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Medical/ Wellness Tourism: is there an opportunity for Greece?


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This is my presentation at the 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, YPERIA 2015 took place in Amorgos Island, Greece from October 21st to 26th, 2015.

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Medical/ Wellness Tourism: is there an opportunity for Greece?

  1. 1. Medical tourism: marketing and prospects of an internationally developing special form of tourism OpenTourism Co-Founder // Tourism Summer School Academic Committee Dr. Georgia Zounni Phd Tourism Marketing Adjunct Lecturer University of Piraeus Athens University of Economics and Business & University of Kent
  2. 2. – Opentourism, co founder – E-learning in Management of Tourism Services – Tourism Summer Schools , co founder • 4 European Universities •Teaching Tourism Marketing at 4 State Universities •Member of the Medical Tourism National Committee of the Health Ministry of Greece Why am I here?
  3. 3. the question for today?
  4. 4. Medical/ Wellness Tourism: is there an opportunity for Greece/ Amorgos?
  5. 5. Luxury yachting Themed cruises Learning & education Gastronomy Short breaks Hotels grand comfort Incentive travel Corporate meetings Sightseeing touring Standard congresses Integrated resorts Nature & adventure Wellness Tourism A=8.5 C=2.5 HnH Tourism A=7,5 C: na Standard yachting Congresses Sea & land sports General interest cruises Sport Events Big Congresses Apartments Camping Hotel economyPrivate Accommodation +Attractiveness +Competitiveness Portfolio of Products for Greek Tourism (2004)
  6. 6. Travel today can be bad for your health A recent Columbia University study of business travelers found that frequent and extensive travel can even increase cardiovascular risk factors (obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) Richards, Catherine A. and Rundle, Andrew G. “Business Travel and Self-rated Health, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors.” Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 53.4 (2011): 358-363.
  7. 7. First of all Let’s define Health/Medical/Wellness Tourism
  8. 8. Terms A confusing array of terms such as ‘‘wellness tourism’’, ‘‘health tourism’’, ‘‘medical tourism’’, and ‘‘spa tourism’’ are used interchangeably, but often describe different concepts.
  9. 9. Medical+ Wellness=Health Tourism
  10. 10. Which kind is a more attractive industry to enter?
  11. 11. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Generations Online 2010 Finding health information online is the 3rd most popular activity following Email and Search
  12. 12. …the Reality The medical tourism market isn’t as large as reported! McKinsey, 2008
  13. 13. 2014
  14. 14. Which medical problems can be treated in Greece? Regenerative Medicine Renal Dialysis Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dental Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery Vision Correction Assisted Reproduction -IVFMedical Tourism
  15. 15. Ok Wellness Tourism for Greece, but HOW?
  16. 16. STRATEGY
  17. 17. Ορισμός • A value proposition is a hypothesis that your offering will bring certain values to a target • customer. * 2010, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Business Model Generation
  18. 18. 1. Know your Customer
  19. 19. Research Field
  20. 20. An ancient Greek religious site dating back 10 centuries B.C. The birth-place of the Olympic Games. The location of giant gold Statue of Zeus, one of seven wonders of the world Place where Olympic flame is still lit An UNESCO Heritage Site Ancient Olympia, Greece
  21. 21. Were they sleeping? Results
  22. 22. 18,4 15,8 13,2 13,2 10,2 7,1 5,3 18,9 32,6 14,7 3,2 17,9 7,4 3,2 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 UK French German Greek Italian Spanish Nederlands % NATIONALITY Visitors’ actual demographic profile Providers’ estimate of visitors’ profile Results
