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2020 Social 360 Degree Marketing Redux

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2020 Social approach deck on how consumer brands are putting online communities instead of TV commercials at the center of their 360 degree marketing campaigns.

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2020 Social 360 Degree Marketing Redux

  1. 1. 360° Marketing Redux 2020 Social: Because Business is Social @gauravonomics
  2. 2. Old 360° Marketing Campaigns TV  Step 1: Identify a brand message that represents the brand values  Step 2: Produce a TVC to communicate the brand message and adapt the Digital Print key visual to print etc.  Step 3: Buy ads to promote the message across channels  Step 4: Repeat with a In-Store TV Commercial Radio new TVC with a different creative twist on the brand message PR & Events Billboards Direct Mail
  3. 3. Old 360° Marketing Campaigns As TVC-centric campaigns don’t really The brand starts and build upon previous ends with zero campaigns… attention in spite of high ad spends. The old role of the campaign was to Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Campaign 3 maximize reach and Attention frequency of the brand message. Time
  4. 4. Saatchi & Saatchi: Lovemarks  Lovemarks are brands that score high on both love and respect  Three ingredients of love: mystery, sensuality and intimacy Source:
  5. 5. Seth Godin: Ideavirus  An ideavirus is an idea that spreads on its own, like a virus.  Similar to the “contagious idea” concept from Publicis Source:
  6. 6. Jyri Engestrom: Social Object  People don’t just connect to each other. They connect through a shared object.  A social object is an idea that connects people.  Related to Gaurav’s concept of Ideasliver: a social object that you can own. Source:
  7. 7. How To Scale Passion? The BIG question for organizations in the 21st century: how to convert Brands can scale the employees, partners and passion of their evangelists customers into evangelists? by building and nurturing (online) communities. Step 1: Identify Passion Step 2: Ignite Passion Step 3: Scale Passion Select a BIG lifestyle, Build a focused community Build scale by leveraging interest, or cause. around it. existing social platforms.
  8. 8. New 360° Marketing Campaigns TV  Step 1: Identify a big social object (lifestyle, interest or cause) that is connected with the brand values  Step 2: Build an online Digital Print community around the social object  Step 3: Create a campaign to energize evangelists across In-Store Community Radio channels  Step 4: Repeat with a connected campaign around the same social PR & Events Billboards object Direct Mail
  9. 9. New 360° Marketing Campaigns As community-centric campaigns build upon They add new layers to the work done in the the community each previous campaigns… time and grow attention over time. Content + Community + CRM Campaign 3 The new role of the Campaign 2 campaign is to recruit evangelists Campaign 1 Attention into the brand- hosted community. Time
  10. 10. New 360° Marketing Campaigns Brands need to commit to a community-centric Brands need to get strategy for the long content, community term to benefit. and CRM right to really connect campaigns. What How Campaign To attract Reason to Calendar evangelists participate Content To retain Opt-in & Calendar evangelists permission Community To grow Sharing Platform organically with friends CRM To direct Referrals & Program behavior rewards
  11. 11. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing Content + Community + CRM  One: From TVC-centric campaign to community- centric campaign Campaign 3  Two: From inside-out brand message to outside-in social object Campaign 2  Three: From standalone campaigns to a series of Campaign 1 campaigns that build upon Attention each other  Four: From standalone content pieces to permission-based content streams  Five: From linear ad- Time supported growth to viral organic growth Campaign To attract Community To grow  Six: From measuring Calendar evangelists Platform organically success based on reach and frequency to participation Content To retain CRM To direct Calendar evangelists Program behavior
  12. 12. 360° Marketing Case Study: Pepsi Refresh
  13. 13. Pepsi’s Super Bowl Love Affair  Pepsi spent $142 million on Super Bowl ads in the last decade  Most Pepsi Super Bowl ads were full music videos with top celebrities which went viral with million plus views on YouTube  Overall, Pepsi spends more than half its marketing budget on TV Source:
  14. 14. The Promise of PepsiCo  In 2009, PepsiCo committed to the promise of “performance with purpose”: delivering growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet. Source:,,
