Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?


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Ruder Finn has been working in partnership with Brand Republic to conduct research among marketers into whether their involvement in technology buying decisions has and will increase, and what their views are on the existing marketing messages that they see emanating from technology providers. The resulting presentation, “Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?”, makes interesting reading for technology companies and marketers alike, particularly those looking to target decision makers in the marketing department.

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Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?

  1. 1. ©Ruder Finn 2012 EXPERT REPORT Technology For Marketers: Are you engaging effectively?
  2. 2. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Technology in Marketing • Last year Gartner predicted that by 2017 CMOs would have bigger technology budgets than CIOs. Whether this will be the case or not, the line between marketing and IT is increasingly blurred • As we increasingly move onto digital channels, so do businesses, and technology that helps them engage with customers more effectively is becoming a priority • There is clearly a need for technology providers to be able to reach new audiences within marketing departments • The Ruder Finn and Brand Republic survey explored how well technology companies are marketing to this audience
  3. 3. CMOs used to be able to focus primarily on being creative, but in today’s marketing environment they now need to be proficient in finance as well as being technologically savvy. “ ” Bob Mulhern, Managing Director, Open Door Solutions
  4. 4. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Ruder Finn & Brand Republic Report • The research surveyed 229 marketers between January and March 2014 • The respondents were asked about their views on involvement in technology buying decisions and the marketing messages of technology companies • The survey was carried out online through the Brand Republic Insight website
  5. 5. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Technology Decisions and the Marketing Department
  6. 6. Previously, the tech requirements of the CMO were minimal, and they were reliant upon their IT teams to source tools. Now, as the technology evolves, their requirements are becoming more complex. “ ” Rav Atwal, Head of Marketing, IMGROUP
  7. 7. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Marketing decision makers 3% 18% 31% 28% 21% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Never From time to time Somewhat involved Involved Very involved 45% 46% 1% 8% To a great extent To some extent To a limited extent Not at all To what extent is marketing involved in tech buying decisions? Is marketing more involved than 12 months ago?
  8. 8. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Technology and channels 6% 55% 34% 30% 7% 59% 22% 69% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Other Database ITsystems BusinessIntelliengence Finance CRM Hardware Communication/ collaboration 3% 89% 32% 7% 23% 23% 3% Phone Email Social media Mobile Direct mail Online advertising Other What types of tech does your marketing department purchase? Over which channels do you want to receive communications?
  9. 9. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Marketing Effectiveness in Technology
  10. 10. These days it is not uncommon for marketing teams to leapfrog internal IT and go direct to the supplier so they have to understand the business goals, create the strategy and deliver the solution. “ ” Mike Altendorf, entrepreneur, investor, mentor, author & executive
  11. 11. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Current technology marketing 52% 30% 46% 16% 6% 6% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Messagingtotoofocused onatechaudience Theydon'tseemto understandamarketer's challenges Languageistootechnical Goodandwell-tailoredtoa marketingaudience Usuallywell-personalised Other Which of these statements reflect your experience of dealing with tech companies
  12. 12. ©Ruder Finn 2012 Tips for improvement Avoid confusion • Provide clearer, simpler definitions with no jargon • Use demonstrations, imagery and/or video content more Understand the marketer • Focus on the experience and business benefit, rather than on the technology itself • Give real case studies with details of return on investment
  13. 13. Technology companies must realise that no matter how technical their product, they are still selling to people who make decisions on relationships – marketing in this arena is now much more than awareness and sales “ ” Trenton Moss, CEO, Founder & Commercial Director, Webcredible
  14. 14. ©Ruder Finn 2012 About Ruder Finn Ruder Finn is a leading independent communications agency with more than 65 years’ experience. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, London, Paris, Basel, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Guangzhou, the agency employs over 400 of the leading public relations professionals in the world. The London office serves as the European Headquarters, employing 40 consultants across 4 divisions: Corporate & Technology, Healthcare, Public Affairs and Digital. Contact Jon White, Associate Director - Technology, Ruder Finn E: T: 020 7438 3050