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Finding Dollars in a Desert - Fundraising in Tough Times - GoalBusters Consulting


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In a challenging economy, people make tough decisions about where they spend their dollars. How do economic realities and personal perceptions affect the nonprofit sector? Some decide to give less to each organization they support. Others may choose to stop giving to certain organizations. How do they make these decisions? What efforts can you take to minimize the impact on your organization?

In this interactive session, GoalBusters Consulting's Alice Ferris and Jim Anderson discuss:
-Economic realities for charities nationwide and locally
-"The Perfect Storm"
-Strategies to minimize or avoid these economic pressures
-What to do (and please DON'T do) when a donor says, "I can't contribute now"
-Six things you can do now to stabilize your organization and empower your team
-How to find the "oasis in the desert." Ten practical strategies for successful fundraising regardless of economic conditions.

(Recently hosted by the Yuma Area Nonprofit Institute (YANPI) and Arizona Western College, at the AWC College Community Center (3C) in the Schoening Conference Center, Yuma, Arizona.)

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Finding Dollars in a Desert - Fundraising in Tough Times - GoalBusters Consulting

  1. 1. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Alice Ferris, MBA, CFRE Jim Anderson
  2. 2. What are you Afraid of?
  3. 3. Funding Sources Corporations Bequests $15.69 - 5% $23.15 - 7% Foundations $38.52 - 13% Individuals $229.03 - 75% Total Giving: $308 Billion 2008 US Contributions Data Source: Giving USA 2009
  4. 4. Foundation & Corporate Estimated drop in foundation assets 22% at end of 2008 Expected reduction in grant making for 2009: 10% Corporate giving also down - Why? Perception for some, reality for others
  5. 5. AFP 2008 State of Fundraising Report 39.7% reported giving was down in 2008 compared to 2007, the highest level since 2002. Only 45.9% reported giving up from 2007 to 2008, compared to prior report 65.3% and high of 69% in 2006 2009 to date: 51% of charities responding reported that giving was down from 2008
  6. 6. “Perfect Storm” Declining revenue Increasing costs (health care) Declining endowments/investment portfolios Restricted credit markets Decreased audience for some (less revenue) or increased audience for others (can't handle increased load)
  7. 7. SO WHAT DO WE DO?? Choose your attitude “Business is neither good nor bad “out there” It’s either good or bad between your own two ears. - Zig Ziglar
  8. 8. Overall Concepts Focus staff on what the organization can control, to build confidence and address short-term problems Use the turmoil to start discussions about business model innovations and new initiatives
  9. 9. Overall Concepts Ensure leaders communicate a clear and consistent message to every set of employees they meet with Maintain pride in the organization's mission DuPont's CEO, Ellen Kullman: “People start thinking our mission is to reduce cost. That's a tactic, that's not our mission."
  10. 10. What’s Working Conservative financial Prior diversification of management funding Strong community support Effective fundraising Extraordinary board or Increased government staff (Herculean efforts) funding Increased demand for Specific local economic services (Human services, public conditions benefit) Luck Effective strategic planning Effective advocacy efforts Johns Hopkins Study, April 2009 Center for Civil Studies Entrepreneurship
  11. 11. What Can We Control Financial Management Practices Clear and consistent marketing to the community Maintain pride Reward your team for Herculean efforts Re-examine but don't throw out the strategic plan Expand your funding mix
  12. 12. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Focus on Annual Giving Donors
  13. 13. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Rethink Your Major Gifts Program
  14. 14. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Find New Pockets of Government Funding
  15. 15. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Renew and Acquire Foundation Support
  16. 16. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Renew and Acquire Corporate Support
  17. 17. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Create Memorable Meaningful Special Events
  18. 18. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Start or Expand Revenue Generating Programs
  19. 19. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Introduce or Expand e-Philanthropy
  20. 20. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Develop or Nurture Partnerships with other Nonprofits to Conserve Resources and Create Opportunities
  21. 21. ind ing F Dollars in the Desert Financial Management Practices
  22. 22. Questions?