  15. 15. Pepsi: Moments to Movement Each of our beverage brands has a strategy and marketing platform that will be less about (creating) a moment, more about a movement. My primary role involves thinking about Frank Cooper, “How do we start Bonin Bough, Chief Consumer integrating social Global Director of Engagement Officer, media into the overall Digital and Social PepsiCo organization?" Media, PepsiCo
  16. 16. Pepsi Refresh Anthem  In January 2009, Pepsi launched its Refresh rebranding with a ‘Forever Young’ TVC featuring Bob Dylan and  Every generation refreshes the world. Now it’s your turn. Source:
  17. 17. Pepsi Refresh Everything  The earlier version of the Pepsi Refresh website showcased content and contests that focused on refreshing various aspects of popular culture. Source:
  18. 18. Pepsi Refresh Studio  In September 2009, Pepsi tied up with to launch a contest to create a user-generated video and music track of the single "La La La" from LMFAO. Source:
  19. 19. The Pepsi Refresh Project  In January 2010, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Refresh Project with a budget of $20m and an intent to support ideas that refresh local communities.  Based on the Pepsi Optimism Project (POP) Survey findings: Americans believe that the best ideas are more likely to come from "normal people" as opposed to public figures. Source:
  20. 20. Pepsi Refresh: One People TVC  The One People TVC for Pepsi Refresh aggressively promoted online.  However, Pepsi let go of its Super Bowl opening ad position for the first time in 23 years. Source:
  21. 21. Pepsi Refresh: Game Mechanics  Up to 1000 ideas can be submitted in six categories each month with voting in the next month. Each month is effectively a new campaign.  32 grants of $5k, $25k, $50k and $250k, totaling to $1.3m each month.  Leader board for the most popular ideas. Source:
  22. 22. Pepsi Refresh: Ambassadors  Respected thought leaders from GOOD act as Refresh Ambassadors (and community managers) in each category.  Pepsi also tied up with GOOD, Global Giving, Do Something and City Years as cause marketing partners. Source:
  23. 23. Pepsi Refresh: Blog  Written by six category ambassadors from Good.  Blog posts include a combination of announcements, how-to tips, case studies and grantee stories to energize and educate the community. Source:
  24. 24. Pepsi Refresh: Showcase  All funded ideas are showcased and their progress tracked on the idea blog. Source:
  25. 25. Pepsi Refresh: Virality  Contestants can promote their ideas via updates on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or via a widget on their blog or website.  The Pepsi Refresh voting app on Facebook shows ideas your friends support and has more than 50k users. Source:
  26. 26. Pepsi Refresh: Brand Website  The Pepsi brand website promotes the Pepsi Refresh Project along with other current brand promotions, most of which are thematically related to the Pepsi Refresh Project theme. Source:
  27. 27. Pepsi Refresh: Facebook  Customized landing tab on Facebook to showcase the highlights of the project. Source:
  28. 28. Pepsi Refresh: Facebook  Tab to showcase MTV VJ’s road trip across America to meet the Pepsi Refresh grant recipients. Source:
  29. 29. Pepsi Refresh: Facebook  Tab to showcase Pepsi Refresh Celebrity Challenge where Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon promoted their favorite causes. Source:
  30. 30. Pepsi Refresh: One Goal in Mind  In the run up to the FIFA World Cup, Pepsi Refresh tied up with the US soccer team to run a contest where three players promoted their favorite ideas Source:
  31. 31. Pepsi Refresh: NASCAR Contest  Pepsi Refresh ran a contest with NASCAR where three drivers promoted their favorite charities. Source:
  32. 32. Pepsi Refresh: Cherry Goodness  Pepsi Refresh contest where consumers can win $5000 for themselves and $5000 to support their favorite charity by finding one of the 100 specially marked Pepsi Cherry products. Source:
  33. 33. Pepsi Refresh: Results  Added 200k new Facebook fans in Super Bowl week.  Over 500k new Facebook fans by end May.  2m registered users by end-May.  5m unique visitors a month.  60,000 tweets (175 million Twitter impressions) by end-May. Source:
  34. 34. Pepsi Refresh: Canada  Pepsi is now starting the Pepsi refresh Project in Canada.  10 grants of $5k, $25k, $50k and $250k, totaling to $200k each month. Source:
  35. 35. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  One: From TVC-centric From campaign to community- centric campaign To
  36. 36. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  Two: From inside-out From brand message to outside-in social object To
  37. 37. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  Three: From standalone From campaigns to a series of campaigns that build upon each other To
  38. 38. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  Four: From standalone From content pieces to permission-based content streams To
