To Go or Not to Go Social? A Strategic Approach to Social Media


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Social Media is exactly what its name stands for: a medium to reach the public. By no means, it substitutes Marketing Communication Strategy, and Overall Company Strategy. This presentation is discussing those topics in relation to Hotels, as it was presented at the annual XENIA Fair, Athens, Greece on 27th of Oct. 2011.

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To Go or Not to Go Social? A Strategic Approach to Social Media

  1. 1. Online Strategy To go or not to go Social? Dr. Georgia Zouni Phd University of PiraeusAthens University of Economics and Business & University of Kent, Invited Lecturer OpenTourism Co-Founder Tourism Summer School Head of Academic Committee
  2. 2. The questionfor today? XENIA 27/11/2011
  3. 3. XENIA 27/11/2011
  4. 4. To go Social or not to go? XENIA 27/11/2011
  5. 5. Why bother?XENIA 27/11/2011
  6. 6. Based on the data from participating countries,we make the following assumption.
  7. 7. >600 millionpeople usesocial networksat least daily
  8. 8. >50% followbrands onsocial media.
  9. 9. Following brands | Europe in perspectiveEurope has the lowest share ofbrand fans, 51%. CompareIndia: 70% follows a brand. Brand followers 51% 60% Average no. of brands 9,3 12,2 followed 57% 62% 20,2 7,9 70% 15,6 55% 19,6 55% 8,3 N Europe = 5613 / F = If member of social network(s)
  10. 10. So...To go Social or not to go? XENIA 27/11/2011
  11. 11. XENIA 27/11/2011
  12. 12. XENIA 27/11/2011
  13. 13. XENIA 27/11/2011
  14. 14. XENIA 27/11/2011
  15. 15. XENIA 27/11/2011
  16. 16. XENIA 27/11/2011
  17. 17. 2009s Top 5 Dirtiest Hotels in the U.S:1. Hotel Carter, New York2. Continental Bayside Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida3. New York Inn, New York4. Eden Roc Motel, New Jersey5. Days Inn Cleveland Airport, Ohio XENIA 27/11/2011
  18. 18. Hotel Carter:"I think it would have been cleaner to sleepon the street.“"It should be shut down by the board ofhealth." XENIA 27/11/2011
  19. 19. sell sell sell #epicfailXENIA 27/11/2011
  20. 20. XENIA 27/11/2011
  21. 21. 1. Creating a Fan page and being inactive2. Too many wall posts in one day – Insane postingfrequency is saying “come UNLIKE me”.3. Not having conversations with fans- Having aconversation helps long-term relationship with fans.4. Deleting Negative comments- DO NOT delete negativecomments. Be responsive and human. Doing so positionsyour brand as one who LISTENS and also helps.5. No Strategy behind- Facebook is only a tool! If only youknoy why and how to use it , it can be profitable XENIA 27/11/2011
  22. 22. So what do you say to us finally?
  23. 23. Do not if: When there’s nothing you can say. When you have reason to fear what customers/ employees may say. When you can’t do anything with the input. XENIA 27/11/2011
  24. 24. XENIA 27/11/2011
  25. 25. XENIA 27/11/2011
  26. 26. XENIA 27/11/2011
  27. 27. XENIA 27/11/2011
  28. 28. XENIA 27/11/2011
  29. 29. XENIA 27/11/2011
  30. 30. XENIA 27/11/2011
  31. 31. StarbucksStarbucks has one of the best social mediastrategies out there. Now that it is giving awayfree WiFi, it is even more of a magnet for rovinglaptop warriors. And with 10 million Facebookfans, Starbucks is now close to surpassing theFacebook fan base of Lady Gaga.In terms of Twitter, Starbucks has nearly onemillion followers. XENIA 27/11/2011
  32. 32. XENIA 27/11/2011
  33. 33. 2 paths in Life: Learn it Hire IT XENIA 27/11/2011
  34. 34. The only way to reach the Customer Marketing SocialCompany Research Strategy Customer Media ποιοι πρέπει πώς πρέπει δράσεις να προσεγγιστούν να προσεγγιστούν XENIA 27/11/2011
  35. 35. The first step is Marketing ResearchNo Strategy plan, no communication strategy, andno social media strategy can be developed beforeidentifying who is your target marketOther internet page you will have to develop forRussian entrepreneurs and other for Germannaturalists! XENIA 27/11/2011
  36. 36. XENIA 27/11/2011
  37. 37. Marketing Research will answer the following: Travel planning and behaviour, Tourist Information Search Booking patterns Preferences and desires Evaluations Use of Social Media And much more!!! XENIA 27/11/2011
  38. 38. European Market 2011 Facebook Twitter MySpace LinkedInGender Male 47% 55% 51% 56% Female 53% 45% 49% 44%Age Age 15-24 24% 30% 33% 15% 25-34 25% 25% 26% 24% 35-54 35% 30% 31% 43% 55-99 16% 14% 11% 18% SmartphoneSmartphone Smartphone user 43% 58% 46% 59%Working situation Working situation Employed 58% 58% 54% 72% Student 13% 17% 18% 8% Not working 29% 26% 28% 21% N Europe = 5613 / F = If member of social network(s)
  39. 39. Brand usage 46%Following brands on Recommendation by friend 29%social media is driven Invitation by network contact 28%by the actual user Search engine 27%experience Advertising on social media 26% Online advertising 22% Buying intention 22% Invited by brand 18% Traditional advertisements 18%
