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Similar to Integrated Campaign and Branding Strategy: marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors.(20)


Integrated Campaign and Branding Strategy: marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors.

  1. 1 Better Together: Campagna di Marketing Integrata e Strategie di Branding Lezioni da una delle maggiori acquisizioni nel campo dell’energia e della tecnologia Giuseppe Caltabiano VP Portfolio, Global Marketing Lazise, 25-26 Febbraio 2015
  2. Today’s topics and keywords M&A (MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS) BRANDING STRATEGIES INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS Better Together: Campagna di Marketing Integrata e Strategie di Branding
  3. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC IN BRIEF Better Together: marketing lessons from a major acquisition
  4. 4 Few notes about the speaker > Joined Schneider Electric in Jan 2014 > +15 years experience in B2B Marketing (Ind Automation, Software) > Master in M&A (LBS London) / MBA (SDA Bocconi Business School) > Lives in London > Two girls, 10 & 7 > Belong to a minority - one of the few Italians around the world who do not understand soccer
  5. Schneider Electric: a global specialist in Energy Management and Efficiency technology € € € € € € € € 25 billion € revenue (FY 2013) 43% of revenue in new economies (FY 2013) 160 000+ employees in 100+ countries 4-5% of sales dedicated to R&D
  6. 6 A long history of acquisitions 1999 Groupe Schneider becomes Schneider Electric, focused on Power & Control 1975 Merlin Gerin joins Groupe Schneider 1988 Telemecanique joins Groupe Schneider 1991 Square D joins Groupe Schneider 1996 Modicon, historic leader in Automation, becomes a Schneider brand 2007 Acquisition of APC corp. and Pelco 1836 Creation of Schneider at Le Creusot, France 19th century 20th century 21st century 2000 Acquisition of MGE UPS Systems 2003 Acquisition of T.A.C 2005 Acquisition of Uniflair Acquisition of Power Measurement Inc. 2003-2008 Targeted acquisitions in wiring devices and home automation (Lexel, Clipsal, Merten, Ova, GET, etc.) 2008 Acquisition of Xantrex 2011 Acquisition of Telvent 2010 Acquisition of Areva’s distribution activity 2014 Acquisition of Invensys 2012 Acquisition of Samara Electroshield
  7. INVENSYS ACQUISITION: STRATEGY, RATIONALE Better Together: marketing lessons from a major acquisition
  8. 8 Working from facilities in over 50 countries A locally based international partner, culturally at home in every location Helping customers across 180countries 16,500 employees, of many nationalities Over 4Business segments 8
  9. £3.4 billions ($5.6b) for the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of Invensys € 140m of total cost savings by 2016 € 65m of revenue synergies by 2018 € 500m of tax shield As a reference: WhatsApp $19b (Facebook), YouTube $1.65b (Google), Compaq $25b (HP), Skype 8.5b (Microsoft), Sun $8.4b (Oracle), Chrysler 3.45b (FIAT)
  10. A high momentum since the Due Diligence 2015 Today Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 2014 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 2015 Signing Jul 12 Regulatory Approval Nov 29 End of FY Q4 Mar 31 Day 100 Apr 26 End of Integration Phases Jan 1 Due Diligence Jun 1 - Jul 12 Phase 1: "Mobilize" Sep 15 - Nov 1 Phase 2: “Pre- closing planning” Nov 1 - Jan 17 Phase 3: "Stabilize" Jan 17 - Mar 31 Phase 4: "Realize Value" Apr 1 - Dec 31
  11. 11 Initial feedback was very positive and strong Houston “You are all doing a great job at integrating Invensys with Schneider and as a customer I feel very motivated and excited for the future with this new company.”
  12. BRANDING STRATEGY Better Together: marketing lessons from a major acquisition
  13. Schneider Electric 13- Brand management – S. Dothee – G Caltabiano – M Nolan – dec 2013 Invensys brand hierarchy explained Corporate Brand Go-to-market Brands Business Segments (not Brands) Software Industrial Automation Energy Controls
  14. Branding Strategy ASSOCIATION MIGRATION INDEPENDENT BRANDS All brands have to migrate to Schneider Electric, most of them moving directly. The objective is to deliver a consistent customer experience under Schneider Electric brand while transferring the whole brand equity to Schneider Electric > 3 years 18/24 months
  15. Schneider Electric 15 Invensys brand migration plans Associated brands Migrating brands Independent brands Associated brands Will remain independent Will become a range name under Schneider Electric
  16. Schneider Electric 16- Global marketing – brand management & strategy – SDO – feb 2014 Internal on-line communication is key
  17. Events ISYS not attending All events have been evaluated, and 4 main scenarios were defined ONE company ONE company Best scenario evaluation No Go ISYS attending SEnot attendingSEattending
  18. Schneider Electric 18Confidential Hannover Messe (4 months after the acquisition)
  19. Schneider Electric 19Confidential Gastech Korea (6 months after acquisition)
  20. BETTER TOGETHER INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN Better Together: marketing lessons from a major acquisition
  21. Existing customers started to be concerned about our future investment in the products and systems they use and so were holding back on project commencement New customers did not understand the value of the combined Schneider Electric and Invensys portfolio and so were not moving to us Show the strength of the combined Schneider Electric and Invensys offers and reassure customers that their investment in our existing offers is safe
  22. 24 Not just external comms Global External Landing Page +50K unique visitors Global Internal Landing Page +1K unique visitor
  23. 25 Key Message The best way to solve tomorrow’s challenges is to work together today. We see the promise of a bright future. You will too. Schneider Electric and Invensys are better together. The combination of our people, capabilities and technologies delivers more for our customers…
  24. 26Confidential Property of Schneider Electric Target Countries Brazil USA Canada Australia France Primary Middle East + Centra l Asia Russia India
  25. Campaign assets MARCOM ASSETS SALES ASSETS Better Together: Campagna di Marketing Integrata e Strategie di Branding LANGUAGES CUSTOMER TYPES  Web banners  60 secs movie  Articles for local placement  Whitepapers  infographics  Sales Guide  FAQ  White papers commissioned with market analysts  Tech white papers MESSAGE PLATFORM  All assets localised into 11 languages  All assets targeting 5 different customer types
  26. Social Media – Employee engagement Employee social media competition to engage our people and help spread the word; “Use your personal twitter account to show us what Better Together means to you” #BetterTogetherSE
  27. 29 #BetterTogetherSE
  28. 30 #BetterTogetherSE
  29. 31 #BetterTogetherSE
  30. Employee Social Media Advocacy SM ADVOCACY  Schneider has a presence in over 150 countries, in over 30 languages with engagement at a local scale  Has experts writing blogs based on their domain expertise on topics such as how to use less energy  Places importance on employee training in “new media” to gain adoption  Has created Centers of Excellence in country with local expertise  Has a “Follow Me” program that teaches employees how to be social  Conducts monthly training for local social media experts with focus on engagement  How HR participates with employee branding
  31. Some #BetterTogetherSE metrics + 20,000 € donation for Habitat for Humanity Participation from 24 countries, with the largest participation from the US 500,000 opportunities to be seen Significant increase of brand association after 90 days from campaign launch “Share of voice” increased +2%
  33. Thank you @giusec
  34. 36 Make the most of your energy™