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M-Brain Overview

Company and solution presentation November 2015

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M-Brain Overview

  1. 1. Informed Leadership M-Brain Overview 1
  2. 2. M-Brain is a Global Provider of Media and Market Intelligence 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 2 • M-Brain is a global information, technology and consulting services company. • We offer our clients crucial external business information and advise in its efficient management and utilization. • Our focus is to turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning. • Instead of knowledge management we believe in Informed Leadership.
  3. 3. • We offer media, business and market intelligence solutions, strategic analysis and advisory services, consultation services, as well as online intelligence tools and technology to bring true insight into our clients’ business environment. • Our solutions and services are tailored to serve varying business needs regardless of function, industry type or language barriers. Global data coverage: We monitor hundreds of millions of online sources, over 2,000 print media sources and over 100 TV and Radio news broadcasts 24/7. Strong technology: Our proprietary, patent-pending big data technology searches, selects and filters the relevant content from all over the world. Human intellect: Our 450 analysts worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by providing them with insight based on information from over 70 languages. Offices in twelve countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Finland (headquarter in Helsinki), France, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA Partner With Us to Understand, Compete and Grow in International Markets 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 3
  4. 4. The Need for Relevant Information 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 4 TODAY FUTURE AMOUNTOFDATA Volume velocity, variety veracity Relevant information Information overload
  5. 5. Five Main Challenges 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 5 1. Data overload 2. Closed-loop 3. Stuck-in-the-past 4. Data-in-silos 5. Too much information, not enough knowledge
  6. 6. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 6 A gap between raw data and analyzed information: Every year stored data grows by 28 %, and data analysis only by 5,7 %. Source: Blueocean CHALLENGE 1: Data overload 1995 20252005 Data Analyst Shortage
  7. 7. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 7 Only 8 % of decisions are based on relevant external data, because it is not available in the company! Source: Blueocean Challenge 2: Closed loop Competitors, Customers, Market developments, Growth opportunities, Potential risks Financial reporting, Sales reporting Employee satisfaction, R&D progress reports 8% external 92% internal
  8. 8. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 8 58% historical information Internal reports tell you what has worked and what has not worked but they do not tell you what you should do right now, least of all what you should do tomorrow. Source: Guts & Gigabytes Report. PWC 2014 Challenge 3: Stuck in the past
  9. 9. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 9 Information, experience, knowledge, everything in a modern company tends to be in silos – hard to access, hard to even know what already exists. Challenge 4: Information in silos
  10. 10. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 10 58% of organizations struggle to make sense of all the information they have. Source: Global Market Intelligence Survey 2013 Challenge 5: Too much information, not enough knowledge
  11. 11. 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 11 We are professionals of creating solutions for all your market intelligence needs. We offer relevant, timely external intelligence that helps you make the right and better informed decisions, efficiently. M-Brain solution portfolio …stay aware of all developments in your business environment …decide on your optimal strategy for sucess Intelligence Solutions Media Intelligence • M-Update (media monitoring) • M-Analysis (tailor-madeand/or scheduled media analysis) Competitive and Market Intelligence • CM-Insight(competitiveand market monitoring) • CM-Analysis (tailor-made and/or scheduled competitive/marketanalysis) Intelligence Software • Intelligence Plaza® (EnterpriseIntelligence Portal) • M-Aware (InnovativeMarket & CompetitiveIntelligence Tool) • M-Adaptive (Media Listening and Engagement Tool) Advisory • Strategic Analysis • Intelligence Best Practices
  12. 12. Monitor and Measure Your Publicity and Reputation M-Brain Media Intelligence Solutions
  13. 13. Media Intelligence Solutions 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 13 We offer our Media Intelligence Solutions to our customers who want to monitor and measure their own publicity and reputation and understand what that means to them. Our media monitoring covers: • 3 million social media platforms • 100 000 news outlets • in 71 languages in 236 regions And out of that we perform: • 21 billion automated relevance judgments/day • out of which we automatically judge 150 000 hits to be relevant • our content production reduces this to 10 000 information units • which are delivered to our 2000+ clients daily With our media analysis resources we can offer tailor-made and regular publicity and reputation analysis to help our customers deeply understand the impact of the results Our customers use these reports mainly for monitoring: • Own publicity • Competitors • Customers • Market developments/disruptions • Legal & regulatory issues M-Update & M-Analysis
