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Digital Marketing for Artists


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Marketing does not always come naturally for Artists. In this presentation, I try to help Musicians figure out what's the Marketing mindset and how they can use Digital Platforms to stand out. I also provide some examples of successful DJs/Producers as a case-study.

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Digital Marketing for Artists

  1. 1. Digital Marketing For Artists
  2. 2. today about me the marketing mindset real examples
  3. 3. today about me the marketing mindset real examples
  4. 4. about me Bruno Brito / 35 / Lisbon, portugal what i do for a living: Digital Marketing Teacher (ESCS, Lisbon) Freelance Digital Marketer Freelance Web Developer Wrestling announcer for SPORT TV i am also… A Blogger A Wrestler A bedroom DJ/Producer
  5. 5. today about me the marketing mindset real examples
  6. 6. expectation
  7. 7. reality
  8. 8. how to get noticed?
  9. 9. 1 What makes a great brand?
  10. 10. quality product Knows it’s “Game Over” if not competitive unique personality Finds ways to become memorable passion and leadership Keeps focused a great brand
  11. 11. 2 Translating this to artists
  12. 12. his art does the talking Emotional Responses Thought-provoking undeniable charisma Has strong opinions Won’t please everyone paves the way forward Sets the trend Doesn’t follow a great artist
  13. 13. 3 Going online
  14. 14. some you control Website E-mail Marketing some have people already Social Media YouTube some are music-specific SoundCloud MixCloud so many platforms…
  15. 15. so many options… how to stand out?
  16. 16. 4 Actionable Advice
  17. 17. universal advice 1. Define S.M.A.R.T. goals You will need to measure your efforts later 2. adapt to the platform Each one has unique rules 3. be patient and consistent It’s a marathon, not a sprint 4. diversification is important Don’t bet your money on one horse 5. embrace all feedback Communities are key
  18. 18. the ones you control you can show your true identity Not free to maintain Have stood the test of time No Design/Content restrictions Recommended when you have a following how expensive is it? 50 euros/year for a Website 50 euros/month to e-mail 5.000 subscribers platforms to look into? WordPress for a Website MailChimp for Email Marketing
  19. 19. the ones that have people you can reach like-minded people Free to maintain Algorithms may limit your reach You can keep in touch with your fanbase Each social network has its culture and rules You can invest To reach your less engaged existing fans To make yourself known to new audiences don’t spam It will take you nowhere
  20. 20. the ones that share music a great way to show your work People are already looking out for new music Some platforms feature monetisation options Algorithms may show your work to fans of your genre You can invest Show your music to a targeted audience Tools to look into? Hypeddit
  21. 21. 5 The Jab, jab, jab, right hook Mindset
  22. 22. jab jab jab, right hook social media 101 Written by Gary Vaynerchuk, social media expert who runs his own Marketing agency. Covers today’s most popular social media platforms. the gist of it? 1. Provide Value; 2. Provide more Value; 3. Ask.
  23. 23. ways to provide value 1. share the process Showing unfinished work can hype up your fans and will let them know you’re up to something. 2. show your personality Share your thoughts, your hobbies and what inspires you. 3. help the community Share your tips and tricks and deconstruct the creative process of your hit single.
  24. 24. ways to provide value 4. Create partnerships Tap into new audiences with collaborations. 5. engage with your fans Always try to reply to everyone - show them you’re listening. 6. create a private community Your “1,000 True Fans” need special attention.
  25. 25. today about me the marketing mindset real examples
  26. 26. share the process
  27. 27. share the process share something small every day Any idea can apply - have 4 bars of new music? Share it and collect some feedback. think process, not product Expectations aren’t too high. Don’t try to be a perfectionist - it’s the creative process that should be on display here. show how your hits were made Like a movie’s “Behind the Scenes”, but for your hit track. Also useful to build hype.
  28. 28. share the process matt lange track deconstruction (YouTube) eric prydz snippet (instagram)
  29. 29. show your personality
  30. 30. show your personality tell us something we didn’t know Open up your closet of curiosities. share your views & hobbies What’s on your mind? What else do you do besides writing music? share what inspires you Inspiration strikes in many ways. What’s keeping you going? learn to take a punch Some people won’t feel the same way as you do, and that’s OK.
  31. 31. show your personality who is joel zimmerman, aka deadmau5? used to write (tumblr) likes cats (instagram) enjoys tech and gaming (twitch)interviews people in his car (YT)
  32. 32. help the community
  33. 33. help the community share your secrets Give back to the industry. Your knowledge can inspire other artists and you will improve in the process. build authority and trust Interesting opportunities may arise as more people become aware of you. listen to other artists’ work Provide constructive feedback and ways they can improve.
  34. 34. help the community morgan page’s quick tips (blog + twitter) laidback luke (forum + twitter)
  35. 35. create partnerships
  36. 36. create partnerships collaborate with other artists Platforms such as SoundCloud or Vocalizr have plenty of talented people to get in touch. reach new audiences By collaborating with other artists, fans of their work will get to know you as well. It’s not just about music Your other interests can take you to curious places.
  37. 37. create partnerships deadmau5 and tech MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips and The Verge are 3 huge Tech YouTube channels deadmau5 and the veldt After sharing his new track on SoundCloud, he found the perfect vocalist 1 day later (via Twitter)
  38. 38. engage with your fans
  39. 39. engage with your fans Answer questions Make yourself available to respond to any questions from your fanbase. don’t hold back Your fans deserve honest replies. share your community’s best work Good fan art should not go unnoticed. Show some appreciation and share it with the rest of the audience.
  40. 40. engage with your fans jeremy olander ama (reddit) laidback luke Q&A (youtube) deadmau5 fans (aka the horde) with the mau5head
  41. 41. create a private community
  42. 42. private community something private for your hardcore fans Make them feel special and part of the process. How about some special perks? your 1,000 true fans matter the most Inspired by Kevin Kelly’s essay.You don’t need millions of fans to make a living. Just “some” dedicated ones. more control By making it private, you can get more info about your fans and you can control the platform.
  43. 43. private community create an album via crowdfunding (kickstarter) special perks from $2 to $10 k private instagram to track album progress
  44. 44. got it? let’s rock and roll!