  39. 39. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  Five: From linear ad- From supported growth to viral organic growth To
  40. 40. Six Shifts in 360° Marketing  Six: From measuring From success based on reach and frequency to participation To
  41. 41. 360° Marketing Case Studies: International
  42. 42. Coca-Cola: Expedition 206  In January 2010, Coca- Cola launched its Expedition 206 campaign.  Three chosen ‘Happiness ambassadors’ will tour 206 countries where Coca-Cola's is sold to seek out "what makes people happy" around the world.  They will attend events like the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the World Cup in South Africa and the World Expo in Shanghai and share their experiences on blog posts, tweets, videos, interviews and pictures. Source:
  43. 43. Benetton Its My Time  In 2010, Benetton launched a contest to find the models and creative talents like photographers to drive their next advertising campaign.  65000+ submissions later, Benetton has made the platform a permanent talent-based community.  It is now creating localized groups that will enable offline events around Benetton’s campaigns. Source:
  44. 44. Mountain DEW DEWmocracy  In July 2009, Mountain DEW launched the year long DEWmocracy campaign to ask its fans to select its next drink.  Fans selected three flavors, then split up into three flavor nations to create the colors, names, designs and advertising for their favorite flavors and promote them.  In July 2010, Mountain DEW launched White Out. Source:
  45. 45. Ford Fiesta Movement  In 2009, Ford launched a year long Fiesta Movement campaign in anticipation of the arrival of Ford Fiesta in the US.  In chapter 1, 100 selected ‘agents’ drove around the pre-launch Ford Fiestas for six months and shared their experiences on social networks.  In chapter 2, the agents split up into 20 groups across 16 cities and collaborated with local talent to create the Ford Fiesta advertising. Source:,
  46. 46. 360° Marketing Case Studies: Indian
  47. 47. Sunsilk Gang of Girls  In 2006, Sunsilk created the Gang of Girls community for young girls to connect with each other and discuss fashion and grooming.  The community has over 7,50,000 registered members but active users are low due to neglect. Source:
  48. 48. Tata Tea Jaago Re  From “waking up with tea” to “waking up as a citizen”.  Jaago Re catalyzed an entire ecosystem of citizen action initiatives during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and more than 650,000 first time voters registered to vote.  Later, Tata Tea re- launched Jaago Re as a social network for citizen action. Source:
  49. 49. TOI’s Lead India  In 2007-08, TOI launched Lead India as a talent hunt contest to find the next generation of Indian leaders.  In 2009, TOI launched Lead India ‘09 to engage Indian youth in the Lok Sabha elections. Source:
  50. 50. Aircel Save Our Tigers  In 2009, Aircel tied up with WWF to launch the Save Our Tigers campaign to promote awareness about tiger conservation.  Aircel Save Our Tigers has more than 200k fans on Facebook, but has been criticized for not creating any opportunities for action beyond pledging to save the tiger. Source:
  51. 51. Idea Cellular My Idea  Idea Cellular has built its marketing campaigns on the theme of “an idea can change your life”.  Idea’s ads with Abhishek Bachchan have focused on mobile phones changing how we look at caste relations, rural education, participatory governance and environmental sustainability.  During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Idea asked users to share their ideas that can change India via SMS. Source:
  52. 52. Godrej GoJiyo Virtual World  In 2010, Godrej created a browser-based 3D virtual world called GoJiyo to associate its aging brand with youth and innovation.  Gojiyo claims to have 1.25L registered users. Source:
  53. 53. Club Mahindra JiyoLife  In 2010, Club Mahindra launched JiyoLife to celebrate moments of joy.  Jiyolife has almost 38,000 fans on Facebook, but the microsite doesn’t really have community elements. Source:
  54. 54. Pepsi Youngistaan  Since 2008, Pepsi has been creating a series of high-engagement, but disconnected contests, under the Youngistaan umbrella.  Youngistaan has more than 152,000 fans on Facebook, but the microsite doesn’t really have community elements. Source:
  55. 55. Your Lays Flavor  In 2009, Lays launched the year-long ‘Your Lays Flavor’ campaign where it asked consumers to decide its new flavor.  The winner will get Rs. 50L plus 1% of the sales turnover from the new flavor. Source:
  56. 56. Ask Us How || @2020social @gauravonomics
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2020 Social approach deck on how consumer brands are putting online communities instead of TV commercials at the center of their 360 degree marketing campaigns.


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