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Trends in Travel, Tourism and Technology 2013


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A presentation for ICTT 2013 (International Conference on Travel Technology India) in Kovalam, Kerala. Most of the slides have notes as well.

Conference website:

My Tourism Currents team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality -

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Trends in Travel, Tourism and Technology 2013

  1. 1. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTourism TrendsSheila ScarboroughTourism Currents
  2. 2. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsWhat Well Talk About● Visuals● Mobile● Integrating social● The worlds #1 touristsource market: China
  3. 3. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTrend #1Visuals
  4. 4. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsVisuals in action:The Pure New Zealand website
  5. 5. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsWordsvs.Photos
  6. 6. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsWords:Boy balances onsurfboard, catches hisfirst wave in Hawaii#smshi
  7. 7. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  8. 8. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsVisual Content Explosion● Facebook● Blogs (especially Tumblr)● Flickr● Pinterest● Instagram● Foodspotting
  9. 9. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsVisual content:one photo usedmany ways
  10. 10. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  11. 11. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  12. 12. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  13. 13. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  14. 14. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsDo not forgetvideo#2 search engineis …. YouTube
  15. 15. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsYour next step to meetthis trend:Make your onlinecontent more visual(photos AND video)
  16. 16. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTrend #2Mobile
  17. 17. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  18. 18. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsFacebook will haveapproximately 1.14 billionmonthly active mobile users by2014.486 million of those will onlyaccess the network from theirmobile device.Source: JP Morgan &
  19. 19. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents38% of leisure travelers usemobile to access travel info(up from 11% in 2010)57% of business travelers usemobile to access travel info(up from 40% in 2010)Source: Google Think Insights 2012
  20. 20. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  21. 21. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsYour next step to meetthis trend:A mobile-friendlywebsite (& mindset)
  22. 22. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTrend #3Integration
  23. 23. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsDo you have a"TelephoneDepartment?"Do you have a"Director of Email?"
  24. 24. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  25. 25. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsYour next step to meetthis trend:Cross-train allemployees in socialcommunications
  26. 26. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTrend #4China
  27. 27. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  28. 28. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents"India is by some estimates the fastestgrowing travel destination forChinese travelers."Tnooz travel tech news site, February 2013"China’s expenditure on travel abroadreached US$102 billion in 2012, making itthe first tourism source market in theworld in terms of spending."UNWTO (U.N. World Tourism Organzation) April 2013
  29. 29. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  30. 30. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsYour next step to meetthis trend:Prepare online & offlinefor Chinese visitors
  31. 31. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsTakeaways● Show your story, dont tell it, withvisuals including video● Mobile: the web in customerspockets & purses● Integrate online & offline● Are you ready for China?
  32. 32. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsPhoto Credits● Typewriter (courtesy etharooni Flickr CC)● Quartz Hill track New Zealand (courtesy PhillipCapper Flickr CC)● Boy surfing: Waikiki Beach Services● Puzzle pieces (courtesy Mike Haynie Flickr CC)● COTTM booth (courtesy COTTM)● Chinese shopper at Bergdorfs (courtesy Kris Krug &Affinity China Flickr CC)● All other photos & screenshots are my own
  33. 33. @SheilaS@TourismCurrentsThanks very muchSheila Scarborough@SheilaSTourism