year olds said they planned to use their mobile phones to make purchase decisions.
 45% to compare prices.
 32% want mobile vouchers.
 31% for product reviews. 2009 Survey"
  8. 8. 98.6% of your potential customers have Bluetooth enabled mobile phones." 78% of your potential customers regularly use Bluetooth to share content. Source: World Wide Worx 2009 Survey"
  9. 9. 68% of your potential customers use their mobile phones to browse online content." In the 18 to 34 year old category, the top 2 sites were:" Google
 Facebook" Source: Opera Mobile Browser 2009 Survey"
  10. 10. The conversation is going on whether you care to be involved or not." If you choose not to be involved, you lose control of the conversation about your product, your service, your brand, your organisation – you become irrelevant. Source: 2009 “ ”
  11. 11. Effective transmedia communication frequency creates interest 
 …and interest creates frequency." The Solution •  Create a behaviour modification platform that encourages consumers to willingly engage with brands. •  Integrate with social media to facilitate conversations around brands in a meaningful way. •  Leverage the online and location based conversations to increase frequency of customer visits and sales revenue.
  12. 12. Consumers are all cross channel surfers. Traditional media such as print, TV, radio and point of sale still have a strong role to play. However, the most pervasive, engaging and responsive channels are conclusively mobile and online." The Solution Mobile phone functionality allows consumers not only to engage with brand media, it also facilitates interaction. •  SMS •  MMS •  Mobile Browser •  Bluetooth •  GPS •  Camera applications Mobile Functions
  13. 13. SMS Shortcodes •  Simple mobile promotional entry mechanic with 100% reach. •  Consumer barrier to entry based on cost ranging up to R7.50 for SMS! •  Automated response to promotional draw entries makes the brand communication feel impersonal. •  Higher rates of interaction will be achieved if the return SMS has an added value incentive that uses a click-thru link to the brand mobi site where 2D barcode vouchers can be downloaded.
  14. 14. MMS Interaction •  Although content capabilities are vastly different, as a concept MMS is similar to SMS and this is a key component when considering user acceptance of the service. •  MMS has the same convenience and immediacy of SMS but with added features such as colour, audio, animation, and video, to deliver richer, more engaging messages including 2D barcode vouchers. •  MMS is used to push rich media to known recipients usually from an existing database. •  MMS can also be used to ‘send-in’ rich media to a brand promotion that requires photos, video, audio and text.
  15. 15. Bluetooth Media •  Bluetooth is used for short range rich media distribution to mobile phones from fixed or promoter worn Bluetooth units in-store or at events. •  The range can be from 1m to 25m. •  Content can be simultaneously downloaded to several mobile handsets and can include video, wallpapers / stills graphic, music / audio and instant win 2D barcodes. •  Downloads are free, secure and no personal consumer data in acquired from the transaction. •  Properly managed, Bluetooth is a highly compelling and effective way to engage and distribute multiple brand content to consumers at the point of sale.
  16. 16. Mobile Browsers •  Most mobile handsets are now WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled. •  A WAP browser provides all the basic services of a computer based web browser but simplified to operate within the restrictions of a mobile phone." - Email" - Instant Messaging" - Social Networking" - Search" - Music and video downloads and uploads" - banking" - News and entertainment" - 2D barcode voucher platform
  17. 17. GPS Location •  Location Based Services are available to many consumers through the GPS on their mobile handsets. •  The maps are provided by Google and Nokia as direction finders. •  Information is then ‘over-layered’ that provides consumers with additional data on the desired destination. •  The information can include, store locations, opening times, brands in stock, promotions, 2D vouchers or tickets and competitions. •  This information can be linked to social media platforms that provide recommendations and purchase preferences.
  18. 18. QR Codes •  QR or ‘Quick Recognition’ codes have been around for 20 years and were originally used to track stock. •  The mobile revolution has helped QR codes migrate, providing users with the ability to use their mobile phone camera in conjunction with a mobile phone application to access multiple forms of data about the featured brand, service or venue. •  QR codes provide links to online information including:" - Nutritional data" - Recipes and other products in the range" - Competitions and Promotions" - Mobile brand websites" - Vouchers (including 2D barcodes)"
  19. 19. Case Studies •  The following slides will help you put into context the use and mix of mobile functionality. •  The case studies do not cover all aspects of current or future mobile phone functionality. •  Each example sets out the brand objectives and the mobile solutions that helped them achieve their aims.
  20. 20. Case Studies - Starbucks •  Bluetooth •  Mobile Web Browser •  GPS Location Based Services •  2D QR codes •  The following mobile functions were employed in the case study example for Starbucks.
