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Wtf retail media


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Presented at the WTF10 Media Conference in Cape Town, 20 October 2010. Speaker notes are included with the presentation.

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Wtf retail media

  1. 1. SIMbiology the mobile lifestyle WTF Media Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, October 20, 2010.
  2. 2. My first mobile 99 pence and six vouchers from the SUN Newspaper UK
  3. 3. We are the new
  4. 4. 1,966,514,816
  5. 5. SIMbiology and consumerism
  6. 6. Retail Consumer Communication
  7. 7. Consumer behaviour has changed and so has the way we consume information. “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools …it happens when society adopts new behaviours.”
  8. 8. Less time, less money, less attention! Economy
  9. 9. Business Objective …to turn distraction into transaction • Empower and excite people • Create platforms for collaboration • Facilitate sales, reward and participation
  10. 10. Retail Business and the Customer
  11. 11. “Clearly, the retail industry was one of the hardest hit by this year’s (2009) economic recession. But smart retailers that continually seek to better understand how they can serve their customers across channels and how they can engage with consumers that are already resourcefully using mobile phones in their shopping decisions will be better prepared to stay relevant and find additional revenue opportunities this new year.” 2009 Survey
  12. 12. 40% of 18 to 29 year olds said they planned to use their mobile phones to make purchase decisions. 45% to compare prices. 32% want mobile vouchers. 31% for product reviews. 2009 Survey
  13. 13. 98.6% of potential customers have Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. 78% of potential customers regularly use Bluetooth to share content. Source: World Wide Worx 2009 Survey
  14. 14. 68% of potential customers use their mobile phones to browse online content. In the 18 to 34 year old category, the top 2 sites were: Google Facebook Source: Opera Mobile Browser 2009 Survey
  15. 15. The conversation is going on whether you care to be involved or not. If you choose not to be involved, you lose control of the conversation about your product, your service, your brand, your organisation – you become irrelevant. Source: 2009 “ ”
  16. 16. Effective transmedia communication frequency creates interest …and interest creates frequency. The Solution Customer Mobile Experience Mobile Advertising On-Demand Ticketing, Loyalty & Rewards Text Based Promotions, Games & Utility Mobile Payments Time & Location Aware Incentives Social Network Integration Mobile Website
  17. 17. Mobile Functions Solution Mobile phone functionality allows consumers not only to engage with brand media, it also facilitates interaction. • SMS • MMS • Mobile Browser • Bluetooth • GPS • Camera applications
  18. 18. SMS Shortcodes
  19. 19. MMS Interaction
  20. 20. Bluetooth Media
  21. 21. Mobile Web Browsers
  22. 22. GPS Location Services
  23. 23. QR Code Application
  24. 24. Case Studies
  25. 25. Starbucks • Bluetooth • Mobile Web Browser • GPS Location Based Services • 2D QR codes
  26. 26. Starbucks – the solution • Cross channel media awareness • Put the physical card on the mobile
  27. 27. Starbucks – the solution • The new mobile loyalty card allows Starbucks customers to scan their mobile phones at the checkout counter to receive discounts, loyalty points and payments.
  28. 28. Starbucks – the solution • Starbucks “Quickorder” allows customers to order and pay for their coffee using their mobile phone. • On confirmation of payment a 2D barcode is sent to the customer’s phone. • The customer simply scans their 2D mobile barcode in the store to redeem their coffee.
  29. 29. Starbucks – the solution • Starbucks added a new FREE WiFi service to encourage their customers to interact with their friends and ‘talk-up’ the Starbucks brand.
  30. 30. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Bluetooth • Mobile Web Browser • GPS Location Based Services • SMS Text-in
  31. 31. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Objectives • Awareness • Interaction around ticket sales • Create a lasting customer experience • Use mobile to deliver fun and functionality
  32. 32. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Solution • Create the Guinness Passport to Greatness, the world's first talking mobile event guide that speaks Cantonese for you through your mobile's loudspeaker.
  33. 33. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Solution • Get fans to download the Guinness Passport application using SMS and Bluetooth at the matches.
  34. 34. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Solution • The Application included: Main Menu, Bar Finder, useful ‘speaking’ Cantonese phrases and a range of phrases to have fun with.
  35. 35. Guinness – Sports Sponsorship • Results • Guinness mobile phone content delivered by Bluetooth for the campaign created a viral effect even amongst non Rugby Fans. • Blogs mentioned it as far away as the UK and Brazil.
  36. 36. The traditional marketing model we all grew up with is obsolete Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble “ ”
  37. 37. Mass marketing today is a mass mistake. Larry Light, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonalds “ ”
  38. 38. What we’re going for more and more will be developing compelling content. Some will be consumer-generated, some of it we’ll buy, some of it we’ll create ourselves. Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company “ ”
  39. 39. Gordon Parkin Brandscape Marketing Pty Ltd Cape Town, South Africa