  14. 14. Be the first one to know about changes in your business environment M-Brain Competitive and Market Intelligence Solutions
  15. 15. Competitive and Market Intelligence 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 15 • We offer our Competitive and Market Intelligence Solutions to our customers, who need to be aware of changes what happens 24/7 in their industry or among their competitors and understand what that means to them. • We are experienced in monitoring dozens of industries for our customers, who only receive the news – curated and summarized by our analysts – that are essential to them and support their decision making. • With our tailor-made and scheduled competitive and market analysis solutions we make sense of the market developments and what they mean to our customers. CM-Insight & CM-Analysis 150 analysts covering 140 countries in 30 languages every day What do we monitor? • Competitors • Customers • Industriesand verticals • Trends an developments • Company changes and key events • Technologicaldevelopment • Macroeconomics • Strategic themes important for you Where do we monitor? • Global media and publications • Company press releases • National media and newspapers • Regional media and newspapers • Economic and financial media • Industry magazines • Specialist publications • Global online media
  16. 16. Intelligence Tools for Building Awareness and Understanding M-Brain Intelligence Software Solutions
  17. 17. Intelligence Software 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 17 If you need access to our information sources and want to do the work yourself, use our online monitoring, analysis & engagement tool M-Adaptive. Module-based solution: • Monitor • Analyze • React • Engage M-Adaptive
  18. 18. Intelligence Software 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 18 M-Aware offers you access to vast pool of tailored content with simple software solution • Create precise monitoring scope for your business with right keywords • Add your own internal BI & CI data to enhance the external information • Create visual and regular newsletters and alerts • Collaborate, engage and share information and invite new users • Possibility to get expert insights delivered by our industry analysts M-Aware
  19. 19. Intelligence Software 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 19 When you have the capability to build understanding and awareness, but lack the tools to make this accessible and deliver it to the relevant decision makers within your organisation, M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza is the right solution for you. Combine our content with your internal data! Intelligence Plaza® Intelligence Plaza®
  20. 20. Decide on the optimal Strategy for success M-Brain Advisory Solutions
  21. 21. Advisory 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 21 When you want to enhance your intelligence activities to world class standards, M-Brain’s suite of Intelligence Best Practices (IBP) help you move forward. Proven methodologies, unique benchmarking databases, an internationally recognized framework based on six key success factors. Intelligence Best Practices Benchmarking Assessment Training Consulting M-Brain Conferences Open Courses IBP Online Set Up Workshop Planning Project Set up support Benchmarking Circle INTELLIGENCE SET UP CONSULTING INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT EXCHANGE OF INTELLIGENCE BEST PRACTICES
  22. 22. Advisory 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 22 When you want to compete more effectively, identify new opportunities and grow into new markets, our services provide clear market insights and strategy recommendations. Our typical projects range from creating market understanding to identifying new opportunities Strategic Analysis • Competitive landscape analysis • Customer intelligence • Market attractiveness analysis • Competitor deep dive • Market sizing & forecasting • Scenario analysis • New market entry strategy • Strategic partner identification UNDERSTAND YOUR MARKETS COMPETE MORE EFFECTIVELY GRASP NEW OPPORTUNITIES
  23. 23. Advisory 11/17/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 23 Project based tailored research conducted on ad-hoc basis. Our projects include written/visual reports, workshops, advisory and joint efforts M-Brain/Client. Strategic Analysis Primary Research Monitoring/Intelligence Content Internal data Operational experience RESEARCH REPORTS Enabling you to make better decisions M-Brain Client External Sources & Databases Consultants’ Recommendations Informed Leadership
  24. 24. 11/13/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 24 Our experience spans across industries
  25. 25. Thank You. |

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Company and solution presentation November 2015


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