  21. 21. Starbucks •  Background •  The Starbucks Card platform is a cornerstone of Starbucks payment and customer loyalty strategy, accounting for over 15 percent of sales at retail stores. " As a result, the focus is on building the next-generation Starbucks Customer Loyalty on the mobile platform.
  22. 22. Starbucks •  Campaign Objectives •  Introduce technology that allows the brand to be closer to customers and offer benefits that are actually usable. •  To monitor and analyze the patterns of Starbucks clients in order to know them better and offer them more relevant benefits, better quality and service.
  23. 23. Starbucks – the solution •  Starbucks introduced a media awareness drive using POS, online and Bluetooth to engage customers about the new mobile 2D barcode loyalty card. •  The loyalty card is also a payment card that can be topped up from customer accounts.
  24. 24. Starbucks – the solution •  The new mobile loyalty card allows Starbucks customers to scan their mobile phones at the checkout counter to receive discounts, loyalty points and payments. •  A key ‘liking’ factor by customers was the instantly trackable points and the ability to remotely buy a friend a coffee using the Starbucks mobile payments platform.
  25. 25. Starbucks – the solution •  Starbucks “Quickorder” allows customers to order and pay for their coffee using their mobile phone. •  On confirmation of payment a 2D barcode is sent to the customer’s phone. •  The customer simply scans their 2D mobile barcode in the store to redeem their coffee. •  The introduction of the mobile loyalty system has provided Starbucks customers with the ability to fully interact and send ‘real’ gifts to friends on social media platforms such as:" - Brightkite" - Foursquare" - Gowalla" - Yipit" - Facebook
  26. 26. Starbucks – the solution •  Starbucks added a new FREE WiFi service to encourage their customers to interact with their friends and ‘talk-up’ the Starbucks brand. •  The Location Based social media site Brightkite, has partnered with Starbucks to offer rewards and incentives to regular visitors to Starbucks venues.
  27. 27. Case Studies - BMW •  Mobile Web Browser •  The following mobile functions were employed in the case study example for BMW’s Winter Tyre Campaign. •  MMS Multi Media Service
  28. 28. BMW – winter campaign •  Background •  BMW Germany, wanted to remind customers that snow tires are more of a necessity rather than luxury during winter in Germany. •  The company targeted those who had purchased a BMW in summer to visit a local dealership and buy a set of tires for their new vehicle. Only customers who had opted-in were contacted. •  Having created a mobile application earlier that year that let buyers customize an entire vehicle, BMW extended their mobile campaign through MMS to re-engage their database.
  29. 29. BMW – winter campaign •  Objectives •  Enhance the BMW Customer Service interaction. •  Build strong personal engagement with opted-in BMW customers based on safety, service and sincerity. •  Ultimately, BMW wanted customers to visit a dealership and purchase tires, and the intension is to make the conversion path as simple as possible. •  Generate response and conversation about the BMW brand and the customer experiences.
  30. 30. BMW – solution •  BMW used MMS to send a personalised message to just over 1200 customers. •  The MMS contained a link to an application that showed how different sets of tires would look on the customer’s car; listed their prices, hours of operation and contact information for BMW dealerships in the area.
  31. 31. BMW – winter campaign •  Results •  30.31% of those who received the message came to purchase snow tires from a BMW dealership. •  BMW generated over $180,000 in revenue, assuming that a set of snow tires retails for about $500. •  2.2% downloaded the application.
  32. 32. Case Studies - Guinness •  Bluetooth •  Mobile Web Browser •  GPS Location Based Services •  SMS Text-in •  The following mobile functions were employed in the case study example for Guinness.
  33. 33. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Background •  Guinness® had just become an official sponsor of the 3-day Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament. They wanted to create a strong and lasting connection between Guinness and the event in the mind of the consumer, making the brand synonymous with the Hong Kong Sevens. •  Many of the 20,000 overseas visitors to the Sevens are unsure where to go after the final whistle and can't communicate in Cantonese.
  34. 34. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Objectives •  Build strong awareness of Guinness Sports Sponsorship of the Hong Kong 7’s. •  Encourage consumer interaction and stimulate ticket sales to the event. •  Add significant and tangible value to the customers’ interaction with the Guinness brand that would leave a meaningful and lasting impression. •  Deliver mobile content that was useful, fun and engaging with a high viral effect.
