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WENA Market Product Strategy from GST Research


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Output of research for WENA from Kayla Baretta, GST.

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WENA Market Product Strategy from GST Research

  1. 1. Incoming GIP Market Research Global support team output
  2. 2. what was my market research process? Phase 1: Initial Research - Researching & defining key issues in WENA - Reviewing UN, OECD, EURES, EPC, Eurostat, Government of Canada, Government of USA, and European Commission reports - Got to know market trends in the region Phase 2: Validating the Research - Current TNs and supply and demand data on - Employment data from job search engines and Linkedin - Discussions with umbrella associations Phase 3: Finalizing the Research - Identifying 2 Industries According to: Economical Focuses/Gaps, AIESEC Relevance, Market Competitiveness. - Highlighting the main Talent Needs within Each Market - Defining the Sub-products to be pitched in this markets with Main Value propositions. - Identifying Strategies of Companies in this Markets.
  3. 3. What purposeful GIP strategies am I recommending? • Energy diversification by providing international marketing and sales interns to renewable energy SMEs. • Building start-ups by providing marketing consultancy and social media management internships to Business Incubators and to start-ups
  4. 4. General Note on Focusing on SMEs in WENA SMEs create more jobs than large enterprises. Between 2002 and 2010, 85% of total employment growth was attributable to SMEs, and SMEs have a much higher employment growth rate (1% annually) than large enterprises (0.5% a year).
  5. 5. Market product strategy 1 Enabling Incubators/Start ups 1) Marketing Subproduct • Why? • Business incubators need to provide a variety of consultancy services to their clients as well as support their current functions through sales • Start-ups and small enterprises are looking to grow! They need to reach as many people with their product as possible • Internship Positions: Marketing Consultant, B2B Sales, Corporate Business Development, Social Media Marketing, Product Consultancy, Market Research 2) IT Talent • Why? • There are clear talent gaps in WENA (with the exception of Spain, Portugal, and Greece) between the number of IT graduates and available IT positions. • Over 40% of the incubators in WENA are technology based. • Internship Positions: Front End Developer, Web Designer, Programming
  6. 6. A Current TN in the Database Communications Manager BELGIUM, BELGIUM About is a recently founded non-profit organization aiming to: Help tech entrepreneurs to be successful by providing qualitative access to the many suppliers, partners, coaches, investors and start- up programs that our Belgian market has to offer but that they are in many cases unaware of. Help the many actors in the field to cross-check and optimize their offering and by stimulating collaboration across organizations and regional boundaries. Develop a consolidated international outreach program(including conference attendance, dedicated IT/tech missions and attracting foreign investors) for Belgian tech entrepreneurs in close collaboration with the regional government agencies and all of our members Job Description Department the intern will be working Marketing Job Description1 Follow the news and trends on the tech startup scene, keep up to date with member organizations activities and cross-share content. Job Description2 Curate and generate daily content to share on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), Website and Newsletters. Job Description3 Drive continuous improvement in Social Media performance and build up website traffic by capturing and analyzing the appropriate data/metrics, insights and best practices. Job Description4 Manage and update the aggregated calendar of events for tech startups in Belgium. Job Description5 Define and execute promotional campaigns and design marketing materials for opportunities and events organized or featured by Job Description6 Support the logistical organization of events (Tech Startup Day, Failing Forward).
  7. 7. What is the evidence for this strategy? • In many countries, incubation programs are funded by regional or national governments as part of an overall economic development strategy with the exception of the United States. • The average business incubator will cause the creation of about 110 jobs annually (these numbers are slightly higher in Germany and Spain). • Innovation and entrepreneurship is considered the best weapon against the crisis. • Discussions with NBIS and EBN • Why this strategy is cool: • Business Incubators: the positions can provide the opportunity to work in the operations end of the incubator as well as provide coaching and training to the companies within the incubators • Start-ups: This is a super cool learning environment where the EP will be able to try a variety of different things and their input will matter to the success of the company.
  8. 8. What entities would you recommend implementing this strategy? • All WENA countries can implement this strategy This strategy is highly recommended for: • Germany • Spain • USA
