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GIA Essential Tips for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligence


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How can you develop your intelligence activities in the most efficient way, so decisions are never delayed? 45 % of companies say a lack of information delays decisions, according to the 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey.

These slides are excerpts from the GIA Webinar: Essential Tips for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligence which showed participants:

- How to manage variables in your intelligence: scope, process, stakeholders, relevancy, priorities and culture

- How to disseminate and communicate intelligence finding in the best possible way

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GIA Essential Tips for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligence

  1. 1. Webinar January 30, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda •  Welcome and introduction of the webinar panelists •  Introduction to the topic: Increasing Efficiency of Intelligence •  Case examples by OP-Pohjola and Sealed Air •  Conclusions • • 2
  3. 3. Webinar Hosts Hans Kjellberg Joost Drieman Senior MI Consultant VP Intelligence Best Practices • Responsible for all GIA’s MI Benchmarking Assessments and the Global MI Survey • Global responsibility for GIA's thought leadership activities • 6 years of experience in advisory role for multinational companies. • Former Director, MI & BI for EMEA Markets, Cisco Systems Inc. • Last positions: Investment Advisor at the British Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. • Qualifications: MSc. Political Science/Economics. • 30 years of international experience in strategy, business development, MI and management • Dipl.- Ing microelectronics Netherlands, MBA from the University of Antwerp, studied Corporate Strategy at Harvard Business School • • 3
  4. 4. Sealed Air and Diversey Care Sealed  Air  is  a  $8bn  global  company  employing  27,000  staff  across   62  countries.  We  have  three  divisions:    Food  Care,  Product   ProtecEon  and  Diversey  Care.    We  strive  to  be  the  global  leaders  in   food  safety  &  security,  facility  hygiene  and  product  protecEon     Food Safety & Security: Using expertise in food science and microbiology we create solutions encompassing fresh food packaging and hygiene solutions that protect and enhance the food and beverage supply chain. We ensure food and beverages are processed, sold and prepared in a safe and efficient environment, extend product shelf life and reduce waste, and provide value added convenience benefits. Facility Hygiene: (Diversey Care) Deliver building care, food safety, laundry and Infection control solutions for building service contractors/facility management, retail, food service, hospitality and health care markets. Product Protection: A total systems approach to protective packaging that positively benefit multiple areas of our customers’ operations to drive efficiencies and business value from the plant floor to their customers’ doorsteps. 4"
  5. 5. Intelligence function in SealedAir A relatively new global function in SealedAir – in place for c18 months. Each division has its own MI department – across the corporation we have a total of 8 people (not all fully dedicated). We have a common calendar and some common outputs for example that feed into central corporate forecasting. Each division has its own MI budget. We share external data sources/resources where possible. We regularly communicate to share best practice as we develop. 5"
  6. 6. Genuinely  customer-­‐oriented  financial   services  provider   6   1.4  million  owner-­‐members,  of  which  90%  households   Some  200  Group  member  banks   Group  member  banks  provide  modern  and  compeEEve  banking  services  to  local  households,  SMEs,  agricultural  and   forestry  customers  and  public-­‐sector  enEEes.   OP-­‐Pohjola  Group  Central  CooperaEve      100 %   ownership      100 %   ownership      76 %   ownership      100 %   ownership   Of  votes:    74 %  OP-­‐Pohjola  Group   26 %  outside  the  Group   OP-­‐Services  Ltd   Helsinki  OP   Bank  Plc   OP  Life  Assurance   Company  Ltd Pohjola  Bank  plc Provides  banking,   non-­‐life  insurance   and  asset   management   services  in  the   Helsinki   Metropolitan  Area   Provides  unit-­‐linked   insurance,  savings   insurance,  pension   insurance  and  life   insurance  policies     OP  Fund   Management   Company  Ltd     ©  OP-­‐Pohjola   OP-­‐Pohjola  Group's   service  and   development  centre     Manages  the   Group's  60  mutual   funds   Other   subsidiaries     Provides  private  individuals  and   corporate  customers  with   banking,  non-­‐life  insurance  and   asset  management  services  
  7. 7. 7   Leading  financial  services  group  in  Finland   •  •  •  •  ©  OP-­‐Pohjola   •  4,2 million customers, of which •  •  3,8 million private customers, of which 1,4 million use us for both banking and insurance 400 000 corporate customers Finland’s  largest  provider  of  home  and   corporate  loans   The most trusted non-life insurer, and now also the biggest car insurer Our 1,4 million owner-members get the best loyalty benefits in the sector – in 2012 over 173 million euros in the form of OP bonuses We are the market leader in many areas of business important to our customers Loans   Home  loans   Corporate  loans   Deposits   Non-­‐life  insurance   Life  insurance   Mutual  fund  assets  