  35. 35. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Solution •  Create the Guinness Passport to Greatness, the world's first talking mobile event guide that speaks Cantonese for you through your mobile's loudspeaker. •  Contained event match schedules, a city guide, useful Cantonese phrases, plus all the top spots to grab a Guinness. •  Application downloads were driven by a competition to win Sevens tickets.
  36. 36. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Solution •  SMS at the matches encouraged fans to download the Free Application and win prizes. •  Bluetooth content that included Wallpapers, video and a promotional call-to-action " was downloaded by Rugby" fans and general public.
  37. 37. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Solution •  The Application included: Main Menu, Bar Finder, useful ‘speaking’ Cantonese phrases and a range of phrases to have fun with.
  38. 38. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship •  Results •  Several thousand Rugby Fans downloaded the application during the week-long event. •  The campaign boosted Guinness sales by 30% year-on-year. •  Coverage of the campaign spread to the internet. •  Guinness mobile phone content delivered by Bluetooth for the campaign created a viral effect even amongst non Rugby Fans. •  Blogs mentioned it as far away as the UK and Brazil.
  39. 39. Case Studies – Playboy Deodorant •  Bluetooth •  Mobile Web Browser •  2D QR code scanning •  SMS Text-in •  The following mobile functions were employed in the case study example for Playboy Deodorant. Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  40. 40. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event •  Background •  One of the most hotly contested areas of youth product marketing is deodorants. •  The Playboy & Playgirl Deodorants VIP Playground tour was created to deliver innovative summer activations for Aspen Pharmacare. •  In conjunction with a text-in retail on pack promotion, Playboy and Playgirl promoters with wearable Bluetooth Hypertags were deployed in malls, on beaches and in clubs around the country to deliver stunning mobile content and prizes via Bluetooth at each event. Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  41. 41. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event •  Objectives •  To add new value to consumer interactions that would enhance the VIP Playground experience. •  Build further hype around the Playboy/Playgirl deodorant brand and tangible consumer contact. •  Capture interactions that are fully measurable on several data levels giving the brand full disclosure on the effectiveness of their activations. •  Increase the instance of Playboy & Playgirl product purchases during the critical holiday season and generate social media conversation. Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  42. 42. Playboy Deodorant •  Solution •  Playboy & Playgirl promoters used Bluetooth devices to deliver branded wallpapers, ringtones and instant prizes at selected venues around South Africa. •  Activations centered on:" - Malls" - Popular Beach Resorts" - Night Club Venues •  Instant prizes included:" - Discount vouchers" - Branded merchandise" - VIP tickets to “Playground” club events Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  43. 43. •  Solution •  Winners of Free “Playground” club event tickets simply scanned their 2D barcodes at the venue and entered their mobile phone number on the keypad. An instant SMS was sent back to the handset with a link to the Playboy & Playgirl mobile website. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  44. 44. •  Solution •  Playboy & Playgirl promoters with Bluetooth tags engaged customers in the club venues to download club style content and win further instant prizes. •  Promoters encouraged the party crowd to register on the mobile website to receive fresh information on the brand products, events, competitions and promotions. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  45. 45. •  Solution •  5fm DJ Erica Elle joined the line-up and MC'd through volleyball competitions, sand castle stand-offs and the crowd-pulling Mr and Miss Playboy/Playgirl contests on the beaches and at the night club venues. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  46. 46. •  Results •  Playboy & Playgirl Deodorants were voted #1 ahead of arch rival AXE in the Sunday Times South Africa’s Best Brands Research supplement. •  52% of the audience seen by the Bluetooth tags interacted and downloaded content to their mobile phone. Playboy Deodorant – VIP Event •  What the client said about Brandscape Marketing •  “ We were delighted with the results of the campaign. We created a truly lasting and rewarding interactive experience that is fully measurable and accountable." This is exactly the sort of engaging brand experience that our consumers are seeking and in a highly competitive market it is key to achieve stand out, not only to be different, but to be relevant in our target market’s lifestyle. " Our consumers are tech-savvy and the mobile phone is their preferred way to communicate and express themselves, this makes the use of mobile an invaluable addition in the delivery of our brand marketing strategy.” Copyright, Gordon Parkin, Brandscape Marketing Pty Limited, 2010
  47. 47. The traditional marketing model " we all grew up with is obsolete Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer,! Procter & Gamble! “ ”
  48. 48. Mass marketing today! is a mass mistake.! Larry Light, Chief Marketing Officer,! McDonalds! “ ”
  49. 49. What we’re going for more and more " will be developing compelling content." Some will be consumer-generated, some of it we’ll buy, some of it we’ll create ourselves. Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer,! The Coca-Cola Company! “ ”