  9. 9. What training should members receive to sell this effectively? • Understanding of the sub-products being sold • Understand which industries start-ups are growing in your country. • Different Strategies for these start ups to grow. • Clearly showcasing how the product can add value to the incubation community • Educating members of business incubator networks and how they can get referrals and contacts within the community. Many countries have national or nation-wide business incubation boards.
  10. 10. In implementing this strategy, what should entities be careful of? • Have a clear understanding of the value proposition and return on investment • Financially unstable business incubators and start-ups • Grant cycles and when it is best to approach start-ups that will be looking to hire temporary work on governmental and agency grants • Building an AIESEC brand and reputation. These communities are often very small so it is extremely important to be delivering high quality experiences • If selling an IT based internship, make sure there is adequate supply and demand in the system for the skillset you are providing
  11. 11. Market product strategy 2 Energy Industry SMEs 1) Marketing Subproduct • Why? • Since many of the companies involved are SMEs, they are looking to grow and expand their market which requires high sales activity and market understanding. • Internship Positions: • B2B and B2C Sales, Event Marketing, Market Analyst, Data Researcher, Export and Import, Public Outreach and Marketing 2) There is also the possibility to sell IT and Engineering in this field if you are confident in the supply
  12. 12. A Current TN in the Database BASenergie Market Researcher for the UK AIESEC ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS About BASenergie BAS offers the ultimate solution for the transition from fossil fuels to fully sustainable energy sources (the energy transition), and works on a better future for the entire world. A world no longer dependent on fossil fuels. The BAS objective is to realize an abundance of energy from renewable sources. In order for all energy users to dispose freely of the energy they need. Job Description Department the intern will be working International Job Description1 Mapping how the energy business and sustainable-energy business works and looks. Who are the players and suppliers? What does the market look like, what's happening now and what are the trends for the future? Job Description2 You make multiple SWOT analyses, DESTEP analyses and competitive-forces model by Michael Porter. You also look at the technical environment and how it can be integrated in our own software system. Job Description3 This commercial internship results in a recommendation how the company in this country can set up successful operations. This requires insight of how the market looks. Job Description4 You will be guided by one of the founders of the company. You will do both research from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Measurable results expected from the intern This commercial internship results in a recommendation how the company in this country can set up successful operations. It also contains a plan for the first half year and a list of important players in the market divided into suppliers and potential clients.
  13. 13. What is the evidence for this strategy? • The best performing SMEs between 2008 and 2012 were associated with the utilities sector. • The EU 20-20-20 plan which clearly stresses the economical switch to renewable energies being linked to job production • There are over 5000 patents related to renewable energy being filled in the EU each year. • There are over 5600 entry level or internship jobs in the energy sector in WENA on LinkedIn right now. Case Studies • It is estimated that employment in renewable energy is increasing at steady rate of 12% in Germany since 2008. It is estimated that this industry will account for over 400 000 new jobs by 2020. • In 2009 alone, Spain generated 188 000 jobs directly through the renewable energy industry. • The Danish government predicts at least 50 000 new jobs in the next five years. • Proposed legislation in the US House of Representatives suggests as many as 2 million new jobs would be needed to create infrastructure for renewable energy • Why this strategy is cool: • EPs can have a direct impact on developing clean strategies to change energy production in WENA.
  14. 14. What entities would you recommend implementing this strategy? • All WENA entities can implement this strategy This strategy is highly recommended for: • Germany • Spain • Denmark • Netherlands
  15. 15. What training should members receive to sell this effectively? • Clear understanding of the subproduct. Specifically on how to sell sales and expansion strategies • Avoiding gatekeepers • Educating members on using channel organizations and getting referrals. There are renewable energy networks and umbrella organizations in most WENA countries. • Understanding the current trends in the renewable energy industry in your country
  16. 16. In implementing this strategy, what should entities be careful of? • Avoiding commission based sales positions • Clearly communicating the value proposition and return on investment • Create packages for companies that involve the sale of rolling internships to avoid issues involving internship length.