  40. 40. People expect various actions of companies on social networks. Top Brand expectations Q : On social network sites, brands should… three consists of offering product information, promotions and announcing events. Europe Europe regions 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%...offer product information 58%...offer promotions 58%...announce events 57%...share ideas and provide updates on future products, services, etc. 53%...give feedback 52%...give the ability to order / purchase products / services 49%...surprise consumers 48%...offer the ability to take part in game / competitions 47%...start conversations with consumers 44%...give exclusive content 44%...invite consumers to co-create products / services 44%...give objective background information of the company (facts and 43%figures)...offer the possibility to directly interact with people behind the brand 43%...bring entertainment 38%...launch (advertising) campaigns 37% Europe...create brand groups of which consumers can become a fan on social 33% Westnetwork pages North...bring stories about the company culture 31% East South...create virtual characters or advertising icons 20% N Europe = 5613 / F = If member of social network(s)
  41. 41. Source: ITB, 2011XENIA 27/11/2011
  42. 42. Source: ITB, 2011XENIA 27/11/2011
  43. 43. Online Hotel Strategy
  44. 44. 3 Steps: Listen Get feedback, monitoring, research. Talk Be part of the community, spread the brand’smessages Support Travel-information online, dialogue with (potential)guests, differentiation through quality & design ofonline-services XENIA 27/11/2011
  45. 45. XENIA 27/11/2011 Listen
  46. 46. TalkXENIA 27/11/2011 Talk
  47. 47. XENIA 27/11/2011 Support
  48. 48. OLYMPIA CASE STUDYVisitor Behaviour Analysis & Strategy
  49. 49. XENIA 27/11/2011
  50. 50. Become Olympian Campaign XENIA 27/11/2011
  51. 51. The challenge- the experience Previous Olympia content came from the Ministry of Culture and was referring only to historical data and archaeological sites. Olympia was treated like an archeological site, whose visitors could simply visit the ancient stadium and the museum. Therefore, Ancient Olympia’s Hotel Union offers free accommodation every day, for families and friends, highlighting how Greek philoxenia remains a core Greek tradition!! Ancient Olympia is: the 1st destination in Greece launching a web campaign and, the 1st destination in the world offering free accommodation for everybody!XENIA 27/11/2011
  52. 52. XENIA 27/11/2011
  53. 53. Become OlympianStay for free in the birthplace of Olympic Gamesand meet history by entering the Olympian online Contest!Olympia offers every day a free room to the next Olympian that could be you!Experiment with the slider and experience the feeling of walking in the ancient stadium,visiting the museum and having fun at the nearby beaches!Why become an Olympian:Olympians win a free accommodation (including breakfast) for their friends or familiesin one of the city hotels, sponsored by the Ancient Olympia Hotels Union.Who can become an Olympian:If you have completed your 18th year and also have internet access and valid email address.How to become an Olympian:It’s easy! Just 4 clicks keep you away from the birthplace of Olympic Games, everyday!•Step 1: Enter the site•Step 2: Go to the contest page and answer a simple question (see right part of this page)•Step 3: Every Friday at 13.00 CET a draw will be held online at the and 7 winnerswill be instantly notified by an online announcement and by registered mail approximately one week after theirselection. (see Terms and Conditions)•Step 4: Come to Olympia and celebrate your historic victory by running in the ancient Stadium -like ancientOlympians did after their victory 3000 years ago!Now history is online and waiting for you! XENIA 27/11/2011
  54. 54. The Greek National Tourism Organization promotes the global become Olympian campaign
  55. 55. The first months’ results Visitors from 67 countries Average stay in site, 2,5 minutes 1500 unique visitors 70 winners (until today) over 4000 fans on Facebook page in Greek Tourism Organization main page,, with our content about Olympia Created a new web and destination social profile!!! XENIA 27/11/2011
  56. 56. The Impact MBA AUEB - 2011
  57. 57. Ancient Olympia before becomeolympian Past content came from the Ministry of Culture and was referring only to historical data and archaeological sites. Olympia was treated like an archeological site, whose visitors could simply visit the ancient stadium and the museum. There was no interaction and complete lack of any tourism identity for the destination. XENIA 27/11/2011
  58. 58. Ancient Olympia after becomeolympian Olympia contest page offers information about museums and sites, nature and sports, festivals and culture activities. Totally 30 places to visit. Visitors of will discover that Olympia offers one of the best experiences Greece can give. Olympia has a unique internet strategy, supported by the local Hotel Union, creating a new targeted brand. Olympia is being promoted by social media with becomeolympian in facebook, twitter and flickr ResultOlympia now is a destination. XENIA 27/11/2011
  59. 59. The Results so far"Become Olympian" World Campaign Official Page - Olympian at the Official portal of Greek EOT: - (6000 friendswith cost=0 when Athens with a campaing costing millionshas 13.400)Article atKathimerini XENIA 27/11/2011
  60. 60. The REAL Impact MBA AUEB - 2011
  61. 61. XENIA 27/11/2011
  62. 62. It’s all about experience! XENIA 27/11/2011
  64. 64. STRATEGY MBA AUEB - 2011
  65. 65. Be online what you are offline! XENIA 27/11/2011
  66. 66. Be online what you are offline! ΠΑΝΕΠΙ΢ΣΗΜΙΟ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩ΢Γεωργία Ζούνη, Τπ. Διδάκτωρ XENIA 27/11/2011
  67. 67. Connect with me: XENIA 27/11/2011
  68. 68. Opentourism as tourism should