  23. 23. British Female Young (19-39) holds a university degree monthly income exceeds 3.000 euros. French Male Older uneducated Poorer that he really is. Results Outline The REAL Tourist of Olympia The PERCEIVED Tourist of Olympia
  24. 24. The REAL Tourist of Olympia
  25. 25. The PERCEIVED Tourist of Olympia
  26. 26. The PERCEIVED Tourist of Olympia The REAL Tourist of Olympia
  27. 27. strategic fit False perceptions lead to ineffective decision making for •marketing segmentation •positioning & •marketing mix formulation.
  28. 28. Source: Westin Hotels & Resorts Survey, 2014
  29. 29. Source: Westin Hotels & Resorts Survey, 2014
  30. 30. Continually analysing and researching visitors/ potential visitors and tourism providers!* * offline & online
  31. 31. 2. Develop and differentiate our product/experience
  32. 32. Relaxation? Fun?
  33. 33. Spiritual Development? Stress Management?
  34. 34. The most important Question is
  35. 35. Where in the World is this.....?
  36. 36. Global and Placeless or Local and Specific? Global • Facilities such as spas and wellness hotels • Rituals such as saunas and massage • Beauty treatments • Surgical medical tourism • Outdoor recreation, sports and fitness • (Most) spa cuisine Local • Unique resources (e.g. Dead Sea, Blue Lagoon) • Regional initiatives (e.g. Alpine wellness, Nordic Wellbeing, Baltic Health Tourism) • Signature treatments using local indigenous traditions and ingredients (e.g. local herbs, rituals) • Authentic ‘home’ of globalising practices (e.g. Thai massage, Ayurveda, yoga)
  37. 37. Possible Amorgos Wellness Products • Medical • RehabilitationSpas • Forest therapy / 'hammam' • Mountain resorts • Eco-villages • Hiking, Paths of Amorgos Nature-based • Mountain and nature retreats • Yoga, meditation • Monasteries Spiritual • Healthy food • Detox programmes • Participating in preparation of local food Nutrition • Local Herbs and 5 Senses • Medical natural healing resources Treatments
  38. 38. Branding Amorgos • To brand Amorgos as a tourism destination is to develop a clear identity, or “brand”, based on reality, while also reflecting the core strengths and “personality” of Amorgos
  39. 39. If you Google ‘Chios’ What will be the first result? (data Sept 2010)
  40. 40. 4 ways to differentiate • Be better • Be faster • Be cheaper • Be innovative
  41. 41. Value proposition type: Newness Performance Customization Getting the job done Design Price Cost reduction Risk reduction Accessibility Usability
  42. 42. What makes Amorgos unique?
  43. 43. Amorgos poem by N.Gatsos (1943) If you thirst for water we'll mangle a cloud, if you hunger for bread we'll slaughter a nightingale, but first wait till the wild rue speaks out loud in flower, the mullein blossoms and the night sky flashes in gale. Kι αν θα διψάσεις για νερό θα στίψουμε ένα σύννεφο Kι αν θα πεινάσεις για ψωμί θα σφάξουμε ένα αηδόνι Mόνο καρτέρει μια στιγμή ν' ανοίξει ο πικραπήγανος N' αστράψει ο μαύρος ουρανός να λουλουδίσει ο φλόμος
  44. 44. This is how it ‘s done!
  45. 45. But we need only 1 thing for this to happen!
  46. 46. Is teamwork a mission impossible for Greeks?
  47. 47. Corinthian Cluster
  48. 48. Local foods promotion
  49. 49. Corinthian products in breakfast
  50. 50. Taste Corinthia Events
  51. 51. Media exposure -Taste Hunters (TV5- France)
  52. 52. RAI 3 documentary (Sept 2015)
  53. 53. XP Corinthia @ Nemea Photo credits: Chris Vassilopoulos /
  54. 54. XP Corinthia @ Nemea Photo credits: Chris Vassilopoulos /
  55. 55. A group for people that love tourism and open meetings
  56. 56. Want more? See the video
  57. 57. Skopelos dance festival • 1500 budget • 70.000 direct revenues • But most of all….
  58. 58. ALL THE ISLANDERS PLAYED IN VIDEO! •This is teamwork in practice •And in Greece!!!
  59. 59. Thank you Amorgos!
  60. 60. Photo courtesy by Yiogros Kollidas (see him at the back of this hall!)
  61. 61. Connect with me: Connect with me: Georgia Zouni