  8. 8. 8   Strategic  Planning   Macro   economics   Development   and  strategy   processes   Market,   business  and   compeEtor   intelligence   •  The  market  intelligence  organizaEon  and   processes  at  OP-­‐Pohjola  Group  are   managed  by  analysts  at  the  Strategic   Planning  unit.   ©  OP-­‐Pohjola   •  Dedicated  market  intelligence  analyst.  
  9. 9. What is efficiency? The term efficient means to perform or function in the best way possible. Efficiency means doing things properly so that you don't have to waste time, money and other resources. It means being competent and effective. • • 10
  10. 10. Lean Over production Motion Movement 7 Defects Wastes Waiting Inventory Poor processing • • 11
  11. 11. Kaizen Gemba SORT Clear out Essentials Only Occasional items should be kept elsewhere STANDARDISE Consistency Establish uniform documents, procedures, etc. SET Configure SUSTAIN Continuous Review Organize and establish specific places for everything SWEEP /SHINE Clean Maintain a clean work environment • • 12
  12. 12. Not just the resources ????? ? ? ?? • • 13
  13. 13. Efficiency and effectiveness Efficiency Effectiveness & Doing the things right Doing the right things Top Performance • • 14
  14. 14. The Key Success Factor Framework World Class Global Average Peers Your Company • • 15
  15. 15. Efficiency is much higher in World Class MI Companies Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat agree Executive decision making is very efficient in our organization? +28% Executive decisions are supported by market intelligence? Strongly agree +32% Inaccurate or incomplete information is never a problem for us? +31% Global average World Class MI • • 16
  17. 17. Increase efficiency by fine-tuning the Intelligence Scope Not all customers are equally important – have you prioritized your MI user groups? Covering the whole external business environment with poor results? – Remember the ’value bucket’! Business strategies change over time – has the scope of your MI program changed accordingly? Have you defined a clear role for your MI unit in relation to other intelligence units in your company? • • 18
  18. 18. Deliverables Intelligence Deliverables • Concrete output of the intelligence process. • All output that the internal audience of the intelligence program will have available to them. Strong deliverables portfolio • Comprehensive collection of intelligence products • Systematic management of portfolio • Delivery plan and delivery mixture • • 19
  19. 19. Deliverables Favorite Formats • PowerPoint • Reports Customization •  One size fits all •  Not tailor-made to the stakeholder False No efficiency effectiveness Rich Content • The more the better • Bottom up approach There are over 50 different delivery formats to be effective! • • 20
  20. 20. Removing waste from the intelligence process through outstanding needs analysis & feedback Thorough needs analysis reduces risks of unnecessary work 6. UTILIZATION & FEEDBACK 1. NEEDS ANALYSIS 5. DELIVERY 2. COVERING SECONDARY INFORMATION SOURCES Proper feedback processes ensures deliverables stay useful 4. ANALYSIS 3. PRIMARY RESEARCH • • 21
  21. 21. Reduce inefficiencies by optimizing the Intelligence Process like World Class MI companies MI processes exist on 2 different levels: MI Program MI Deliverables Do you put most of your efforts in collecting information? Is the program integrated with functions? other Are you starting from scratch every time? Do you actively collect feedback or enquire if needs were met? • • 22
  22. 22. Intelligence Tools A tool is an overarching word for an item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Models Frameworks Informally the word is also used to describe a procedure or process with a specific purpose. Systems Techniques Methodologies Charts Tools are the key for efficiency • • 23
  23. 23. Intelligence Tools There are over 150 different tools for intelligence Each different intelligence activity requires it’s own set of tools! The average intelligence organization uses 6 different tools, like SWOT – 4 Corners – Excel – WebCrawler – Ansoff ………. How can you be efficient and effective without a proper tool box? • • 24
  24. 24. The Intelligence Organization The resources that combined enforce the Intelligence Process Standardized Network of External Information Sources Consults with steering group Realizes program objectives MI Team Mix of different MI skills Can be partly outsourced MI LEADERSHIP Filling necessary information gaps Internal MI Network Co-creators of intelligence (users) Information Source Pool of the Internal MI Network • • 25
  25. 25. Balance the MI Organization with the right leadership, skills and network Do you have the right leadership? Researcher Do you have the right competences and skills? Analyst Are you using external sources/providers optimally? Consultant Are you engaging your internal network in MI? • • 26
  26. 26. Culture Intelligence Culture • The spirit that keeps the intelligence activity alive • Born and nurtured inside the company • Builds and support good deliverables • • 27
  27. 27. Culture In many organizations Intelligence is….. The best kept secret A team of data providers A lost tribe Where is the intelligence identity? Where is the visibility, the awareness? What is done on promotion and internal marketing? • • 28
  28. 28. Thank You for Your Attention Contact Us These slides are excerpts from the GIA Webinar: “Essential Tips for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligence” and do not include the cases that were presented. For additional information, please send email to or visit for the office nearest to you. • •
  29. 29. About GIA
  30. 30. Understand, compete and grow in international markets We serve companies whose decision-makers need solid market understanding in order to grow and compete in international markets. 1 We help companies set up and develop world class market intelligence programs 2 We provide strategic analysis and advisory for decision making Our services cover the need for: • Market monitoring • Strategic analysis & advisory • Intelligence software • Intelligence Best Practices About GIA • • • • 150 professional employees 11 international offices 11 GIA member locations Founded 1995 • Local knowledge in over 100 markets through local experts • More than 100 international companies work with us in a continuous Intelligence Partnership • • 31
  31. 31. World Class Market Intelligence matters Investing in market intelligence pays off. In 2012, companies with World Class Market Intelligence programs grew shareholder value twice as fast as the global market. Shareholder value Profitability Decision-making ROI on MI +16.2% +10.3% +27.5% +12.2% Share price growth in 2012* Profit growth in 2012* More efficient decision-making More ROI on market intelligence +7.0% -0.55% Global stock market average in 2012 Fortune 500 profit growth in 2012 Average MI program Average MI program Companies with World Class Market Intelligence Compared to: * GIA research based on the Global MI survey 2013 and public company information, shows that global stock market indices grew an average of 7.0% in 2012. During the same year, the average share price increase for companies with World Class market intelligence was 16.2%, which is a positive difference of 9.2 percentage points, or 131% faster growth. See video: • Global MI survey results •
  32. 32. GIA provides impact for MI programs and decision making We help our customers understand, compete and grow in international markets by providing World Class Market Intelligence. With Impact. MI program development MI for decision making We set-up and further develop world class market intelligence programs We provide strategic analysis & advisory for decision making and support your MI program with continuous monitoring We have an unrivaled suite of services for helping customers to start up and further build their MI operations to achieve maximum return on the MI investment. We focus on helping you make the right decisions. Our customized approach is embodied in GIA's Intelligence Partnership™ concept, a one-stop solution for all your strategic market intelligence and advisory needs. • • 33
  33. 33. GIA has 4 solutions for MI programs and decision making Developed by a team of market intelligence specialists, management consultants, industry analysts and technology experts, our solutions are comprehensive and always customized to your needs. MI for decision making MI programs Software platform for MI programs Advisory to develop World class intelligence programs Combining software platform and monitoring for decision making World class insight & advisory for decision making • • 34
  34. 34. We serve you with local market knowledge in over 100 countries Local knowledge in over 100 countries is provided by local GIA offices, GIA Members, certified GIA Research Partners and consultants. • • 35
  35. 35. We understand your business With a track record of supporting thousands of clients around the world, we bring you practical experience from multiple markets and topics. • • 36
  36. 36. Our experience spans across industries • •
  37. 37. Partner with us to Understand, Compete & Grow “GIA have great integrity; you feel that you can share in confidentiality. They are someone you can trust. And I think trust is really key.” Anders Marvik, Statoil “The partnership of GIA’s team with mine was an interactive process and in the end, it was a very credible deliverable that really helped drive some understanding for our business.” Byron Hulls, Owens Corning “GIA are very customer oriented, that’s something I like. They want to surprise me and they want to show me new things.” Rene Loozen, Vopak GIA Clients: We work with growth-oriented international companies ”GIA is reliable, in regards to strong leadership capabilities within the organization that partners very well with my organization. The knowledge and expertise that they bring onto the table has been wonderful.” Robert Morrow, Carhartt Experience: Understand, compete and grow in international markets with the support of trusted experts. • • 38
  38. 38.